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Ravencry's Book of Shadows

Start your own thread named "[Name's] Book of Shadows" and add spells, rituals, correspondences, music, videos, etc. that you would like to keep for future use or share with others. Use as many posts as you'd like. It's not private, but at least your family won't see it. You can also get ideas from other people's Books of Shadows.

Ravencry's Book of Shadows

Postby Ravencry » Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:03 pm

This is going to be quite the thread! I have 3 Books, 2 of which are filled up. The first one is just the basics, the second is a collection of beginners spells, and the third (which I am still in the process of writing) is mainly spells, recipes and baths :D

So here's the beginning:

You viewed this Book, so soon you'll see,
The magick that's contained inside of me.
If you turn back now my friend,
You'll live your life until the end.

(I had a little sister, and she is quite curious. I put this on the first page to keep wandering eyes out)

Purification Spell-to cleanse all magickal tools.

You will need:
cleansing incense
1 white candle
1 bowl of salt
1 bowl of water
1 charcoal disk in a fireproof dish
matches or a lighter

1. Cast your circle
2. Light the charcoal, then the candle, saying:
'Cleansed this tool shall be, by the power of three times three'
3. Once the coal is red hot, sprinkle a spoonful of incense on the coal.
4. Pass your tool through the smoke, saying:
'Spirits of Air, Guardians of East,
cleanse this (tool name here)'
5. Pass through the candle flame, saying:
'Spirits of Fire, Guardians of South,
cleanse this (tool name here)'
6. Sprinkle water on the tool, saying:
'Spirits of Water, Guardians of West,
cleanse this (tool name here)'
7. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on the tool, saying:
'Spirits of Earth, Guardians of North,
cleanse this (tool name here).'
8. Hold the tool in both hands above your head and say:
' Lord and Lady,
Let this tool be blessed by your light!'
9. Place the tool in the center of the altar and sprinkle a little more incense on the coal. Allow the candle to burn down.

Cleansing Incense:
3 parts lavender
2 parts frankincense
1/2 part parsley
1 bay leaf
2 parts thyme
2 parts sage
2 parts copal
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Postby Ravencry » Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:15 pm

A general love spell

Best cast on Friday, on the waxing moon

You will need:
A pink candle
1 pinch rosemary
1 pinch ground cinnamon
1 pinch ground nutmeg

1. Light the candle, saying:
'Goddess above, God below,
Send me love and let it grow.'
2. Hold your hands over the candle flame while listing 13 things you want in a lover, could be both physical and personality-wise, whatever you want in a lover.
3. Sprinkle the rosemary, cinnamon, and nutmeg on the candle around the wick, and say this with your hands over the flame:
'Hear my call, for a love, search through all, and send them here.'
4. Allow the candle to burn a few seconds while you visualise a lover walking toward you and into your arms. (DO NOT PICTURE SOMEONE SPECIFIC) Snuff the candle when you are done, and light it everyday for a week until next Friday, repeating the chant and visualization everyday. Bury the candle if any is left on Friday, or let the candle burn out.
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Postby Ravencry » Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:54 pm

To spice up your sex life

Best cast on a Friday, Full Moon, or on the Waxing Moon

You will need:
2 red candles
2 red chilies
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
matches or a lighter
1 small jar with a cork lid

1. Inscribe the male symbol (Image) on one of the candles, and the female symbol (Image) (or whatever the gender is of your lover) on the other red candle.
2. Light the candles, saying:
'Aphrodite, Goddess of love divine,
Grant me fiery passion, to this bed of mine!'
3. Uncork the jar and and the 2 chilies, saying:
' One for me, one for he/she,
bring me sex, as fiery as can be!'
add the spoonful of sugar, saying:
'Let us always make sweet love'
add the cinnamon, saying:
'add the spice for a love life nice'
4. Cork the jar, and drip some wax from your symbol candle, and when the cork is covered with wax, inscribe your gender symbol on the wax. Drip wax from your lovers candle over this, then inscribe their symbol on the wax. Now say:
'Bring us together in a union divine, Let us make sweet love in a fashion so fine!'
5. Place the jar underneath the foot of the bed to 'knock boots' (casual sex) or at the head of the bed to have your lover wake up thinking of you. Renew every moon cycle.

A beauty Spell

Best cast on friday in the waxing moon.

You will need:
Powdered orris root
a hand held mirror
a face brush

1. Look into the mirror. See yourself as beautiful, both inside and out. Imagine golden light radiating from your skin, from within you. Imagine yourself as how you would like to be, and others seeing you as so. Now state to your mirror image:
'I am beautiful, Inside and out. No longer shall I seem dull, No longer filled with doubt.'
2. Dust the mirror with orris root, saying while doing do:
'Beauty, beauty come to me, Inner beauty, be set free.'
3. Look into the mirror every day while repeating the chant #1.

Spell to attract your soul mate

timing: best cast on a Friday, on a waxing moon

You will need:
A pink candle
matches or a lighter
one rose quartz
rose incense
one 3x3 square piece of paper
one red pen

1. Light the candle, then the incense, saying:
'Venus of love, Assist in my search for my twin, of my soul on this night.'
2. On the piece of paper, draw two hearts connected in the middle. Image (I know its a ring, but this is the symbol) and underneath write: 'Dia de Amo, Sic beatus ego esse'
3. Pass the paper through the flames of the candle, saying:
'send me true devotion,'
Pass the paper through the incense smoke, saying:
'And only the truest emotion.'
4. Set the paper on the altar, and pick up the rose quartz. Whisper your desire to meet your soul mate to the stone.
5. Wrap the stone in the paper, saying:
'Find me, find me, O truest love, Find me, find me, my soul mate.'
6. Carry the stone wrapped in paper close to your heart for a moon cycle, then repeat the whisper of love to the bundle and continue to carry.
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Healing Cauldron Spell for grief and pain - by Ravencry

Postby Ravencry » Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:26 pm

Healing Cauldron Spell
to help heal grief and emotional pain

you will need:
1 black candle
matches or a lighter
one copper or bronze colored coin (like a penny)
one large metal cauldron or rounded ceramic pot
one small, dark, rounded pebble
one teaspoon of water
two trowelfuls of soil or potting soil
red wine or grape juice

timing: best cast on a waning moon, on a saturday

1. Cast your circle
2. Light the candle, saying:
Light upon grief,
Cast out all pain
tears be lost
happiness gained
3. Place the coin in the cauldron, saying:
ties are now rent
anger is spent
Now place in the pebble, saying:
Bainshed the frown
weighing me down
Pour in the water, saying:
hence the last
teardrop passed
4. Cover these with the soil or potting soil; then raise the glass of wine, saying:
A toast to sorrows gone
that will not come again.
5. Drink half, and pour the remainder onto the soil, saying:
The earth to soak up
the last of this cup
6. Stand the cauldron by the candle until it is completely burned down. Then remove it and keep it in a hidden place for one moon cycle. Then bury the soil and its contents after dark, away from your home.

As well as the usual ritual tools you use, put two pieces of ribbon on the altar, each about eight inches
to a foot long (Long enough to tie around your wrist, with some left over).
The ribbons should be pink or red, as those colors are good for use in love magic.
The two people to be joined kneel before the Altar, hands clasped.
The lady (I assume this ritual is being performed by a man and woman, though it will work
equally well for a same-sex couple) begins the ritual, with her partner repeating each line
of the invocation (or speaking in unison, though that is often quite difficult).
I call upon thee, Lady Goddess, keeper of love and beauty, to grant thy blessing upon us, thy children.
I call upon thee, Lord God, master of strength and life, to grant thy blessing upon us, thy children.
They turn to face each other, and the man leads the next part of the ritual:
I have chosen thee, lady fair, as you have chosen me.
May the God and Goddess grant us their blessing, and make our love ever stronger.
The lady replies,
I have chosen thee, virile man, as you have chosen me.
May the God and Goddess grant us their blessing, and make our love ever stronger.
The man picks up a ribbon and places it on the Pentacle.
I call the blessing of the Lady Goddess upon this ribbon.
May it be a symbol of my binding love.
I call the blessing of the Lord God upon this ribbon.
May it strengthen the bonds of love between us.
He then turns and ties the ribbon around the lady's wrist.
They kiss, then the lady picks up the other ribbon and places it on the Pentacle.
I call the blessing of the Lady Goddess upon this ribbon.
May it be a symbol of my binding love.
I call the blessing of the Lord God upon this ribbon.
May it strengthen the bonds of love between us.
She then turns and ties the ribbon around her partner's wrist.
They kiss, then turn to face the Altar again.
The man leads the end of the ritual, with the lady repeating each line (or speaking in unison).
I thank thee, Lady Goddess, mistress of Love and Beauty, for watching over this ceremony
performed in your honor. Watch over us, and grant us your blessing.
I thank thee, Lord God, master of Life and Strength, for watching over this ceremony
performed in your honor. Watch over us, and grant us your blessing.
Now, finish off the ceremony by closing the Circle.

