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Return to me.. If a part of you still wants to

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Return to me.. If a part of you still wants to

Postby Moonface » Mon Nov 04, 2013 2:56 am

I have just made spell, I was trying to make it as "free will as possible", instead of commanding it, just banishing all the negativity between the two people and bringing them back together in harmony. I will be doing it on the 15th of November as that is the day before the next full moon. And you can hrnest the power of the full moon two days before. This spell is to heal a relationship or return a lover to you IF they still have any feelings left for you. It's a 3 days spell but is a lot more simple than it seems. It should be started on the day before the full moon and will carry on to the next day which, and will end on the day of the waning moon, which is great for banishing. I will let you know how it works out, feel free to try it.

I suggest doing this spell first, read my post below that explains why.

Tip: I have done other spells in the past, they have worked but its best if your visualization is detailed. When I pull in power from the universe before I cast a spell I visualize it having a color; for me its a blend of purple, blue, and white with bright stars. After I have done my spell and am meditating I pull all the power from my toes and fingers and head all to the center of my body, then send that spell out to who ever or what else I am casting for and for that I also visualize colors.

For this spell you will need:
A sheet if paper
Fresh Lemon juice
Olive oil
1 Red and 1 White candle,
Red, pink and/or white ribbon or yarn (try to have white and at least one of the other colors)

On one side of the paper write your lovers first and last name age a few other details if you like, along with your first and last name. On the other side write things that you wish to banish that were causing problems in your relationship such as jealousy, mistrust, fear, dishonesty or greed. Twist the paper very tightly together then braid it in with the yarn or ribbon squeeze fresh lemon juice on it. Make sure to meditate on happiness with them and what life would be like with those problems gone from your relationship while holding it in your hand a focusing on a flame if that helps then let it dry overnight in the moonlight. The next night write your lovers first and last name on one side of the red candle and your first and last name on the opposite side of the red candle take just drop of olive oil and rub it across each of your names. On the white candle right "welcome back 'lovers name here' " and also rub a drop of olive oil on that as well. Burn the paper and ribbon braid in the white candles flame put all the ashes at the bottom of where the red candle is so that as the red candles wax starts to melt it will cover the ashes.

"Remove these obstacles in front of us/Let us move forward together in love and trust.
My intentions are pure and true/if part of you still care for me like i do, you/let us rebuild our love pure, strong, and true. If together both happily we can be/come to me in harmony.
I dare not malice/harm or wish ill/So mote it be/ This is my will."

Let both candles burn and meditate on your spell and it's an energy moving directly into your lovers chest and head visualize the power of your spell ,visualize it taking effect on them, visualize them thinking about the positive things that you guys shared together, visualize them missing you ect ect , and most of all picture a future with both of you happy. Go to bed and think positive thoughts as u fall asleep let the candles burn overnight . The next day break up the wax and scatter the wax outside were there are a lot of trees or or in a stream. This may or may not happen quickly it depends on the energy you put into it. Be sure to eat before, and to go to bed right after. If you feel more comfortable doing this no matter which moon it is, go for it. I've done spells without even knowing what moon was outside. The effectiveness depends on YOU. The moon and ingredients are all just aides and boosts.

Good luck. Post your success here if you have one. Ask questions, or offer advice. I will keep you posted.

Sorry for typeOs It's way past my bedtime but something witchy just kicked in! :flyingwitch:
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Re: Return to me.. If a part of you still wants to

Postby Vervain » Tue Nov 05, 2013 8:58 am

I like that you leave this very open so as not to interfere with free will. I did something similar once. A connection definitely opened, but nothing ever really happened, which I was actually glad to see because it meant that my spell had worked AND hadn't messed with free will.

I would be careful leaving candles burning overnight, though.
For safety reasons, I might try and use smaller candles such that you could supervise the flame the whole time. Just my $0.02, though.
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Re: Return to me.. If a part of you still wants to

Postby Moonface » Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:41 am

Thank you. I really was trying to make it as free will as possible. I actually put them in a bowl and then put water in a larger bowl then put it in there. But thanks for the advice, it will be good for others to see that. I normally use med to small sized candles, I take the extra caution because a bit of oil is on the candles as well..
And to anyone who is keeping tabs I will actually be doing this spell on the 16th of December instead. Because I need to heal myself, mind body and soul. Possible him as well. Which I will be doing November 17th (start of the waning moon) I just figure, What the use of trying to rebuild a home with the same broken stones, it won't be sturdy. We both need healing and time, so I suggest doing the same as well if you are going to give this a shot. Magic to me is about, love, patience, and self belief. So right now I'm practicing the patience portion of things I guess. In the second spell I posted, at the end you are supposed to do a nice gesture for them and Christmas is around the corner so great timing I suppose. I don't really celebrate it but whats the harm in doing for others. At least with this I am giving time for the spells to work.

Check out the post here

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Re: Return to me.. If a part of you still wants to

Postby Moonface » Thu Jan 09, 2014 11:55 pm

I did it anyway.. It was short lived but it worked.
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