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Something scratching legs? Not sure what it could be.

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Something scratching legs? Not sure what it could be.

Postby Onlybeentenminutes » Fri Jun 28, 2019 8:51 am

There's something specific that follows my family and I'm not sure what it is. My mom who's more psychically intune with things than me is constantly seeing figures in the house - and recently, she experienced something I experienced years ago.
That would be waking up in the middle of the night to something clawing at your legs. She said she had to get up and walk around for it to stop and that whatever it was it felt like it kept following her and every time she would stop moving for too long it'd try and scratch up her legs. She now has these massive patches of contact dermatitis (I think is what it's called) on her legs where she felt she was being scratched up.

Anyone know what this might be? Because I experienced similar in our old home, and mom saw figures in our old home, but it stopped when we moved and has since come back. Like they found where we were again or something.

Any advice or info would be wonderful! Thank you
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Re: Something scratching legs? Not sure what it could be.

Postby SpiritTalker » Fri Jun 28, 2019 10:49 am

Oye, I sure couldn't 2nd guess what your situation may be. I'd want to eliminate physical causes before assuming an "astral" cause. I've just been through a bout of contact dermatitis - red streaks & blisters that appeared a full week after I'd been pulling cleaver weed from the fence line. Clearing up with Benedryl gel.

Various things can travel ley lines. You might dowse for "black" (unhealthy) ley-energy entering the home. Redirect it by placing a brick at the foundation entry point. Chisel the brick with a connected cup-&-line [o-----] dug into it lengthwise to accumulate & guide energy away from the house. I read that in a dowsing book but haven't personally used it.

I often see flitting shapes, darting orbs & occasional bipedal shades & have not had any harm so I don't have any first hand experience as you describe. I once was harassed 2 consecutive nights by being tipped off the mattress while I'd slept - waking mid-slide to thump on the floor. After spell searching, I found one that rolled a raw egg downward around head, neck & torso, down arms & legs & heel-to-toe across the soles of the feet to clear any astral attachments & then disposed of the egg off site. In meditation I'd also authorized my higher self to post guard & "take all defensive action" required. The harassment stopped so I guess it worked to break the astral link - if that's what was involved.
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Re: Something scratching legs? Not sure what it could be.

Postby barker » Fri Jun 28, 2019 6:01 pm

My legs are feeling off too. I think it would mean that I am stuck in a swamp of some sort or form. "Hazardous."
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