Spell to forgive, not forget

You will need:
1 scrap of paper
1 washable black marker (crayola or roseart)
1 jar with lid, filled with salt water
sprig of rosemary

On the piece of paper, write the persons name or the situation you wish to cope with. Say " (name) I release all negative ties that you have on me. May the negative be banished, leaving only the memories of good times."

Put the piece of paper in the jar with the water.
say "Like this paper, I remove my hardest emotional obstacle, leaving my heart open to accept all the positive i deserve"

Hold the sprig of rosemary and pluck of 13 leaves, one for each good moment that you wish to remember. Put these in the water one at a time while saying the good moment aloud.

when done, put the top on the bottle and leave it somewhere hidden until the next morning. The name should be washed off the paper. Take the water to running water, like a stream or the ocean, or just your toilet if you have nothing else.

Chain Spell
To aid communication in a relationship

You will need:
one cone or stick of lavender incense
one yellow candle, 6-8"
matches or a lighter
one feather quill pen
one jar of green ink(or a green pen)
one package of paper chain decorations

Timing: Work on a waxing moon to bring ease of communication, On a Wednesday.

1. Cast the circle.

2. Light the incense, then the candle, then say:
Element of air, carry my prayer.

3. With the pen, write your name on one side of a paper chain strip and your partner's name on one side of another strip.

4. Using one side of the paper only, one word to a strip, write the following seven separate strips:
Speak, Listen, Look, Touch, Give, Recieve, Trust.
Allow them to dry. Fasten the strip with your name into a loop with the writing on the inside.

5. Thread through the seven strips in the order of the words to be written ablove, fastening them into links to make a chain. To the final strip, link the strip bearing your partner's name.

6. Hang the paper chain over the window of the room in which you spend the most waking time together, so that the light coming in shines on your paper chain.

shoe charm spell
to gain the notice of someone to whom you are attracted

You will need:
One white candle
matches or lighter
two mint leaves
petals from two pansy flowers
two borage flowers
two sprigs marjoram
one small earthenware bowl

Timing: Best on a waxing moon, on any day but Saturday

1. Cast your circle.
2. Light the white candle, saying:
I invoke the lady of the moon,
to make me shine in (name of person's) eyes
I invoke the evening star
to form me in beauty before (him/her)
I invoke the morning sun
to warm (name)'s heart toward me
I invoke this holy flame
to light (her/his) way to me
So mote it be

3. Place the mint into the earthenware bowl, saying:
Draw (her/his) eyes to my presence
Add the pansy petals, saying:
Ease (her/his) heart when I am near
Put in the borage, saying:
An (he/she) like me, give (her/him) courage.
Add the marjoram, saying:
Joy to (her/him) that holds me dear.

4. Place the bowl and the ingredients in open moonlight for one hour.
5. Secrete the ingredients inside your shoes the next time you are with the object of your affection. Wear them until the day after the full moon.
6. If they have not espressed interest within one moon cycle, cease to consider them as a potential love interest.

The Bird's Nest Spell
To get someone to see the negative effects of their actions.

You will need:
One charcoal disk in a fireproof dish
One black candle, 6-8"
One white candle, 6-8"
matches or a lighter
one teaspoon dried juniper berries
one intact disused bird's nest (or a birds nest from a crafts store)

Cast on the dark moon or waning moon, to ensure that the troublemaker in question recieves what they deserve.

1. Cast your circle.
2. Light the charcoal, then the black candle to your left, saying:
The time of sending is gone
3. Light the white candle on your right, saying:
The time of return is near
4. Sprinkle the juniper berries on the coal.
5. Take the birds nest in both hands and hold it in the incense smoke, chanting the following words:
After the flow comes the ebb,
Everything we give we get,
After the ebb comes the flow,
Everything we get we know.
6. Place the birds nest on your enemy's doorstep secretly the same night

Karma Catch Up Spell
Write your target's name on a photo of them, a piece of paper or an object that reminds you of him. Together with sunflower seeds. wrap this image in reflective paper, making sure its shiny side inward. You can use gold or silver foil for this.

Tie it all together with black thread to its all secure and as you do say:-
"Away from me, your negativity
Whatever you send out returns
In your mind the truth burns"

Keep this package in a spot where it wont be disturbed.

New Home Spell:

You will need:
1 oak leaf (or any other leaf that you can find)
1 small piece of paper
1 gold or yellow thread
1 small blank medallion (doesnt matter what kind it is, just needs to be blank)
green paint or pen to write on the medallion with
charcoal stick (burned stick) to write on leaf with

On the leaf, write the rune Mannaz and and wunjo and on the other side, write 'a home'. and draw a picture of a house. On the piece of paper, draw mannaz and turn it into a house (mannaz is shaped like an M, so its not too hard). Burn the leaf and the piece of paper together in a fireproof dish while chanting "May my wish and need for a home be fulfilled.Harming none, so mote it be."Paint the symbol M and Wunjo on the medallion, forming these into a house also. Thread this onto the thread, and tie it off with 3 knots, saying as you tie it "I wish for a home, for the better of me, to harm none, so mote it be."

If you have access to herbs (I would pick mine from parks and such, as long as the plants arent endangered) I also have an incense that you can burn along with it

2 parts verbena
2 parts pine needles
3 parts primrose
1 part wormwood
1 part sage
4 parts basil
1 purified, charged aventurine

(you can also turn the incense into a sachet, and wear while you look for a home)

Anti-Stress Chant

Storms within
and storms without
storms above
and storms below,
in my center
only stillness
Its my will,
and it is so.

and heres another one

Spell To Relieve Stress

Sea Salt
Chamomile Tea

There are several ways to utilize this spell:

1. Draw a bath and add three chamomile tea bags, a whole ginger root, three fistfuls of sugar, three fistfuls of salt, a teaspoon of cardamom seeds, and the juice of a whole lemon. Relax and soak in the tub.

2. Brew a cup of chamomile tea add a pinch of salt, cardamom, and ginger. Then add lemon and sugar to taste. Drink tea before, during or after a stressful situation.

3. This preparation is used as a massage therapy for muscle tension in the body. Brew the tea as described above, but do not add the salt. Fill an empty mayonnaise jar with sea salt and then pour the tea over it. Shake well. You now have a salt rub to use on specific areas of your body that hold tension and stress.

Tree Meditation
To feel connected with nature

you will need:
A stick of your best incense

Find a tree in a quiet place, one that calls to you. Find a good spot under neath the tree, so you can put your back against it. (Make sure that you don't sit on a trail of ants!!)

Sit with your back against the tree and relax. Feel the tree's energy. Feel your spine become the trunk of the tree, growing roots into the earth and branches into the sky. Feel the breeze rustle your leaves, feel the wind bend you, feel the water absorb into your roots. Feel this for a few minutes. Now, ask the tree for some departing wisdom. (It may take a while to recieve an answer, plants communicate and process information at a slower rate than humans). When the tree feels that it has given you all the wisdom that you need, gradaully feel yourself come back to conciousness. Thank the tree for its time and shade, light the incense as offering to the tree. Find something from around the tree, whether it be a nice stick to use as a wand, a fallen leaf, or a feather. Take this to remind you of what the tree taught you.

