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"Spider's Web" dream catcher

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"Spider's Web" dream catcher

Postby Falcon_Heart27 » Wed Mar 12, 2014 5:32 pm

I cleaning my room when I found a willow switch that I had bent into a circlet last summer. All dried up now, it was stiff and it was begging to be made into a dream catcher.
I've never made a dream catcher before, but I know that there are some really nice weaving patterns you can use. And yet....I ignored them all and completely winged it. :D
I used willow, white thread, and tail feathers from an old rooster that I once had. (R.I.P. Ben) I called it the "spider's web" dream catcher because it looks more like a rough spider web instead of a pretty weaving. (Although I know that some spiders' webs are woven MUCH prettier and neater than this, lol)
Sorry if the pictures come out sideways!
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Postby PhoenixFlight » Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:16 pm

I like it :) And neatness shouldn't matter too too much in this case. The only time I would think that it truly matters how it turns out looking, is if by some miracle you found a shaman who could teach you the ~original~ design for a dreamcatcher from their tribe, and only then would it matter because of the significance of the design. Regardless, it's very pretty, and maybe for practice, you could simply make a few more and find a pattern of your own that you like?
~that is an interesting notion, in it's own way~
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