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La Santísima Muerte

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La Santísima Muerte

Postby Joshmartinez » Mon May 13, 2019 10:48 am

Hey all! So, in honor of Mother’s Day (which was yesterday here in the states :P) I’m sharing my altar of La santísima Muerte, Santa Muerte, Holy Death, or Saint Death. I won’t go into much detail about how I found her, or how she found her way to me, but not too long ago I was a mess. Emotionally and physically. She started appearing to me in different places, so I took that as a sign she wanted to work with me. For one reason or another I was looking through pictures in my phone of one of the happiest times in my life, and to my surprise a picture of one of her statues was in one of the photos that day. As if saying one day I would need her help and she’d be there when that day comes. I don’t remeber taking that picture, but the rest was history. She really showed me the way and led me to where I needed to be, and I thank her every single day for that. I bought her even more paper flowers, and lit two white candles as a way of thanking her for mother’s day. I can’t say enough goood things about this sweet lady.
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