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Should I be concerned?

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Should I be concerned?

Postby Anon5 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:23 am

I'm not sure where to start. I met my ex husband about 19 yrs ago and he told me he was involved in witchcraft. He said he was a sorcerer who did very dark and strange things involving the dead. I think he cast a spell on me early in our relationship because I felt so strange during that time. It wasn't love for sure because he creeped me out from the moment I first saw him. When he was four, he stumbled onto his uncle's collection of magic things like black candles and skulls. He said he was beaten for it, but shortly after his uncle began training him.

He supposedly molested his baby brother, and two girls before I met him. His mom claimed that she would see a strange woman with long black hair occasionally in the house, only to have her vanish. She also saw a disembodied eyeball peer at her through a wall. He claims the uncle died and put a spirit in a tree. And the tree bleeds. When we were married I experienced very strange things. Once when we were intimate, I had a sudden case of chills and nonstop sneezing for about five minutes. Then it just went away. My mother in law SWEARS once she saw me levitate over a bed when I was pregnant and that I mentioned it later in the morning but I can't remember a thing.

I've felt a wave of mysterious energy around our house, and my ex claimed he could transform into an animal, and did so once in order to fight the very female spirit he created in order to drive her somewhere. He claims to have access to two separate books called the necronamican, and that if the east book and west book are owned by the same person, that that person could destroy the world. He claims he has one hidden under an alter inside a hill.
A few more things have happened, but I need to know if there could possibly be any residue on me and my kids from this? He claimed my son would also be approached about this stuff, which he has, but should I just kick that old dust off our feet, so to speak and forget about it?

This is the only place I can discuss this because even at my church, the ones who totally believe in the supernatural think I was taken for a ride on this and laugh at me. My current husband scoffs and doesn't believe for a minute my ex ever had this power.

What does this sound like? I suspect I'm lucky to be alive. Am I right?
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Re: Should I be concerned?

Postby Shekinah » Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:19 pm

I think your X was a wanna-be Sorcerer as some of the alleged accomplishments seem exaggerated. Also the real deal would know better then to venture into dark arts as these ultimately will devour the practitioner. I would not be concerned as it usually takes two (Sorcerer and victim) to collaborate on magick (as in Voodoo). If you stay positive and spiritual in your practice you have nothing to fear. A real Witch does not dabble in dark magick, our Rede forbids it.
I wish you well and may the Goddess guide, direct and protect you.
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Re: Should I be concerned?

Postby moonraingirl » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:21 pm

Hi, welcome. Good you came here. This a good place to talk openly, no one will judge or laugh at you.

I feel that there was indeed dark force present. However, he was also mentally unstable, probably sufferes from a mental illness. It is a combination of both. His exaggerated claims prove he lost contact with reality.

What I suggest is to clean yourself spiritually in a way that you prefer. You mention that you go to church so I assume you're a Christian. I'd recommend praying to Jesus and asking him to cleanse you from all evil spirits that may be with you. I have a strong experience with repeating Jesus's name over and over again.
Other than this, don't think about negative energies too much. You know that thinking attracts stuff into our lives. Think positively, concentrate on love and light.

You also need to heal another aspect- psychological. If there are any emotional wounds from the marriage you need to address them in order to improve your wellbeing and raise your energy. Don't let him manipulate you anymore.
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Re: Should I be concerned?

Postby smogie_michele » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:13 am

Hey there Anon5, when you have a moment will you please stop by the introduction area and tell us a little more about yourself?
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Feel free to pm me if you have any questions! I am here to help.
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