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Spell to Bring Childhood Love Back to Me, and Stay Faithful?

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Spell to Bring Childhood Love Back to Me, and Stay Faithful?

Postby mysticroseily » Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:00 pm

hello everyone, i have a messy situation and am in need of some help, some help would really be appreciated, the situation is, me and my bf just broke up, we have known eachother ever since we were babies, we grew up together, i fell in love with him when we were little because he was always so nice to me and cared about me, well we decided to give things a try jan 15th and we broke it off last night because he was messaging other girls on websites flirting with them,

last night was not the only time he had done it, hes done it twice, and for some messed up reason i still love him and want him back, but he doesnt want me back, he just wants to flirt, i love him with all my heart, i have ever since we were little kids, i dont want to let this love die, i have so much love for him and im not willing to just give up and move on, anyways, i was hoping someone could help me out, i want my childhood love back, any one know of any strong very effective spells i could use, something to bring him back to me, rekindle the strong love we had, and also a spell to make him faithful to me, make him want me and only me, problem is,

i have a low income, and the spells ive looked up either the materials costed too much or i couldnt find them anywhere, like a chickens heart and a sterile needle, maybe a spell using materials you could find around the house, or perhaps a chant, i have a item of his he left with me to keep, but he will probably be wanting it back in a few days, maybe a spell i can cast on that item, i dont know, anything will helpp, it will be much appreciated, i mean, its my childhood love im taking about, i cant just give up, but any info on those two spells requested will surely be appreciated :) thank you so much, Many Blessings

Re: Help Needed

Postby Althara » Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:33 pm

He won't love you. You can bind him back to you, certainly, although in any definition that would be 'black' magic. But he won't love you. He'll probably go to the next level and actually cheat on you, rather than just talking/flirting. You'll always be left wondering if he's only with you because of the spell - which he will be.

I know it's hard. But you're going to have to try to get over him. There will be other loves, ones who will be faithful to you, who will want to be the centre of your world as you are of theirs. The guys who will want to sweep you off your feet. If I were you, I'd be doing a good general love spell to draw love to you - be it in the form of another, good boyfriend or plain old friends who will boost your self esteem and let you see that you are worth so much more than a guy who doesn't even respect you enough to not flirt with other girls whilst you two were together.
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Re: Help Needed

Postby melinda » Tue Feb 28, 2012 10:44 am

pigeon's heart is the most effective one. As well as a long needle and a precious or semi precious stone, but honestly it's a f*** damn terrible idea.
You could do an elastic spell, mind you, not sure it'd work, but the principle would be to cast a spell so the longer he stays away from you, the more he wants to come back. Mind control, Black, black, black. And since we're down that road, you could also tried a dagyde or a voodoo doll. Still.

All in all, the best way to go without falling into dark magic, mind control -and especially animal sacrifices, I get the point, but killing a living pigeon is never cool, plus if you don't have someone to hold it it gets real messy real fast, would be either a mojo or a visualisation box. Of course, mojos are voodoo, so they use quite a few exotic flowers and visualisation box are not garranted to work, but at least you won't have bird dung all over your place, which in my book is a definite plus.

Maybe you could try a potion to get yourself over the jerk. It would be a lot less in the trouble department.
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