Triskelion spell
to protect a traveler

You will need:
a blue candle
matches or a lighter
one small scallop seashell (If you have one, if not you can use any seashell that you have)
one fine paintbrush
one tube red paint

24" black cord

1. Cast your circle
2. Light the candle, saying:
Mannanan of the waters
Mannanan the traveler
Look well upon (name)
That they are hale going out
and hale coming in
3. Paint the inside of the scallop shell with an outline of a triskelion
4. Sit in the center of the circle with the upturned shell in your upturned right palm, which should be placed over your upturned left palm. Close your eyes, and visulaise the triskelion you have painted spinning clockwise, faster and faster until it is a blur.
5. When you are ready, blow unto the shell with your breath to bless it with the power of air. When the paint dries, thread it with the cord, and dip it into natural saltwater at the earliest opportunity.
6. When they arrive, gift them with the triskelion pendant to wear around their neck for safe travel back.

To sell something expensive
What you'll need

An orange candle to represent you
6 green candles to represent prospective buyers
A gold pillar candle to represent what you are selling
A mirror big enough to place the candles on
Patchouli incense
Musk oil
2 tbsp each of ground cinnamon, sugar and ginger
A yard of red satin ribbon
Photos of what you wish to sell
A nail
A red pen or marker

This spell is best cast on the New Moon

1. Gather all of your ingredients, cast a cicle, and light the incense.
2. With the nail, inscribe the orange candle with your name and the
words "Fast Luck". Anoint it wick to base with musk oil. Inscribe the
green candles with the words "Buyer #1", "Buyer #2", etc., and etch
dollar signs all over each candle. Anoint the green candles base to
wick with the musk oil.
3. Now take the big gold candle, inscribe it with the asking price, and
carve the word "SOLD!" into it. Anoint the gold candle wick to base
with musk oil and roll all of the candles in the cinnamon, ginger, and
sugar mixture. Arrange the candles on the mirror with the gold one in
the center surrounded by the six green candles. Place your candle front
and center.
4. Take the picture of what you are to sell, write the asking price
and the word "SOLD" on each of them, anoint them with three drops of
musk, and kiss them one at a time. Place these under your candle.
5. Let all your intentions be magnified by the light of the candles
glowing in the mirror, and place all of the pictures under the gold
candle. After you do this, say the following words out loud seven times:
My (what you are selling) will attract more buyers than I can count,
Clamoring to offer me the desired amount,
For this (what you are selling) and everything that goes with it,
The deal will be sealed in less than a minute.
6. Now carefully move all of the green candles so that they are right up
against the gold one. Tie the red ribbon in a bow around the candles
so that they form a bundle. Let everything burn until you feel like
you've raised enough energy and when you feel complete, snuff all of
the candles out. Leave everything where it is.
7. In the days following, re-light the candles for a while and recite the
incantation above seven times. The phone should start ringing and there
will be at least one offer by the time the Moon is full. On the night
of the Full Moon, bury what remains from this spell in the North corner
of your property. If for any reason nothing happens, repeat the spell
at the next New Moon.

The Tyr Amulet
To gain employment

on a waxing moon, on a Wednesday (best) or Tuesday (2nd)

You will need:
One yellow candle, 6-8" If casting on wednesday,
or one red candle, 6-8" If casting on Tuesday
matches or lighter
one small flat pebble, light and small enough to carry in a coat or pants pocket
One small tube of red oil-paint
one fine model paintbrush

1. Cast your circle
2. Light the candle, saying:
Spirit of sure victory,
Look well and kindly upon me"
3. Hold the pebble firmly between your palms, and visualise yourself looking happy, setting off to work, and having money in your wallet.
4. When your ready, take a deep breath, and breathe unto the stone, envisioning all that you have just wished for yourself going into the stone, and say:
By my breath,
I charge thee
5. Paint on the pebble the rune tyr (looks like an arrow pointing up).
Leave this to dry next to the candle.
6. The next day, pop the pebble into your pocket, and carry it wherever you go. When the object is achieved, cast the pebble into the nearest natural water source.

If you are doing this spell for someone else, you can change any 'I's to their name.

This is a variation on a popular spell used to stop someone from harming or bothering you.

You will need:
One airtight container (a jar or tupperware)
A piece of parchment or sketch paper
ash tree leaves
lovage (rose can be used as a substitute)
lilac (lavander can be used as a substitute)
black string or thread

Timing: On the waning moon

1. On a piece of parchment, write the name and birthdate of the person
you are wishing "away".
2. Now fill the air-tight container with water.
3. Add a pinch of one or more of these magical herbs: ash tree leaves, clover, lovage, lilac, garlic.
4. Take the paper with the name on it and fold it three times.
5. Tie a black string or thread around it and drop it in the water.
6. Seal the container up and bury it in a safe spot in your garden, yard or flower box.
Once the person has left you alone or no longer poses a problem to you, open the
container and empty it to the earth. Keep the container instead of leaving it to Mother Earth.

This spell will help you connect once more with all of the 5 elements, (I am doing it to be rid of extra energy thats been building up). During the end of this spell, you should feel calm, connected and focused. (Would be great to do before casting a long spell)

You will need:
1 stick Sandalwood incense
1 small houseplant or crystal (either quartz or moss agate)
1 small fire in a cauldron or a red candle
1 small bowl of water
a statue or picture of the Goddess/God you wish to connect with (This is not neccessary, as you can just look up to the sky in a Goddess/God position, if you wish)

This ritual is best performed outside, or if you are casting it before a spell, you can cast it before your altar.

1.To begin, light the incense and the candle.
2. Sit on the ground and meditate. Slow yourself down, taking a few minutes to breathe in some fresh air, thinking of nothing (If you are casting this before a spell, you can visualize how you wish that spell to work. Visualise what positive things you see happening from this spell)
3. After you feel slowed down and calm, stand before your altar or before your elemental representations.
4. Starting with air, face east and say while smudging yourself:
Spirits of Air, Blow through me!
open my mind so I may see!
May my third eye be unblocked,
May my mind be unlocked!
5. Facing south, quickly pass your hands through the flames of the fire/candle, saying:
Spirits of Fire, burn all negativity!
Open my heart so I may be free!
May my heart open and be true,
May my will be stregthened anew!
6. Facing West, sprinkle a few drops of water over your head, letting it drip down onto your face, saying:
Spirits of water, cleanse my soul!
Open the floodgates so love may flow!
May my soul be open to recieve love,
May my mind recieve vision from above!'
7. Face North, place your hands on the earth around the plant, around the plant itself, or grip the crystal in your hands, feeling it energy. Say:
Spirits of Earth, grant me with stability!
ground my mind so I may see clearly!
May my body recieve peace,
May all negativity be released!
8. Now form a Goddess or God pose, or kneel before the statue/ picture.
Goddess Great, God Divine,
Cleanse this body and soul of mine!
May all be balanced and all be well,
May my heart be pure by this spell!
9. Meditate once more on the balance and power that you have recieved from the elements and the Goddess and God. This would be a great time to add more energy to that spell, also.
10. When your ready, bid the elements, Goddess and God farewell by saying:
Goddess, God, and Spirits all,
Thank you for being with me,
and assisting me with this spell.
I bid to all, blessed be and farewell!

Draw a bath for yourself. Pour a tablespoon or so of milk into a large bowl of water and say:
'Water ripples on the breeze...'
Add several rose petals (fresh or dried) to the bowl of water and milk.
Say: 'Thistledown flies through the air...'
Stir the water, milk, and rose petals with the index finger of your right hand. Say:
'Silent as the mighty seas...'
Gently pour the mixture that you have created into the bath. Say:
'Peaceful here without a care.'
Step in. Bathe for as long as you wish.
Let the water absorb negative thoughts and worries. Allow yourself a few moments of healing peace.

