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Simplified Sepher Sephiroth

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Simplified Sepher Sephiroth

Postby Doktor Avalanche » Wed Apr 11, 2018 4:11 pm

To note- This is indeed a basic, simple, ignorant answer to some question I have received over the years to explain who, what & why about the Sepher Sephiroth and its magical application. I thought I would share it here.

Has anyone ever wondered what certain phrases, words and circular layouts with occult & esoteric scribblings chalked into the floor of a room(or garage in many cases), on a paper or a page in a book actually mean? What for? Why? Literally much of it looks pretty cool, or frightening to some. To others, it looks beyond demonic, Satanic & diabolical yet fascinating, once you understand the purposes of what the words are, what their correlation to their placement on the circular structure to each other is and why certain phrases, words & numbers playing into it is all about.

Certain words that have application and meaning to a magical current are chosen when creating either a summoning circle, a talisman or a complex sigil(not a chaos scribbling, mind you). The purpose behind such a task is to find numeric commonality and meaning behind certain words, names and phrases used in the magical current to take form and shape. Such a tool exists which can help in finding what certain words may have to help, and for that tool we need to look to Aleister Crowley's work.

In Liber 500, we find the Sepher Sephiroth Sub Figura D(O'Aritheos) which contains a numeric value placed on each individual letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. Also included is a reference table, then a, albeit not complete, numeric table which corresponds to whatever numeric word or phrase you wish to include can be found.

For example:

I wish to Make a talisman of protection using Belenos as the invoked power. I add the numerical amounts.
B=2 L=30 N=50(700 is only at the end of a phrase)
Added together = 142
I look on the chart and find:
Geomantic Intelligence of Mercury,
Wickedness, Destruction
A stranger; Balaam
Night Demon of Dec. 3rd

So I add the number 142 to my talisman, Draw out a symbol of Mercury, Fire & Water, and scrawl out the word destruction(to those who wish me harm) on the talisman.

This is one way to do this, without finding other words which add to 142.

Now for those who do not wish to study the Hebrew, Sir David Cherubim made an English Qabalah/Sephiroth and it is online, including a word and phrase converter at the bottom. And, I use this system instead of Crowley's work just because I suck at Hebrew and prefer using English in virtually everything I do.(I hate Enochian, too)

Now this is a dumbed-down explanation of the Sepher Sephiroth, as basic as I can give it. Is there more? Definitely, and more uses than what I explained. Learn. Study. See what you can do and implement into your Arte/Crafte!
"We are of the gods, but we are not ourselves gods,
We reflect the Divine, but we are not Divinity itself"

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