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Simple Spells

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Simple Spells

Postby SpiritTalker » Wed May 23, 2018 8:50 am

In my experience, usually when a person says they "need a spell for X" it's not a method they lack but a clear purpose of intent: to attract, to repel or to hold in place. The method to use is easily determined by what we have on hand to use.

THE FOUR POWERS OF A WITCH that make our magic GO

Mundanely speaking, to-know is having knowledge of our craft, to-will is mindful intention, to-dare is the fearless pursuit of our craft, and to-be-silent is not discussing our craft with outsiders.

Insiders will soon learn the energetic force of these witch's powers. Knowing is a force of quiet, airy assurance that a thing is thus/so; Will is the fiery force of single-minded intention to see a thing done; Daring is a force of sheer guts & the chutzpah to follow our fluid inner wisdom despite nay-sayers & Silence is the earthing force of inner solitude that let's the voice of wisdom be heard. These are gently altered states of consciousness and each is related to one of the forms of Nature - sky/air, flame/fire, sea/water, & land/earth.


All spells draw on the four powers of a witch - to know, to will, to dare & to be silent - and everything else is the method used, the eye candy that helps us focus on the goal, and method is determined by what we have on hand to use - the supplies in our cupboard. Our intent changes but the activation formula stays the same. We set our intent in every spell we do. One simple, all-purpose method to set intention, to charge & activate a spell is:

1. Center, inhaling power to light the fire in the belly.
2. Know your goal - attracting & prospering, repelling & protecting, or power to hold.
3. Speak with present-tense phrases as if it's already done; not I-want/it-will-be but I have, it is.
4. Set the intention, exhaling to push from the fire in the belly, out hands & gaze and into the spell.


When you want someone to see themselves clearly &'wake-up, place their photo or a slip of paper with their name & birthdate between the 2 surfaces of a compact mirror. Close the compact. Charge it. Store it for a moon phase (1-week) on your altar pentacle. After a week burn the photo or paper & sprinkle the ash where the person will step in it (by their home or car doors for example). It won't effect anyone else who might step on it. To have clarity write your name & a question on a slip of paper & enclose it in the compact. Set your intention. Place the compact under your pillow overnight, then burn (or shred) the paper (to transform it) & blow the pieces or ash into the wind using Air to literally clear your mind. Then go to a quiet spot & meditate on it.

Petitions: should be written only on the front of any clean paper. Write the goal (intention) in a few present-tense words; turn the paper (clockwise to attract, reverse to repel) 1/4-turn & over-write the goal with the name & birthdate of the person to benefit from the spell. By over-writing the goal with a name you are showing that they dominate over the goal; but if the spell is against someone then write their name 1st & then over-write the name with the goal to show that the goal dominates the person. Then turn the paper 1/4 turn again & sign your name showing that your will dominates all else. Dab oil in a five-spot pattern [:-:] to anchor the spell into NOW like the circle's quarter calls. Petitions can be added to other spells or stored in a spell box to "cook" until the full moon when it's either burned or shredded to release the power & the ash or confetti are scattered in the wind (or dropped over a waste basket).

A spell to break a cycle of bad luck (or any cycle) is to collect 14 pebbles &'1 larger stone. Seven is a number associated with luck. Arrange 7 pebbles Into a small (<)widdershins spiral pattern on the ground starting in the center & expanding outward as you think of the cycle of misfortune. Take the bigger stone, charge it with your will for change & then drop it on the design you'd made 3 times or more to break up the design. Remove the scattered pebbles & stone. Then take the remaining unused 7 pebbles to make a (>)deosil spiral (the reverse direction of the broken one) to represent your new cycle of good fortune. Thank the Powers. Leave the pebbles to Nature.

Mandalas: Mandals focus & continuously radiate energy. Coloring book mandalas are sold as toys. Name a design for your goal & set your intent. Imagine the satisfied feeling of the goal attained as you color in the design. The outward radiance of the design carries your intent into the aetheric realm.

