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Postby SpiritTalker » Wed Jan 09, 2019 11:10 am

If you're into herbs you can use the sense of smell to enhance psychism. Smellivision. Our sense of smell is very primal. It gets the message to the brain fast. Pick out an odd number of botanicals with any lunar, psi or dream correspondences & combine them in a jar. Add one quartz pebble to stir things up. Using an odd total number of ingredients is traditional. You'd want the pleasant but strongly scented herbs or spices. Set your intention. Shake the jar &'inhale the aroma before doing any psychic activity, spirit travel or scrying. It's the same as using incense mixtures but without the smoke.

Something already combined on the grocer's shelf is called pumpkin spice. You may already have it in the kitchen, or mix some. Cinnamon enhances psi & dreaming, nutmeg brings good luck, ginger is Lunar influenced & of fire, all-spice carries well-ness, clove purifies. They combine to set a receptive mood. They are often used at Halloween when the veil is thin.

Another scent combo idea that brings in spirituality: Garlic - spiritual purifier is optional.
Basil - psi protection in spirit travel; fennel - spiritual wellness; marjoram - protection

A sachet of ground coffee & cinnamon aromas can boost meditation.

Quartz is all purpose & holds the intention well. Amethyst aids psi. Goldstone (manmade) aids telepathy.
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