You need: White candle Jasmine or Pine incense Sprig of sage
This is best performed at night, but it can be done any time of day.
Light the white candle and the incense stick.
Close your eyes and hold the sage close to your nose, and breathe in its calming scent.
Keep holding it as say:
"Calming powers of sage and pine, Add order to this life of mine. (name)
By the four corners, elements, God and Goddess too, If this gift seems fit to you,
Then please grant calmness unto him/me. So mote it be, So mote it be."

Goodwife's Tisane Spell
for general good health

you will need:
one pale blue candle
matches or a lighter
one large freshly shopped dandelion leaf
three dried camomile flower heads, chopped
five large freshly chopped mint leaves
one teacup with saucer
boiling water

1. Cast your circle
2. Light the candle, saying:
By the sun, wind and rain
I bless this tisane
3. Place the ingredients in the cup and pour the coiling water over them, then place the saucer over the cup to keep the heat in. While the tisane is brewing, chant the following:
By the goosness in this brew
sickless slay and life renew
4. Leave it for 5 minutes, then uncover it, and when cool enough, drink it,
5. Tip the reside in the saucer.
6. The following shapes indicate associated areas to look out for in the future:
Horseshoe or cup-kidney or bladder
animal-thighs or hips
facial features-the head
lines and angles-joints or arms/hands/legs/feet
figure 8-chest or sinuses
waves-stomach or bowels

Witches Lucky Candle Spell

Perform at midnight

take an orange candle anointed with cinnamon oil, clove, or lotus oil.
Light the candle and say 3 times:
"brimstone, moon, and witch's fire,
candlelights bright spell,
good luck shall I now acquire,
work thy magic well.
Midnight twelve, the witching hour,
bring the luck I seek.
By wax and wick now work thy power
as these words I speak.
So it shall be!"

Dawntide Spell
to achieve beauty

you will need:
a green tealight candle
matches or a lighter
a grass meadow (or a grass lawn) full of dew in the morning!

1. Cast your circle, but bowing to the elements, saying as you do so:
In the east, I honor the element of air
in the south, I honor the element of fire
In the west, I honor the element of water,
in the north, I honor the element of earth.
2. Then, facing the rising sun, say:
At the center of all, I honor the element of Spirit.
3. Light the green candle, saying:
I call upon the spirit of this green field,
and the essence of nature
to reflect in me your glory
and natural beauty
4. Gathering dew from the grass with both hands, bathe your face with it.
5. Repeat this action nine times, each time reciting the chant above.
6. Blow out the candle, and take it home to relight at sundown; allow it to burn out completely.

Three Steps Forward spell
to be rid of lack of motivation

You will need:
Orange Candle
Small Piece of Paper
Red Ink Pen or Feather Pen with Dragons Blood Ink

On the small piece of paper write down the word "Motivation" in the red ink. Fold the paper up somewhat small, but big enough to hold it in the flame without burning yourself. Light the candle visualizing a spark of energy as the flame rises. Put the paper in the fire and watch it burn while sayingl:

Motivate me/he/she,
(name), Dissipate the
Lack of energy

Try to breathe in the smoke..but not too much. Lay the paper down in a fireproof dish until its ash. close your eyes, and take in the energy. Repeat the spell until you feel you've raised enough energy. Let the candle burn and pour the ashes onto the Earth. You can either extinguish the flame and light it again whenever you need an extra boost of motivation, or you can keep the flame burning to stimulate motivation for the entire time the flame is lit.

Sword spell
to protect against all types of intrusion

You will need:
one charcoal disk in a fireproof dish
matches or a lighter
nine tealights in holders
one teaspoon mugwort
one teaspoon Dittany of Crete (can be substituted with oregano)

1. Cast your circle
2. Light the charcoal
3. Sit on the floor in the center of the circle, and place the tealights at equal points in a circle around you, then light them.
4. Sprinkle the mixed mugwort and dittany of crete onto the charcoal, and breathe in the scent.
5. Close your eyes, slow your breathing, and allow yourself to drift into the darkness within. When you are ready, envision in the north of the circle a sheild; in the east a wand; in the south a sword; amd in the west a chalice. Allow the shield, wand and chalice images to merge into that of the sword. Envision the sword passing over your head to the front of you, resting point downward. Now mentally instruct the sword to guard your home, and set it spinning in a vertical arc. Mentally move this spinning sword toward the front boundary of your home.
6. To ensure that its strength is coninually renewed, envision the sword spinning in this place prior to going to sleep each night.

Herb Corsage Spell:
Protection against unwanted attentions

You will need:
One red (for Mars) or one black (for saturn) candle
matches or lighter
One Sprig of white (you can use rosemary or rose to substitute)
One sprig of thyme
one 9" length of natural twine
one cotton ball
one saucer of water
a 6" by 6" piece aluminum foil

Timing: Best cast on the waning moon on Saturday(saturn) or Tuesday(mars) (use the red candle on tuesday, and the black on saturday)

1. Cast your circle
2. Light the candle, saying:
Mars/Saturn, you are honored here,
Let no enemy near,
Whose notice I fear.
3. Bind the /rose/rosemary and the thyme stems together with twine. Dip the cotton ball in the water and sqeeze it out, then apply it to the ends of the thyme and /rose/rosemary. Cover the cotton with the aluminum.
4. Hold the corsage before the candle flame, visualizing the person or persons you to avoid leaving you alone, as if they have been repelled.
5. Repeat the following incantation nine times over the corsage:
6. Wear the herb corsage on your lapel until it dies; then dry the herbs and crumble them into an open fire (or on an incense coal) to seal the spell.

Pomegranate Spell
to gain wisdom

You will need:
one charcoal disk in a fireproof dish
one purple candle
matches or a lighter
two tablespoons dried Dittany of Crete (you can use oregano as a substitute)
one whole pomegranate
one sharp knife

1. Cast your Mabon circle
2. Light the charcoal disk, then the candle, saying:
I call upon Inanna, queen of heaven
Earth, and the land of the dead
Wise beyond reckoning
to bless my request
and guide my footsteps
through the darkness
3. Sprinkle the dittany/oregano on the charcoal
4. Slice open the pomegranate, then extract six seeds and eat them.
5. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself sinking into the darkness behind your eyelids, going deep into the dark, where there is nothing but silence. Remain there for as llong as possible; then slowly return to the circle.
6. Blow out the candle, and burn it for an hour at each sunset until it is gone.
7. Bury the pomegranate deep in your garden, and keep a dream diary through the winter.

Willow Barge Spell
to cast off sorrow

You will need:
Five willow switches 12" in length (if you don't have this, grapevine or ivy switches work great. If not any of these, just some flexible dried twigs.)
one reel of natural twine (hemp string works great)
one thin twig 8" in length
one 4" square of paper
one 3" by 1" strip of paper for each sorrow
one white candle
matches or a lighter

This spell is best cast by a running water source, in which to cast the barge into, a lake, river, ocean, or if you have none of these as an option, a gutter with water flowing to wash away the ashes.

1. Construct a 'long ship' shape by bending and fastening the switches, using two to form the rim of the hull and the others to shape the rest of it.
2. Secure the 8" twig "mast" and thread the paper "sail" onto it.
3. Write one of the sorrows on a strip of paper, and fasten them to the mast.
4. Place your boat next to the water. Plant the candle in the sand, and light it, saying:
Set sail to the west
across the water
away from my heart
all sorrows named.
5. Place your right hand on the mast, and mentally send all anguish and regrets you have named into the boat.
6. Drip the candle wax onto your willow barge, and set it alight. Watch until the tide carries the remains.

