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ringing in the ears-- angels?

Discussion about spirit guides, angels, guardian spirits, and the like.

Postby ashedion » Sun Jun 14, 2009 4:27 am

lol, yes forgiven, dear. But yeah, I dunno, I do listen to alot of rock music and full blast...but its weird, like when I ask for it to stop, it stops. On the mundane explanation, Tinnuitus, eh? Hmmm. Earplugs? No, that wouldnt do anything, the noise is in my head. Lame. :?

Postby KaidaPyralis » Sun Jun 14, 2009 5:07 am

Sorry if I restate anything said here, I've just flicked through.

I have read the angels thing, and sometimes when my ears ring it does coincide with events you suspect they may have had a hand in or wanted you to know something about...strange coincidences etc.

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Postby stormer89 » Mon Jun 15, 2009 4:57 pm

i dunno that happens to me on and off and one friend of mine told me it meant people were talkin about you. who knows?
peace and love and blessed be
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Postby Disturbia » Sat Aug 29, 2009 6:37 pm

This is an 'out-dated' topic I know but I joined recently and came across this and wanted to throw in my personal experience with 'ringing'....

I have extensive responsive, intelligent (at least on their part) spirit communication. I am sometimes over-run with people who insist on speaking...they tend to start sing-songing what they have to say. The worst for me is the 'gregorian chant-ish' thing I hear from time to time. Make no mistake this is LOUD...not something easy to ignore. I sometimes leave the house and walk through the neighborhood but will hear it intermittently anyway. I have come to realize that 'place' means nothing.....they are 'with' me regardless of where I go...so it is hard to get some down time with these spirits.

When I first began to be able to communicate, I was not nearly so good at it and I did not hear ALL the spirits speaking to me I am sure. I can only say that when you DO become proficient at this, you may wonder if it was wise to hone your skill?!?!?! I DO have contact and communication with some who are like family to me and they support me and encourage me as much as I encourage them...but the insistent and persistent 'spirits' often seem to be trying to drown these people out. They will also try to impersonate someone that they know is close to me. It is difficult.

To the point here? When this 'talent' was discovered I began to have constant ringing in my ears. THAT you will learn to 'ignore' and it will very rarely enter into your conscious thought. However, someone touched on an aspect that I, too, have considered. When you do this type of communication you will begin to hear VERY acutely...i.e. music will split into its individual instruments and voices...in a crowd the voices will 'separate' somewhat....in other words, you are so aware in this 'audio' state that you cannot just listen to the 'chorus' of sound because you hear the separation of voices and instruments. I happen to enjoy hip hop and work out to that a LOT and it is a totally different experience when you hear every single sound that is coming from the speakers!??!?! (Who needs mind altering drugs, right?)

Also, I have found that those who have communicated with me over a long period of time now communicate through a type of 'telepathy'....this has helped somewhat in that I am not trying to separate them from the voices that are telling me that I am a 'dead woman' and so forth!

Hope that sheds a bit of light on a very involved subject!

Postby ImperfectAngel » Fri Dec 04, 2009 3:20 am

MidnightWolf wrote:Ringing in your ears is a medical condition. It is called tinnitus. It is caused by damage to the ear usually from loud music. Not angels...

Actually I'm a nurse and that's not true. Yes it can be that but there are other factors involved.

I was taold by my grandparents that ringing in your ears is picking up on things that you can't make out. FOr instance, If you hear it it could be someone talking about you, your guide talking to you, etc.....I know sometimes when my guide talks to me I can't understand and it sounds like a high pitch ring.
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Postby Xal » Fri Dec 04, 2009 3:42 am

Assuming it's not tinnitus you could be hearing energy.

Everyone especially when they are younger will hear an airy sound when there is no noise. The one time I consciously visited the 5th dimension I learned that everyone's name equates to a specific vibration, and that the sound you hear when there is no noise is the vibration of your name, or yourself.

If you want to try an interesting meditation, meditate while chanting your name, either verbally or in your mind.
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Postby blackwavy » Sun Jan 31, 2010 8:26 pm

No Honey,

It has nothing to do with a tinnitus problem. Its called a pitch, which you can hear like, bells, or other instrumental things. If you are into the meditative, spiritual/body work, this is symptom that is not medical but spiritual. You are turning in to frequencies beyond the normal hearing range.

When you listen to music, watch television, any elevate sound, you will hear it: Oscilating frequencies. That's one form.

Another, is where you hear bells that are light pleasant. They don't happen all throughout the day (my exp), but at some moments--alone.

The spirits are trying to make contact with you. This the beginning of your ability of clairaudience. They will grow into a more comprehensible form of communication. You will hear them actually talk to you. You not their yet. Keep doing what you're doing. You are very aware of it and alert and that's all you need.
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Postby Ginger Faith! » Sun Jan 31, 2010 8:40 pm

This might be an old post...
but,(this is from many of the people from bosnia), my mum says that its a sign that you will recieve a message.
Now, she is not aware of my religous views, but this is something that has always been a belief.
This ringing can mean any kind of message is on the process of being sent, meaning when i hear that sound, i wait for it to end to REALLY look around me and figure out what the message is and who was trying to contact me. Because we DO miss some things that are important, but i havent had this feeling in a long time...hmm. interesting.*bites lip*

Blessed Be,
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Re: ringing in the ears-- angels?

Postby Alina_Rose » Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:27 am

my ears ring too... I dont get why... hmmmmmm....
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