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Set!! (Seth)

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Set!! (Seth)

Postby MamaMagpie » Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:43 pm

Hellooooo there

So for a while now I've been dedicated to the Egyptian pantheon, in particular Anubis (Anpu). He became my patron deity and I love him so much - a protector, a guide, a kind, loving deity.
It's impossible to only learn about one deity in this pantheon and I soon found that I was learning about Isis (Aset), Nephthys, Osiris etc. This led me onto learning about Horus the Younger and ultimately, Set / Seth....

Well, that's where everything gets interesting!

I didn't like the sound of Set at all at first - chaos, destruction, death, trouble, natural disasters, etc etc... but then I read so much more and realised that without all of these negative aspects of Set, we wouldn't have beginnings for growth, development, love, new starts.. and that was SO ENLIGHTENING for me!! It changed a lot of things for me, and also came to acknowledge my 'lower being' or 'lower nature' and not to hate it, but to celebrate it and to care for it, just as I care for everything and everyone else.

Through Set I've much about the various aspects of this complex deity and I feel a close connection with him. I don't think I'd actually call on him, given his bullying and jealous nature, but to know he's there is so comforting. Anpu is along for the ride, too, and I feel he and Set have come together in a way to balance out my heart and soul. I have a loving guide and protector and a calm, benign deity and I also have a complex, chaotic deity working together now to guide me to new pastures and knowledge.

I'm so excited I can't even tell you!! :D :D
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Re: Set!! (Seth)

Postby autumn swan » Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:21 am

Hey, good for you to have this nee way of seeing things! :)
From my experience deities are Never exactly how soruces describe them - i mean it is always written from a perpective, you know? So the opponent would be described as evil when in fact it all depends on the view. Just saying... should Set knock on your door For a little conversation i'd say Hear him out before deciding anything. :wink:
May the Lord and the Lady bless you.
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