Apple seed spell
to obtain arcane knowledge

You will need:
one black candle
matches or a lighter
one seeded apple
one sharp knife
one white drawstring pouch
one 24" length of fine cord

1. Light the candle, saying:
Old one of the apples,
waiting with your sickle,
give me the courage
to grow in your knowledge
2. Halve the apple horizontally, then place the seeds in the pouch and tie it around your neck.
3. Eat half of the apple, and close your eyes.
4. Imagine you are walking in an orchard of apple trees. In its center stands an ancient tree and below it, an old woman. Approach her and repeat the last two lines of the above rhyme "give me the courage to grow in your knowledge". Mark carefully all that she does and says, and when she is finished, return from your inner journey to your circle.
5. Bury the remaining half of the apple outdoors.
6. Wear the apple seed talisman for one lunar cycle, keeping a dream diary, and note any 'coincidences' that happen around you- it is now for you to interpret these symbols and their meanings.
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Here are some old time names for herbs:

A Bone of an Ibis: Buckthorn
Adders Tongue: Dogstooth Violet
A Titan's Blood: Wild Lettuce
A Lion's Hairs: Tongue of a Turnip [i.e., the leaves of the taproot]
A Man's Bile: Turnip Sap
A Pig's Tail: Leopard's Bane
A Hawk's Heart: Heart of Wormwood
An Eagle: Wild Garlic
Ass's Foot or Bull's Foot: Coltsfoot
Blood: Elder sap or another tree sap
Blood of Hephaistos: Wormwood
Burning Bush: White Dittany
Bread and Cheese Tree: Hawthorne
Blood from a Head: Lupine
Bird's Eye: Germander Speedwell
Blood of Ares: Purslane
Blood of a Goose: A Mulberry Tree's Milk
Bloodwort: Yarrow
Blood of Hestia: Camomile
Blood of an Eye: Tamarisk Gall
Blood from a Shoulder: Bear's Breach
Bat's Wings: Holly
Black Sampson: Echinacea
Bull's Blood or Seed of Horus: Horehound
Bear's Foot: Lady's Mantle
Calf's Snout: Snapdragon
Cat's Foot: Canada Snake Root and/or Ground Ivy
Candelmas Maiden: Snowdrop.
Capon's Tail: Valerian.
Christ's Ladder: Centaury
Cheeses: Marsh Mallow
Chocolate Flower: Wild Geranium
Christ's Eye: Vervain Sage
Clear-eye: Clary Sage
Click: Goosegrass
Cucumber Tree: Magnolia
Clot: Great Mullein
Corpse Plant: Indian Pipe.
Crowdy Kit: Figwort
Cuddy's Lungs: Great Mullein
Crow Foot: Cranesbill
Cuckoo's Bread: Common Plantain
Clear Eye: Clary Sage
Crow's Foot: Wild Geranium
Devils Dung: Asafoetida
Dragon's Blood: Calamus
Dog's Mouth: Snap Dragon
Daphne: Laurel/Bay
Devil's Plaything: Yarrow
Dove's Foot: Wild Geranium
Dew of the Sea: Rosemary
Dragon Wort: Bistort
Earth Smoke: Fumitory
Eye of Christ: Germander Speedwell
Elf's Wort: Elecampane
Enchanter's Plant: Vervain
Englishman's Foot: Common Plantain
Erba Santa Maria: Spearmint
Everlasting Friendship: Goosegrass
Eye of the Day: Common Daisy
Eye of the Star: Horehound
Eye Root: Goldenseal
Eyes: Aster, Daisy, Eyebright
Frog's Foot: Bulbous Buttercup
From the Loins: Camomile
Fat from a Head: Spurge
Fairy Smoke: Indian Pipe
Felon Herb: Mugwort
From the Belly: Earth-apple
From the Foot: Houseleek
Five Fingers: Cinquefoil
Fox's Clote: Burdock
Graveyard Dust: Mullein
Goat's Foot: Ash Weed
God's Hair: Hart's Tongue Fern
Golden Star: Avens
Gosling Wing: Goosegrass
Graveyard Dust: Mullein
Great Ox-eye: Ox-eye Daisy
Hairs of a Hamadryas Baboon: Dill Seed
Hair of Venus: Maidenhair Fern
Hag's Taper: Great Mullein
Hagthorn: Hawthorn
Hare's Beard: Great Mullein
Herb of Grace: Vervain
Hind's Tongue: Hart's Tongue Fern
Holy Herb: Yerba Santa
Holy Rope: Hemp Agrimony
Hook and Arn: Yerba Santa
Horse Tongue: Hart's Tongue Fern
Horse Hoof: Coltsfoot
Hundred Eyes: Periwinkle
Innocense: Bluets
Jacob's Staff: Great Mullein
Joy of the Mountain: Marjoram
Jupiter's Staff: Great Mullein
King's Crown: Black Haw
Knight's Milfoil: Yarrow
Kronos' Blood: of Cedar
Lady's Glove: Foxglove aka Witches' Gloves
Lion's Tooth: Dandelion aka Priest's Crown
Lad's Love: Southernwood
Lamb's Ears: Betony
Little Dragon: Tarragon
Love in Idleness: Pansy
Love Leaves: Burdock
Love Lies Bleeding: Amaranth or Anemone
Love Man: Goosegrass
Love Parsley: Lovage
Love Root: Orris Root
Man's Health: Ginseng
Maiden's Ruin: Southernwood
Master of the Woods: Woodruff
May: Black Haw
May Lily: Lily of the Valley
May Rose: Black Haw
Maypops: Passion Flower
Mistress of the Night: Tuberose
Mutton Chops: Goosegrass
Nose Bleed: Yarrow
Old-Maid's-Nightcap: Wild Geranium
Old Man's Flannel: Great Mullein
Old Man's Pepper: Yarrow
Oliver: Olive
Password: Primrose
Pucha-pat: Patchouli
Peter's Staff: Great Mullein
Priest's Crown: Dandelion leaves
Poor Man's Treacle: Garlic
Queen of the Night: Vanilla Cactus
Queen of the Meadow: Meadowsweet
Queen of the Meadow Root: Gravelroot
Ram's Head: American Valerian
Red Cockscomb: Amaranth
Ring-o-bells: Bluebells
Robin-run-in-the-grass: Goosegrass
Semen of Helios: White Hellebore
Semen of Herakles: Mustard-rocket
Semen of Hermes: Dill
Semen of Hephaistos: This is Fleabane
Semen of Ammon: Houseleek
Semen of Ares: Clover
Seed of Horus: Horehound
Sparrow's Tongue: Knotweed
Soapwort: Comfrey or Daisy
Shepherd's Heart: Shepherd's Purse
Swine's Snout: Dandelion leaves
Shameface: Wild Geranium
See Bright: Clary Sage
Scaldhead: Blackberry
Seven Year's Love: Yarrow
Silver Bells: Black Haw
Sorcerer's Violet: Periwinkle
St. John's Herb: Hemp Agrimony.(this is not St. John's Wort)
St. John's Plant: Mugwort
Star Flower: Borage
Star of the Earth: Avens
Starweed: Chickweed
Sweethearts: Goosegrass
Tarragon: Mugwort
Tartar Root: Ginseng
Thousand Weed: Yarrow
Thunder Plant: House Leek
Tanner's Bark: Common Oak
Toad: Toadflax
Torches: Great Mullein
Tongue of dog: houndstongue
Tears of a Hamadryas Baboon: Dill Juice
Unicorn Root: Ague Root
Unicorn's Horn: False Unicorn:Helonias Dioica
Unicorn Horn: True Unicorn Root
Wax Dolls: Fumitory
Weazel Snout: Yellow Dead Nettles/Yellow Archangel
White: Ox-eye Daisy
White Wood: White Cinnamon
Witch's Asprin: White Willow/Willow Bark
Witch's Brier: Brier Hips
Weasel Snout: Yellow Archangel
Wolf Foot: Bugle Weed
Wolf Claw: Club Moss
Wolf's Milk: Euphorbia
Weed: Ox-Eye Daisy
White Man's Foot: Common Plantain
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Cerridwen's cauldron spell
to gain knowledge

you will need:
a cauldron, earthenware pot, or even a cooking pot
a white candle
matches or lighter
vervain or verbena (can be replaced with real bee's honey)
a long spoon or ladle

Best peformed on the Full Moon.

