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A Spell to Send Back Negativity

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A Spell to Send Back Negativity

Postby Earth Ritual » Sat Jan 15, 2011 12:08 pm

So every witch should have a simple spell to send back negativity. There is so much in the world that if you make one little mistake people are quick to dish out the f*ck you's and the name calling. So, one witchy way (spell) to handle that if you are sensitive to that kind of thing coming at you is this:

Use your intention and state firmly:

I send this negativity back to you
three times three
your negativity will not enter me
so let it be.

Now this is fun when you are first learning witchcraft because it obviously works and its a good way to boost confidence. However, at some point, for the compassionate souls at least, sending negativity back will be difficult because you may have addiitional insight into why a person is being "negative" in the first place. Perhaps that person just had a fight with someone they love or is still traumatized from abused they suffered in the past or any number of tragic situations that the majority of the human species finds itself.

So in situations like this just sending negativity back just amplifies the negativity. Yeah it helps you, but in the end, the world is still a sh*tty place and if you send it back you just added more stink to the pile lol. So a more "advanced" spell is needed. This is how it works:

When someone sends you an F.U. instead of sending it back, pause and allow yourself to just react. Let yourself feel your emotions completely. If you are sad, angry, afraid, or happy, let yourself feel it.

Then begin this chant:

I'm Sorry
Please Forgive Me
I Love you
Thank You

After some time you will feel the situation dissipate and you will feel your energy go lighter. This is especially great for family altercations between parents and children. What happens is that it effects other people's behavior without them even knowing it. I know it works because I have witnessed results time and time again. You can find out more about this is you research Honoponono.

The most effective way to do this chant is to reach down and connect with the divine within. Come from a place of being the goddess or being the god or lord. Come from a place of being the faerie, angel, deva, or deity. When you do that, magic will start to just spring up around you and everyone will enjoy it, most of the time without knowing why they all of a sudden feel so peaceful and loving. Hahaha.

Rememeber the three tenses of the verb love are: love, love, love.

Love yourself
Love your neighbor,
Love deity,
For this is all of what you are.

Earth Ritual
You are either for Life or against It. There is no in between.

I used to believe in god above. Now I'm filled with so much love.-Erykah Badu after the invocation of the Goddess

May the love that holds eternity at its fingertips kiss each and everyone one you on the lips. May your words bring worlds that bring hope to a world dying to be reborn.
Earth Ritual
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