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Spells in another language?

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Spells in another language?

Postby OtakuScott » Tue May 17, 2011 9:35 pm

This is a question I asked myself not to long ago. Although I'm no expert, here's my opinion. Feel free to add your own!

A spell can be said in any language, and it is best for the spell to be recited in the first language of the speaker. A spell is an incantation, which means that the words you say evoke your own energy. For the same reason, a spell can be said inside your head as well. This is also why we can change the wording of a spell to fit our situation, because the words merely evoke and direct our energy to fit our purpose.

That's just my opinion, though ;)
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Re: Spells in another language?

Postby Greek_Male_Witch » Wed May 18, 2011 12:53 am

I agree and also disagree with you on some facts, YES your thinking is correct, that someone must use his/her own language on spells, but I believe that its which language you like, for me to be honest, I feel stupid reciting in greek! English is fitting more my spells, I like that language, and I have noticed that whenever I recite in greek, the spell doesn't work, because I feel stupid while doing it, so I always speak english, anyway my point is that whatever language fits for everyone, thats the language that will work! :)
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Re: Spells in another language?

Postby Tasariel » Wed May 18, 2011 1:03 am

I think what matters most is that the caster of the spell is comfortable. Language is only another tool to cast spells. So I think that if someone's fluent in another language, or if another language to them feels more comfortable for spells, it would make sense that they use it.
First language I think will only come into play where someone needs to maybe revise the meaning of a spell or improvise, and a lack of intimate knowledge with the language they are using might prevent them from being able to do that properly. If that makes any sense, haha.
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Re: Spells in another language?

Postby JBRaven » Wed May 18, 2011 2:14 am

I do spells in different languages. Russian and English are my main, but I have been known to throw in Spanish and bits of other languages I know. I do what feels right. IF another language has a better word for what I mean then I use it, even if the spell is mainly another languages. I think Tasariel is on the right track saying "Language is only another tool to cast spells." If I wanted to I could not even use words to cast a spell, I can use images or unfocused sound. IT is the emotion behind it. I do however suggest that a person does not try to do spells in a language they do not have some knowledge about. I would never do a spell in Swahili because I would have no confidence in that tool.
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Re: Spells in another language?

Postby Symandinome » Wed May 18, 2011 5:40 am

I just wanted to add a quick note:

Although if we try to speak a spell in another language it may give us that special "witchy" feeling and really make us feel like we are doing something but if you dont really know what it is you are saying whose to say that what your reading is really what it is you wanted? How do you know your not opening some demonic gateway? or even pronouncing the words right?

Thats just something to consider.

I speak native english so I use english its easier for me to convey what i want to express in my mother tongue, my tradition of paganism specifically is supposed to be sung in Irish Gaelic. Well I do not speak fluent Gaelic so despite how beautiful the language is to me and thre fact that its words hold power to me. I choose to use English and use Gaelic on certain key words.

Just like was said before language is just a tool.
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Re: Spells in another language?

Postby Constance » Mon Sep 03, 2012 5:28 pm

I use spells in Russian, but if I need to program amulet I would prefer to write some wording in English (English is very descriptive and exact words, easier for me to put the spirit within establed limits for him/her to do the program. Some of my spells look reduculous, they may start with Russian, than some part will be in English, something in Italian or Latin, and ending is in Russian. But I think language is not important for spell, most important what vibes you can put into spell when you feel words, and if language has to be switched to another one in order to feel it, than it should be done.
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