1. Cast your circle
2. light the candle, saying:
Cerridwen, The Great White Sow,
grant me a taste of your greal,
if you so allow
3. Now add the water, bay, sage and vervain to the cauldron. Begin stirring the concoction, saying:
A year and a day, a year and a day,
for me this too long a delay,
with patience I ask to be granted this,
to be granted arcane knowledge is all that I wish.
4. Dip you thumb into the concoction, suck it off, saying:
May this greal open my mind,
by these wisdom herbs combined,
Let me gain the knowledge I desire,
remembering all the knowledge I acquire.
So mote it be!
5. Place the candle next to the cauldron and allow it to burn down.

Magick Jar Spell
to keep troublesome neighbors at bay

you will need:
one black candle (you can use white in substitution)
matches or a lighter
nine thorns from a the thorn tree closest to your home
one jar
three red chilis
one teaspoon chili powder
one square of cloth to cover the jar

Best cast on the waning moon, on saturday

1. cast your circle
2. light the candle, saying:
Saturn of the stern visage
bless this spell and bear its message
all who wish us ill are spurned
with all evil thrice returned
3. Place the thorns in the jar, saying:
Throw yourself upon this thorn
and only your blood shall be drawn
4. Add the chilis, saying:
Every spite that shall be given
for each bite you shall be bitten
5. Place the chili powder in the jar, saying:
Fire from the south,
to fly into the spiteful mouth
Fasten the jar.
6. Pass the jar three times counterclockwise over the candle flame, saying at each pass:
I abjure thee
wrap the jar in the cheesecloth, and bury it close to your front door.

The Four thieves vinegar
The ingredients are:
cayenne pepper
black pepper
Apple Cider Vinegar
This recipe varies from person to person, this is just the mix that I use.

The Severing spell
to break with the past, and destroy the power that memories of the past have over you.

You will need:
one charcoal disk in a fireproof dish
one black candle, 6-8"
matches or a lighter
one teaspoon of myrrh
one 9" length of black cord
one fireproof dish
one pinch saffron

Cast on the dark or waning moon

1. Cast your circle
2. Light the charcoal disk, and then the candle, saying:
by this token I am freed and come toward the light
3. Sprinkle the myrrh onto the charcoal
4. Tie a knot toward one end of the cord: this represents the memories you wish to leave behind. Tie another knot toward the other end of the cord: This represents a future free from the feelings that are keeping you in the past.
5. Holding the 'past' knot in your left hand and the 'future' knot in your right, place the cord over the flame, and allow it to burn through. Burn the 'past' knot entirely, placing it in the fireproof dish.
6. Place the saffron on the charcoal, and cense the knot that represents the future. Keep this in a safe place

The Wedjat Eye Spell
to banish anxiety

You will need:
One large white plate (be sure that you can break this plate)
one fine artist's paintbrush
one charcoal disk in a fireproof dish
one teaspoon of frankincense anointed with honey and geranium essential oil
one black candle
one silver candle
matches or a lighter
one small, plain tealight plate (or flat desert plate)

Timing: this spell should be cast on the dark of the moon, on any day of the week, after dark.

1. Prior to the circle, and allowing enough time for the paint to dry, paint the following words onto the inside of the plate:
Every evil word, every evil speech, every evil slander, every evil thought, every evil plot, every evil fright, every evil quarrel, every evil plan, every evil thing, every evil dream, every evil slumber
2. Cast the circle.
3. Light the charcoal disk, and burn the incense.
4. Light the black candle, and speak the words on the plate loud. Smash the plate immediately after your finish speaking.
5. Light the silver candle, and paint the Wedjat eye on the center of the tea-plate or desert plate.
6. Allow it to dry, then hang it on the outside of your building/home to protect you from anxiety. Bury the broken plate deep in the earth, away from your home.

TO have someone accept your religion.
On a white candle, inscribe the following words: LISTEN UNDERSTAND ACCEPT.
On a long, thin strip of paper, write the following:
Listen to my words,
Understand whats in my heart,
Accept my choice
Wrap this piece of paper around the candle, and tie it with a thread from one of your fathers articles of clothing (Don't ruin anything, just a loose string. I used a string from a sock, you can remove it without anyone noticing)
Light the candle and say this chant:
Please Goddess and God,
Let my parents see me for me,
Let them listen to what I say,
For it is my truth.
Let them understand my ways,
for this is my belief.
Let them accept my craft,
for this is in my heart

Let the candle burn down.
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Postby Ravencry » Tue Oct 26, 2010 11:53 pm

Bay cradle charm
to protect and bless a newborn

Timing: work on waxing moon, and on a Sunday.

You will need:
One 4" by 2" strip of cheesecloth
one embroidery needle
one skein of red embroidery thread
one gold or orange candle
matches or a lighter
nine bay leaves

1. Cast your circle
2. sew three red x's in circular position at one end of the strip of ceesecloth.
3. Fold the cheesecloth in half with the x's on the inside, and sew up two sides; then turn it right side outward.
4. Light the candle, saying:
'Lamp of the sun,
show your face,
to this child,
warm (his/her) face,
with your joy'
5. Place the bay leaves one by one into the scahet, saying:
'One to shine upon your face,
two to keep you in good grace,
three to make your heart to sing,
four good fortune so to bring,
five for strength in any danger,
six for kindness from a stranger,
seven for a good wisdom's crown,
eight for gathering high renown,
nine by which this spell is bound'
6. Sew up the remaining side, and attach to the baby's sleeping place.
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Herbal teas:

For depression:
Gentian Root Tea
Steep 1/2 ounce each of finely chopped poplar bark and gentian root in two pints of water for fifteen minutes. Boil and add 1/2ounce each of agrimony and centaury. Simmer for ten minutes, cool, and strain. You can add honey for sweetener if you desire. Take three or four tablespoons before meals.

Rosemary-Sage Tea
Boil two cups of water with one teaspoon each of rosemary and sage. Steep for five minutes, strain, and drink daily.

Antidepressant Tincture
1 teaspoon tincture of Saint-John's-wort leaf
½ teaspoon tinctures of licorice root, ginseng root, lemon balm leaf and ashwaganda leaf (if available)

Combine ingredients (if you do not or cannot drink alcohol, buy glycerites instead of tinctures). Take 1 dropperful 3 times a day.

Clove Tea
Crush cloves and add to sage, camomile or peppermint tea and a dash of ginseng powder to lift mild depression.

St. Johns Wort Blend
Useful as a general purpose remedy for depression

2 parts St. John's-wort (Hypericum perforatum)
1 part oat (Avena sativa) straw
1 part lavender (Lavandula officinalis)
1 part mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) leaf

Take 5 ml of the tincture three times a day for at least one month.

Kava Blend
Mix equal parts of kava, lemon balm, valerian root and St. John's wort. Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 tsp. of herb mix. Drink 1 cup three times daily, one hour after meals.

Feel Good Herb Tea
This tea encourages a feeling of well-being

3 Parts lemon balm
1 part Lavender flowers
1 part Rose petals
1 part Spearmint
1 part St. John's Wort
1 part marjoram
Vanilla honey to taste

Mix the above herbs and flowers in a bowl. Store in a glass jar. To prepare the tea, use 1 to 2 teaspoons of herb per cup. Pour hot water over herbs and allow it to steep for 5 to 10 minutes. Flavor with honey or lemon if desired. Drink up to three cups per day.

For Anxiety:
4 parts rosemary leaves
2 parts sage
1 part goldenseal powdered root
3 parts skullcap powdered herb
2 parts valerian powdered root

Each part equals one-twelfth of a teaspoon. Make an infusion using one teaspoon of the herbal mixture with one cup of boiling water.

Healing herbs and their effects:

Catnip- Tea has soothing effect, relieves anxiety. Soothes upset stomach. A nervine. Make an infusion using one ounce of herbs and one pint of boiling water. Cool before drinking.