OLD RELIABLE SPELLS Adapt to any need

Below are tried n' true, old time spell methods that are likely to be In every witch's repertoire because they have been proven to work & there's no hard-to-find materials involved.

Candle spells suit any goal because Fire transforms & activates. You can use any type of candle. Wipe it with salt-water to remove handling cooties. Choose the size by how long you want it to burn. Let it burn completely. Standard dinner-table tapers burn about 1-inch an hour, 4-inch chimes last about 90-min. You can cut a taper in half & make two. Tea-lights will vary by thickness from 2-8 hours. Votives last 10-15 hours. Use all-purpose white or a relevant color. You can sprinkle related herbs around the holder or set a stone along-side if you want. It's best to use a charged candle for only that spell intent. Olive oil is all-purpose for dressing/anointing or use a goal-related scented oil to hold the psychic charge.

Air - yellow; intellect, clarity, education; marjoram, mint, sage; gold tiger eye, yellow jasper
Fire - red; vitality & any type of partnerships; bay, basil, rosemary; carnelian, red jasper
Water - blue; emotions & intuion, psychism; lemon, rose, thyme; blue lace agate, angelite, sodalite
Earth - green; home, prosperity, jobs, health; grains, patchouli; jade, green aventurine
AEther- purple; spirituality; clove, cinnamon, frankincense; amethyst, sugilite

Preparing the candle: taper candles - dab five spots :-: of oil in your palm and roll the candle between your oiled hands (or dab :-: on top of a tea light) as you state your intent thrice. The 5 dots represent the 5 elements. The oil seals the energy of the intention to the candle. Stand the candle in it's holder & place your hands around it. Focus your intense witchy gaze on the un-lit candle. Deep breathe & focus; exhale to push the fire in the belly into the candle to set your intention. If you add herbs or a stone they should be similarly charged before being placed with the charged candle. You're good to go.

The spelll: light the wick & sit quietly while focussing your gaze on the flame for a few minutes until you are aware only of the flame; you will know the spell is already fulfilled upon the Ethers. This is the heart of the spell & uses the witch-power "to know" a thing is so. (Knowing is like a hunch). You don't need to visualize when you know. Let the candle burn completely while you do other things yet keep an eye on it for safety, or set it In a cauldron. You might read the wax drippings before disposing of candle stubs in the trash.

If you want to stop a spell already in progress then adapt the spell: name a taper candle for the spell that must be cancelled, oil it & stand it upright - stuck in it's own wax - in a cup or bowl & set the intention. Add water to cover the bottom of the candle & light up. Gaze at the flame for a minute or two knowing it is done & give thanks as above. When the candle burns down to water level it will be extinguished, bringing the unwanted spell to an end.

Adapt a taper candle into a poppet. Apply oil before poking 1 pin in the top to represent the head & adding pins as 2 arms &' 2 legs on the sides of the candle. For a tea-light candle make a Vitruvian Man pentagram on the top surface. Name the candle poppet for the person it represents. Use the standard candle spell as given above to activate your intent. Dispose of the spent poppet-pins afterwards by pushing them into the earth beneath a tree just as you would bury a cloth poppet. Trees carry the spell to the cosmic, mundane & underworlds thru branches, trunk & roots. Remember to thank the tree for it's assistance with an offering of water, bread or corn meal.

A witch's bottle is a protection spell that fills a bottle/jar with bent pins to foul the aim of incoming bad intentions, rusty nails or random rusty iron bits to protect from psychic interference, and shiny foil bits to serve as mirrors to deflect harmful intent. Add some strands of hair as a tag-lock to identify the one's being protected, including pets. Add pepper to repel harm & salt to protect. Top off the bottle with vinegar to mark your territory. Cap the bottle/jar & seal with wax. Set your intent. Hide or bury the bottle at the most used entrance. Option: Prepare more bottles and bury or hide one at each corner of your property.

