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Reasons I Won't Believe in Christianity.

Discussion of Christianity and other religious systems. How can we explain our faith to Christians? How can you merge your faith in Jesus with your belief in the metaphysical?

Re: Reasons I Won't Believe in Christianity.

Postby firebirdflys » Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:54 pm

1. Using FEAR to control, how unethical is that?

Shekinah wrote: I think such people are fearful of abandoning Christianity because of long ingrained mental conditioning by parent, church, school, peer and government.
and hence the nail on the head.

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Re: Reasons I Won't Believe in Christianity.

Postby Lady_Lilith » Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:12 pm

Any religion that is not based on love and is instead based in fear, is something that I think should be entirely avoided.
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Re: Reasons I Won't Believe in Christianity.

Postby SpiritTalker » Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:49 pm

I agree that people who use fear tactics should be avoided.

I came to this life to learn oneness and so I focus on that. I wasn't raised in a X'n active home, nor ever was I threatened that my spiritual beliefs were punishable. I sought the X'n experience &'got it. You can blame me that I'm not a perfect vessel. When I consider Inanna was hung on a pike & re-vivified, and Osiris was dismembered and reassembled, and Jesus was crucified and resurrected etc, I just don't see much difference between pagan & X'n in their final outcome. Each culture put it's own narrative on the same theme. Something spiritual is happening to the followers of these narratives in response to the theme. That's worth a 2nd look. What does the land's seasonal renewal and death-rebirth theme represent in man himself?

Something is experienced in pagan & X'n rites just as in traditional witchcraft rites. There's something transformative going on that isn't about logic, but is about who & what we are as human beings. People from any walk in life can intuit & practice trad-witchcraft ceremonies that raise energy & open the door to this experience. I don't know if it's a geo-electro-chemical stimulation of DNA or crystalline resonance in the blood, or what, but when we resonate to the transformation of power it's like an on-switch. Pagans do it, Christians do it. Hermetic alchemists do it, etc. It's not confined to any one religious expression, but it surely is a "religious" experience.

It doesn't recognize differences, only commonality. Has anyone figured out what we're all doing in common? (besides MK Ultra?) Who's got time to nit-pik? There's more important & far more interesting things to know about what's really going on. While it's important to sort out what we believe, it often changes as we learn more. It doesn't seem to matter what we believe only that we are open To believe in something greater. I've had transformative experiences in both X'n & pagan settings as orchestrated by that-which-is-greater (no mushrooms) &' it can't be confined to description except by using paradoxes. I don't mind what anyone wants to call it. I see it as being all-one. It's a locked-in, intuitive recognition of spiritual perception, not logic. So that's how i can be X'n & practice witchcraft. Simple really. And it's ok if someone doesnt "get" my comments. We can go our own way to center where all paths lead anyhow.

(skip the next paragraphs If you're not up to personal catharsis sagas)

Edit: This entire thread is incredibly interesting to me because I've been "god-hunting" since I was 4 & pinned my mom down to explain god to me, as seen on TV. She & dad were (post-WWII) non-practicing, former X'ns for their own reasons. If it wasn't for the Gideon's free Bible handouts when I was in 3rd grade I'd never have owned one & commenced to read it. Freaky, but I wanted more & wasnt taken seriously. I was a kid starving for the hunger & finding insufficient sustenance in the kid's versions i was offered. In my late teens i still kept being fobbed-off to youth groups. Grr. So life intervened & I joined a variety of parapsychology and Bible study groups here & there. In that time period i got a handle on the psychic visions & psi-traveling I dealt with.

I took up the hunt again in my 30's, jumped through all their hoops, was confirmed RC & entered a cloistered convent. It was intense & everything I'd sought but sudden memories of alien abduction scenarios derailed me. Gah! For cryin' out loud. Life is like bumper cars. None the less pieces fell into place &' i declined vows & went home. 30+ & living with Dad again - It humbles ya. I'd never felt so knocked cockeyed, but hey, everybody goes thru something. But the pump was primed. The 1st Halloween season (2weeks after convent) out of the blue while walking the dog & as id watched geese in flight, I'd felt the earth energy move under my feet, got telluricly zapped foot-to-head & catapulted out of body. (Lots of pagan symbolism were recognized in hindsight when i connected the dots later.) At the time I was licking my ex-nun's wounds & I was not interested in witchcraft & did not even believe in witches. Hahaha. God's laughing. Just like following a trail of Q-bread crumbs my hunt &'investigations, and my Little Voice guidance led me to God/dess with a face lift in the Craft. I have no need to denounce his other faces. It's all one connected path. So far it's stuck, over 30'years. All the twists & turns of the 1st 30 years had a reason & each step led to the next 30 years as I'm 65 now & Cueing up for round three.

Sorry to carry on so long.
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