Reversing spell made years ago

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Reversing spell made years ago

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Well yes... I was one of the tons who made the mistake of using a spell for a love situation. :oops: In my situation, it did not work, there were true feelings but the situation and obstacles were too many to be together and now I realize it was better this way. It would have been a very complicated relationship, now I can see.

However I found myself constantly dreaming about this person, in my dreams we meet again and we are able to be together. I have not seen this person now for 10 years, I knew he married someone but he is not 100% happy.

I have found the spell I made, it was a candle spell. I read the post it were it gives recommendations on how to reverse a spell. I do not have any river or sea near me !!

Is it useful to have available the same spell I did to reverse it ? can I use the same chant but change some lines to ask for it to be reversed ?

Thanks for your help....

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Re: Reversing spell made years ago

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I just found this online :

The spell must be said in reverse, a black candle burned while this is done, and the paper that the reverse spell is written on should be burned in the fire and left to smoke until it stops on its own. Everything must be cleaned afterwards, there can be no trace of the spell ashes, and the candle must be burned until it burns itself out, then the stub thrown away.

By reading it in reverse means starting with the last phrase ? would it help to change phrases or just keep it that same way ?

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Re: Reversing spell made years ago

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After coming across this thread I took a look through my BoS and I found something that could be of some use!


Bread of any colour x1
A swatch of black fabric
A piece of string
Angelica (Optional)
Candle of any colour (Optional)


I cast a spell asking (Spells intentions which you wish to undo),
I now ask the favor of having the spell removed.
I understand to take back a spell means giving up something of
my own to show my spirit is true and my intentions are good.
I give this bead and render the spell dormant.
No harm may come from the cancellation of this spell.
No further power shall it have.
This is my will - So mote it be!


Place the bead in the black fabric - If you wish put some Angelica on the fabric. Tie up the fabric with the bead (And Angelica) inside using a piece of string so that the bead and Angelica are on the inside. Now, If you want you may drip a bit of candle wax onto the string around the fabric, This is not necessary though so feel free to miss out this step.
After the package has been sealed throw the package away ensuring that it is far away from your home.

NOTE: This should be preformed inside a circle.

Blessed Be! )O(
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