Make a dry Wish Bottle/Jar by using pleasant herbs with properties aligned to your intent, stones, curls of ribbon, & use colored craft paper or gift-wrap to write a petition. Decorative bottles can be painted with sigils. Set the intent & then display it somewhere you can see & enjoy it.

A Word Sigil is a spell made up of the letters of your written intention. Write the goal on paper in a few present-tense words to claim it so it's not forever In the "want-to-be" but IS. Cross out the vowels and duplicate letters so only one of each consonant remains like a tx msg (text message). Reavrrange the remaining letters artfully in any way - upright, reversed, exaggerated - into a hieroglyph. Draw a circle around it (to contain the power) & cut the sigil out or transfer it to clean paper. Dab with oil [:-:]. Set the intent. Fire & Air are the active elements so burn-&-scatter or shred-&-scatter (into a waste basket) to transform it. Transforming is a key step with word sigils as our words must be transformed to manifest.

Knot spells can use a piece of cotton twine, thread, yarn or ribbon about as long as your forearm, to be tied with 9 knots. Don't pull so tightly that you cannot untie the knots. Use colors if their associations appeal to you. Say one line of the charm while forming a knot-loop then blow a breath of power through the loop, or peer through the loop at the moon to capture it, just as you pull the knot loosely closed. Repeat the process in sequence for all 9 knots & use your witch's power of KNOWING that the goal is done.

By knot one the spell's begun.
By knot two it comes true.
By knot three so shall it be.
By knot four the power is stored.
By knot five the spell's alive.
By knot six the goal is fixed.
By knot seven it is given.
By knot eight it is fate.
By knot nine it is mine!

Do the knot tying during an appropriate weekday & moon phase to boost power. You can opt to un-tie the knots & release the spell's power the same day or store it until the next favorable moon phase for manifesting the goal & untie the knots then. Timing info is given below. Dropping the knotted strand into flowing water will cancel it. A knot spell is also a binding spell & as long as the knots remain tied the intent is held in place. To hold/bind permanently you would burn or burry the string without untying the knots. The knots cannot then ever be undone & are thus bound. Rephrase the last line to "by knot nine (name, thing or deed) is entwined & confined". Binding is often used to prevent harm from being done. Use without malice.

A witch's ladder is a different chain that might use 5 knots for wishing, 7 knots for good luck, or 13 knots for protection. They are tied in twine with bundled twigs of Oak, Ash or Thorn or feathers & holed stones tied into the knots. The completed chain is swung hypnotically like a pendulum to activate the intent with Air. A witchy gaze is locked on while whispering your purpose (in rhyme if you like), belly breathing & pushing the fire in the belly into the chain. Then it is hung (with thanks) in a tree to aid its travel thru the 3 realms: the tree's branches reach cosmic realms above, the trunk is present in the mundane realm & the roots reach the underworld. Nature will dismantle the chain over time & release the long term spell. Dropping the entire thing into flowing water would cancel it.

Stroking Stones can assist remote healing & influencing. For healing choose any comfortably palm-sized, water-smoothed stone (water has passive, healing properties). Be prepared to spend an hour rocking forward-&-back as you stroke the stone while softly chanting: "Stone to stone, bone to bone, flesh to flesh, vein to vein, (name) is whole again." Keep stroking, rocking & chanting until you mentally fade out or have some other indication you've reached your maximum capacity & can stop. Any stone will hold an intent until something dislodges it. Stones are the bones of the Earth & represent the skeleton of Gaia. Wash stones in flowing water to clear them between spells. Do not use the same stone to heal & hex. Wishing stones have colored bands encompassing them symbolizing a cast circle & are stroked to aid manifesting desires. Map stones have inter-twining lines traversing their surface symbolizing Ley line & ghost-tracks & can be stroked to aid spirit travel. Stones with natural holes are good-luck charms and aid the Sight when peering thru the hole at the Moon.