Fennel- Tea relieves gastrointestinal upset. Fennel relieves anxiety-related gastrointestinal upsets, reduces flatulence, and abdominal tension, and relaxes the large intestine. For best results take it as a tea before or after meals. It has no known side effects. It is a popular tea in Oriental countries such as India.

Kava- Tincture or capsules help minimize anxiousness.

Hops- Relaxing effect on nervous system.Relieves insomnia and encourages sleep. To make a tea boil one teaspoon of herb in one cup of water in a covered pot for ten minutes. Strain and flavor with honey and lemon to taste. Hops is very popular in making sleep pillow. To make a sleep pillow, stuff a small pouch or pillow with hop flowers. Sprinkle a little alcohol on the herb to release the essential oils.

Motherwort- Tincture helps stabilize emotions, has calming effect. Motherwort is useful in cases when anxiety is associated with palpitations. If the anxiety is connected to high blood pressure, use cramp bark and linden blossoms.

Passionflower- Used in tea or as tincture to promote relaxation and calm.

Skullcap- Tincture or capsules help relax and nourish nervous system and induce sleep. Skullcap: Skullcap is valuable in combating anxiety, stress and tension. It is one of the best nerviness. Skullcap can be taken at bedtime to promote sleep. It aids in preventing panic attacks at night. Boil one teaspoon of the herb in one cup of water for ten minutes. Strain and sweeten to taste. Drink two cups each day in half-cup doses.
To treat tension headaches, combine one part each of skullcap, sage, and peppermint; boil one teaspoon of the mixture in one cup of water for ten minutes. Drink one warm cup as often as needed.

St. John's Wort- tincture helps restore emotional stability and ease depression.

Valerian- Tincture or capsules aid sleep. Sedative. Infuse one teaspoon of the herb in one cup of boiling water for fifteen minutes.

Ashwaganda: Ashwaganda is the primary strengthening tonic in Ayurvedic medicine. Take one capsule or ½ teaspoon of tincture, twice daily.

Borage juice exerts a specific, stimulating effect on the glandular system. It also acts as a general tonic and purifies the blood. Take 1 tbsp. with water daily for two weeks.
Bugleweed: Soothes your nerves. Make an infusion using one teaspoon of herb and one cup boiling water. You can also add lime or linden flowers to the infusion.
California poppy: Strong herbal tranquilizer. Take ½ teaspoon of tincture or two capsules 3-4 times a day or as directed in the product label.

Chamomile: A gentle nervine. Also helps settle an upset stomach. Boil one ounce of blossoms in one pint of water for fifteen minutes; strain and add honey to taste.

Feverfew- Calms your nerves. Relieves migraines. Feverfew can help with anxiety-induced headaches. Infuse one ounce of herb in one pint of boiling water. Cool before drinking.

Ginkgo biloba - improves circulation to the brain. It elevates the mood for those depressed.

Lemon balm is a mild relaxant.

Meadowsweet- Relieves headaches related to anxiety and stress. Drink meadowsweet tea or extract.

Mullein- Soothes anxiety. Drink two cups of mullein tea each day. Add an aromatic such as clover or cinnamon to overcome the pungent odor.

Oats- Oats strengthens and relaxes the nervous system. Look for preparations that contain the oat seed along with the straw. Take ½ teaspoon of tincture, three times daily.

Peppermint- Excellent for an upset stomach or frazzled nerves. Use equal parts of peppermint, caraway seed, and wood betony to total one teaspoon. Infuse in one cup of boiling water for fifteen minutes. Strain and sweeten to taste.

To treat tension headaches, combine one part each of skullcap, sage, and peppermint; boil one teaspoon of the mixture in one cup of water for ten minutes. Drink one warm cup as often as needed.

Willow bark- soothes stomach distress.

herbal tea

Lavender, taken internally as a tea, can aid your health in many ways, taking care of things including exhaustion, stress, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, migraines, depression, digestion, gas, upset stomach, colds, gallbladder and liver problems, loss of appetite, nervousness, and makes a great breath freshening mouthwash!

Mint taken in this way is good for the digestion, can act as a sedative to help you relax, and aids in perspiration to lower fevers.

Catnip is reported to have blood purifying properties, and also has calming effects as a sedative, but it's mild enough for small children. In fact, it is also said to relieve the effects of colic in children as well. This plant can also be used as a digestive aid.

Chamomile is good for stomach cramps and indigestion.

Lemongrass reduces cholesterol and soothes the stomach.

Lemon balm breaks fevers, helps regulate the menstrual cycle, is antibacterial and antiviral, promotes longevity, and acts as a calming agent.

Lemon Verbena is an antipyretic (fever reducing drug), an antispasmotic (good for fighting cramps), a relaxant, and is also used to treat asthma, fever, colds, upset stomach, and other digestive maladies.

Juniper is a blood purifier and a diuretic.

Broom is an organ cleanser and detoxifier, especially used for the liver and kidneys.

Dandelion's healing properties has quite a lot to offer. It supplies the body with much needed iron and copper, is very high in vitamins A and C, has way more beta carotine than carrots, and has much more potassium than even spinach and broccoli. For internal organ health, as medicinal plants go, they are very safe and effective in treating many problems.

Their medicinal properties help to strengthen the intestines, pancreas, gallbladder, stomach, spleen, liver and kidneys. They also help to improve the flow of bile, and reduces inflammation of cirrhosis and hepatitis. These wonderful little plants also aid in the dissipation of gallstones, improve the function of the kidneys, and they also help clear up an inordinate variety of skin problems (even bee stings and warts) by directly applying the sap from broken stems.

Hyssop taken as a tea has antiseptic and antiviral properties, and when used as a gargle can soothe a sore throat. Drinking the tea is good for the digestion, and can be used as an expectorant and as a remedy for bronchitis.

Vanilla stimulates brain activity, and vitalizes the skin and sexual organs.

Cinnamon keeps nausea and vomiting in check, as well as diarrhea, stimulates digestion, improves memory, vitalizes the complexion and also prevents nervous tension.

Cloves have antiemetic and antiseptic properties - the oil of cloves can be used as an oral anesthetic by some dentists, and can also be used to disinfect root canals.

As an antiseptic, clove oil is used by many commercial mouthwash products and over-the-counter toothache pain relievers as an active ingredient. It is reported that a drop of the oil on a tooth with a cavity will stop the pain. A few drops of the oil in water will stop vomiting, and drinking clove tea halts nausea in its tracks.

Cloves can also fight infection, kills intestinal parasites, and has broad antimicrobial properties against fungi and bacteria. Eating cloves has even been said to be an aphrodisiac!

Yarrow is also said to cleanse the urinary tract and the kidneys, and also may be useful for some liver ailments due to its antiseptic properties. Traditionally, yarrow has also been used for relief from cramps, both menstrual and generally stomach related, hypertension, rheumatism, diarrhea and as a general all-purpose tonic.

Making a tea from the flowers alone, this can be used externally as an astringent skin cleanser for acne, a general skin toner, and even as a hair conditioner. The crushed stems and leaves can stop bleeding and aid in healing cuts and scrapes, bruises and burns. Yarrow can also be added to your bath water for its anti-inflammatory qualities in order to soothe hives and other inflammations.

Rose hips are very nutritive herbs, with an exceedingly high content of Vitamins A, C, bioflavinoids, selenium, niacin, chromium,riboflavin, and they also have a modicum of thiamin and calcium.

Bergamot, or Bee Balm, has a long history of use as a medicinal plant by the Native Americans, including those of the Blackfoot Nation. Due to its very strong antiseptic qualities (Thymol - a main active ingredient in many commercial mouthwash products), it can be used as a poultice for minor wounds and infections. Taken as a tea, it can stave off mouth and throat infections caused by gingivitis and other dental problems, and is also used as a carminative to treat excessive gas.

Sage- In a placebo-controlled, randomized, double blind test, sage has proved to be helpful as a natural herbal tea remedy in mild to moderate cases of Alzheimer's disease, as it helps protect a key chemical which is destroyed in the brain by this condition.

