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Re: shapeshifting.

Postby koshka19 » Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:58 am

shape-shifting occurs in the asrtal, physical, and physic forms
and is normally mastered once you can see achieve or define these forms
normally when you start shape-shifting can be a bit hetcic at first
when you start you begin shape-shifting it occurs at a rapid rate (as in once every few seconds.)
You see yourself as different forms of you and of other plant animals and etc
so it can be a bit distressing as you feel you have lost what make u unique as an individual
(in other word you lost what makes u you)
But after a period of time this stop and as your ability grows its like a muscle (the more u use it the stronger u become) you learn to prefetc the art of shape-shifting and you can choose you become
those who can remote view your forms will see you as this person or creature/entity or some kind.
(remote viewing is a non physic ability that is possed by everyone that can be developed as they further themselves in spirituality meaning that you can be at one place at one time but also be viewing something in another realm spiritual place on earth or even another lifetime or a different date while still seeing everything where you are physically. You Can even remote view yourself while you are elsewhere)
If you are around those who are more earth bound and grounded and do not possess this ability
they will not physical be able to see you shape-shift but will gain an understanding or that u are whatever you have shape-shifted into even if it is only on a subconscious or instinctual level.
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Re: shapeshifting.

Postby Kei Kawazu » Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:17 am

biokinesis is like shapeshifting a little bit, but from what ive read only someone used that to change eye color for a short while, and a person i spoke to on online said they changed height, im sure after 80 years of biokinesis one might be able to grow some odd appendage or somehting, but to be able to transform extremely fast you would need to practice it for liek 400 years at least XD i think. i was interested in trying biokinesis before but, i need to work on meditation and energy work first i think, and i want to do allll sorts of stuff so. i may get too distracted to try it out too much one day anyways.
Kei Kawazu
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Re: shapeshifting.

Postby Nyxannwn » Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:40 am

This is a very interesting subject! I appreciate passionate discussion just as much as the next person... it's nice to be passionate about something! I realize that many of these comments were made about a year ago, but since we have some new posts on this topic, and it has been bumped up to the top of the list, I would like to kindly remind everyone (mainly Fallen Angel and Shadowx) that if you are to share your beliefs on this board and hold to them as fact (which, my own opinion is that this subject is not so black and white), then you need to do it with respect. No more name calling (censoring with symbols doesn't make an insult any less damaging). Fallen Angel, I've edited your post accordingly. This is a friendly warning.

EVERYONE should try to be open-minded on this and every topic on this forum, and if you can't do that, please respectfully agree to disagree.


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Re: shapeshifting.

Postby Kei Kawazu » Tue Mar 08, 2011 8:05 am

With shapeshifting i think if one can control their bodies enough with meditation then they can do biokinesis to a degree to cause some qualities of shape shifting, but itd take a long time unless u changed your body to shapeshift more readily, and then itd have limitations too for shapeshifting but reaching it that way would still be neat. I would totally grow gills and ability to see infrared and uv rays and other stuff, maybe grow a tail if possible, i think itd even be possible to gender swap like some frogs do but id have to be biologically immortal before trying that XD and turn myself into a little kid by meditating for many years before hand lol. But itd be prettyyy hard to do anyways.
Kei Kawazu
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