Potions: Know your goal: prosperity, protection or power. Select goal-related herbs. Use a tablespoon of each herb that you choose & enough water in the pot to cover the herbs. Simmer until the liquid is reduced by 1/2 then cool & strain. Add brandy equal to the remaining liquid as a preservative. Serve a teaspoon of this final brew in a cup of wine or tea & add honey-to-taste. Activate the intent. Use only safe kitchen herbs with the properties you want for potions that you will drink or add to the bath. Brews used as aerosols usually are added cooled & strained to an equal amount of rubbing alcohol or witch hazel. Brews that get sprinkled across door stoops or pathways for protection usually have lots of salt, garlic and peppery "go-away" ingredients so need no preservatives. The simplest brew is a cup of tea like chamomile & mint to relax & sooth the stomach or rosemary to aid dream or trance recall.


Foremost, know your goal: prosperity (attracting abundance, health, love); protection (purifying, repelling harm); or power (to bind & hold).

Phrasing your intention is best done in the present-tense to manifest into the "Now" and not remain forever in the "wanna-be." Your goal-phrase can be rhymed &'chanted to aid mental focus. Rhyming verse helps to focus and repetition strengthens intent. "Three times three is the key."

Most spells are best done once & forgotten so as not to yo-yo the power, but can be repeated after a month at the next beneficial moon phase. Traditionally we can do 3 spells at a session: one for ourselves, one for friend's or family & one for the community.

A popular but not mandatory option is to take advantage of weekday/planetary forces. The Weekday will pin down when to start a spell for best outcome. Associations are shown here by weekday, planet, color & purpose:

Sunday (Sun) yellow, leadership, health, advice
Monday (Moon) white, marriage, family, psychic endeavors, divination
Tuesday (Mars) red, conflict, legal matters
Wednesday (Mercury) light blue-aqua, communication, knowledge, divination
Thursday (Jupiter) blue, finances, job, prosperity, protection
Friday (Venus) green, love, allure, fertility
Saturday (Saturn) black, endings, banishing, protection

A Moon Phase lasts a week & pulls the over-all forces together. The Moon's effect is present whether or not you can see the Moon. Working a spell on the associated weekday during the favorable moon phase is the optimal time when the forces of Nature are favorable. Spells for attraction/gain work best as the moon grows (waxing moon); repelling/reducing is best done when the moon diminishes (waning moon). Personal empowerment & success of endeavors are done at Full Moon. Check on-line weather forecasts for the current day's moon phase or use a moon phase calendar for the current year.

Useful reference: complete-magickal-correspondence-t26933.html

It is traditional to not discuss a spell until after it has manifested, lest you deplete and weaken the energy by drawing it back to you like a yo-yo. Also known as "to be silent."

Dispose of spent materials in the trash unless otherwise noted. When dis-assembling a spell, use your spoken intent to decommission it. "The time has come to end this spell. The job is done and all is well." Salt-water wash any re-usable components to remove former psychic charge.

We also clean up after ourselves magically to prevent psychic energy from sticking in our aura & becoming psychic sludge that attracts bad luck. The Crafter should periodically do a self-cleansing vinegar or salt scrub from head-to-toe to ground & nullify forgotten links.

MAGICAL LAWS (paraphrased)

Doctrine of Signatures - The attributes without mirror the qualities within. Nature has left clues to the magical uses of an object through it's shape, texture, color, markings, smell & taste.

Law of Contagion - Once together, always together. Whenever two things touch, they leave connecting strands of energy between them. The longer the contact, the stronger the link. Witches tap into these connections as identifying tag-locks.

Law of Sympathy - In magical use, what is willed, intended, or done to the symbol or image will also impact the material target. The symbol is as real as the thing itself.
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Re: Simple Spells

Postby firebirdflys » Wed May 23, 2018 1:18 pm

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Re: Simple Spells

Postby SpiritTalker » Wed May 23, 2018 2:17 pm

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Re: Simple Spells

Postby nightshroud » Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:10 am

this is really informative thank you spirit
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