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Relationship future; interesting.

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Relationship future; interesting.

Postby ErisDysnomia » Fri Mar 24, 2017 3:40 pm

So I drew some cards to see what the future might hold for my new relationship:

10 of Cups, Knight of Swords, and the Emperor (With two clarifying cards Page of Pentacles, and Queen of Cups).

So the card I never draw was the Emperor I was very confused but I looked the meaning of the card on the aeclectic tarot site and was kinda weirded out and intrigued to find: "The Emperor, as Aries, the Ram..." my new boyfriend is exactly that. He is an Aries. So to me I would interpret this as the card not only being a way of saying that there will be some person who is the leader in the relationship and will set the boundaries but also a way of indicating to me that it will be him and not myself seeing as the card seems to be a representation perhaps of him.

Though with the clarifying card being the page I have had bad luck with that one in the past.... and the Queen of Cups I assume being myself, cups being emotional cards and me being very emotional person, there might be some hard balance (seen with the page juggling) coming in the future between his leadership and my emotional temperament.

I know generally thought the 10 of Cups is a good sign for our beginning because we are very lovely together, and we do our best to look out for each other in every way.

My only issue is the Knight... every time the Knight cards of any suit show up for me they tend to signify some sort of trouble and usually is tears apart what I'm working on.

Any input on my interpretation and maybe pushing me to perhaps a better interpretation is much welcomed. I'm still so new that it's hard for me to see what exactly the cards might be telling me to look out for and what I might need to work on.
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Re: Relationship future; interesting.

Postby RosieMoonflower » Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:00 am

Typically when I read, I assign each card a meaning, much like a 3 card past-present-future spread. So if you just drew 3 cards with no assigned meaning, then your interpretation is the best to go on. I think your spot on about the "juggling" between his authority and your emotions. But, that seems pretty typical of what many men and women have to balance in their relationship. Always go with your gut, if the knight tells you trouble, it's probably so.. but, maybe not as bad as it seems. It would be wonderful if all relationships were perfect all the time. But, they're not. They're complicated and sometimes arguments arise. I would say a couple who can work through their arguments are just as well off as the couple who never has any.

Now, for my interpretation, which should only help guide you to puting your own into perspective.

The emperor is a stern but stable ruler. He's the father figure. The authoritarian figure in the cards. Knight of swords is a similar guy. He uses sharp words to get his point across. He's fierce and loyal but don't dare cross him. This could be the possible trouble you'll run into. Your partner may use harsh words when he feels his authority is being challenged. This can hurt your feelings, obviously. The ten and queen of cups say to me that it will hold no bearing on your feelings or love for him. Maybe because of the last card, the page of pents. A much softer character than the Emperor or Knight. Softer, but ambitious. It may be the page's traits that you are able to see in your partner. Men can be strong and stern sometimes, and some women do not appreciate that, while others can live with it because they see the other good traits the man has to offer. Or it could simply be the referring to the balancing act you both must learn to make the relationship work. Always go with your first instinct!

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