For an excellent mouth rinse against sore throats, try mixing apple cider vinegar and a bit of salt with some sage tea as an antiseptic gargle. For something a little milder, try a mix of one part sage with one part chamomile as a mouth rinse tea.

You may have heard of some medications that include Clary sage - this is a type of sage which originates in the Mediterranean area (as do most sage plants), but it has the same amount of medicinal value as other types of sage.

Taken as an infusion, sage can also have a subtle effect in colouring silver hair. As an astringent, it makes for a refreshing herbal aftershave splash. Sage can also be used as an antiperspirant. In clinical tests, it has shown the ability to lower blood sugar in cases of diabetes.

healing tea blends

Lavender tea-
You will need

2 1/2 tbsp. fresh lavender petals (or if dried and crushed, about 4 tsp.)
3/4 cup fresh mint leaves (or if dried and crushed, about 4 1/2 tbsp.)
Sugar (or better yet, HONEY) to taste
8 cups of water

bring the water to boil on the stove, then turn off the heat, toss your herbs in, cover the pot, and let it sit and steep for about 5 minutes or so. After that, add the honey (or whatever NATURAL sweetener you prefer, if any), stirring it up, and letting it cool for just a bit - then strain it through a sieve into a pitcher. Either serve warm (not hot), or chilled.

Catnip and chamomile tea
You will need;

(All ingredients dried.)

1/2 cup of catnip
3/4 cup of chamomile
1/4 cup of lemongrass
1 cup of lemon balm
1/4 cup of mint

Put all of this into an airtight container - you know, like one of those Tupperware thingies... with the lid on good and tight, shake the heck out of it until it's all good and mixed. Now, when you want a cup of this goody-good tea, toss a couple of teaspoons per teacup into however many teacup's worth of boiling water, heat turned off, and let steep for about 5 minutes. Strain, pour, and sip to your heart's content!

Lemon verbena (vervain) tea-
you will need;

1 cup of fresh Lemon Verbena leaves
1 quart of water

Bring the water to a boil, turn off the heat, toss in your leaves, cover and let steep for about 5 minutes. Uncover, allow it to cool just a little, strain, and serve.

Dandelion tea to cleanse your body
You will need

1/2 ounce of Dandelion root
1/2 ounce of Juniper berries
1 ounce of broom tops
3 cups of water

Bring the water to a boil, toss the other ingredients in and boil for about 10 minutes or so. Strain out the tea, and take a pinch, between thumb and forefinger, of cayenne, and toss it into the tea.

Three times a day, take just ONE tablespoonful.
Yeah, that's right - it's that potent. Don't mess with the dosage!

Hyssop tea to cleanse
You will need;

4 tsp. of dried hyssop leaves
1 tsp. of dried vanilla bean
1 tsp. of cinnamon
1 tsp. of freshly crushed cloves
4 cups of water

Bring the water to a boil, turn off the heat, toss in your ingredients and cover to let steep for about 5 minutes. Strain, and serve warm.

Yarrow rose hip tea
(you must NOT use yarrow if you have any allergies to any plants from the Aster family, and you must NEVER use this herb at all if you are pregnant, as it may cause complications, and according to some people, even the possibility of a painful miscarriage.)
You will need;

3 tbsps. of crushed, dried yarrow
3 tbsps. of crushed, dried anise hyssop*
2 tbsps. of crushed, dried rose hips
1 tbsps. of crushed, dried bee balm (Also known as Bergamot.)
4 cups of water.

* Anise Hyssop (Agestache Foeniculum) is neither anise, nor hyssop - it is native to the US and Korea, and is sometimes called Korean mint. A favourite of bees, anise hyssop is tasty and soothing.

Boil the water, then turn off the heat. Toss in your herbs, cover and let steep for 10-15 minutes or so, strain and serve warm.

Rose hip tea
Is great when powdered for rheumatoid arthritis, is great to replenish iron after the menstrual period, and can also be used as a preventative herbal remedy for urinary infections.
(Due to the enormous amounts of vitamin C, this can interfere with some anticoagulant medications. Therefore, you should NOT use this herb if you are taking any blood thinners. Also, those with sickle cell anemia should not take this herb.)

You will need

1 tbsp. of dried, crushed rose hips for each 1 cup of water, boiled for about 15 minutes.

Let it sit for a bit, and serve warm.
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Pagan songs and chants

Back To The River

Back To The River, Back To The Sea
Back To The Ocean, One With Thee
Back To My Blood, And Back Through My Veins
Back To My Heartbeat, One And The Same
Back To The Forest, Back To The Fields
Back To The Mountains, Her Body Revealed
Back To My Bones, Back To My Skin
Back To My Spirit, The Fire Within

Blood Of The Ancients

It's The Blood Of The Ancients
That Runs Through Our Veins
And The Forms Pass
But The Circle Of Life Remains

Bright Sun, Dark Death

Bright Sun, Dark Death --Lord of Winds, Lord of the Dance
Sunchild, and Winter-born King -- Hanged One, Untamed, Untamed
Stag and Stallion, Goat and Bull -- Sailor of the Last Sea
Guardian of the Gate, -- Brother and Lover
Seed-sower, Grain reborn -- Horned One Come
Seed-sower, Grain reborn -- Horned One Come
Seed-sower, Grain reborn -- Horned One Come

Call To The Moons

Dark Moon, We Hear You Call Us
Bright Moon, We Call Your Name
Crescent Moon, We Sing With You
Crescent Moon, We Sing With You

Cernnunos Call

Stag Horned Hunter, Hunted One - Join Us Now
Greenwood Lord Of Life And Death - Join Us Now
Herne And Pan And Every Man - Join Us Now

Come Loved Ones Come

Come, Loved Ones Come. Come To The Beat Of The Heartbeat Drum
Come, Loved Ones Come. Come To The Beat Of The Heartbeat Drum

Earth My Body

Earth my body(bending at the knees with palms facing the earth)
Water my blood(making a huls motion with hands at womb level)
Air my breath(hands reaching up)
And fire by spirit!(passing hands above the head in a clap)
Repeat as energy builds.

Feral Beauty

Feral Beauty Of The Green Woods,
Lead Me Down To The Shining Groves Within
Joy And Sorrow, Both Hope And Fear
Hold Your Heart Where The Dreaming World Begins

Full Moonlight Dance

Under The Full Moon Light We Dance, Spirits
Dance We Dance, Joining. Hands We Dance, Joining
Souls Rejoice

Goddess My Shield, My Encircler

Goddess my shield, my encircler,
Each day, each night, each dark, each light.
Goddess my shield, my encircler,
Each day, each night, each dark, each light.
In my lying, in my standing,
In my watching, in my sleeping.
Goddess be my strength everlasting.

Goddess With Me

Goddess with me
Goddess before me
Goddess behind me
Goddess in me
Goddess beneath me
Goddess above me
Goddess on my right
Goddess on my left
Goddess when I lie down
Goddess when I arrive
Goddess in the heart of everyone who thinks of her
Goddess in the mouth of everyone who speaks of her
Goddess in every eye that sees her
Goddess in every ear that hears her

Great Mystery

As Above So Below
Spirit And Matter In A Dance So Slow
As Within So Without
Great Mystery That Spirals In And Out

Secret Glory, Hidden By Nothing
Thrice Blessed, Thrice Called, Thrice Revealed
Secret Glory, Hidden By Nothing
Thrice Blessed, Thrice Called, Thrice Revealed

Hail The Elements

Hail, Hail The Wind It Blows
Hail, Hail The Fire Glows
Hail, Hail The Water Flows
Hail, Hail The Earth It Grows
Hail, Hail, The Spirit Knows

Lady Of The Winter Night

Lady Of The Winter Night Fill Our Souls With Dreams Of Light
Lady Of The Falling Snows Beauty Tells Us All She Knows
Lady Of The Sleeping Land Call The Sun From Summerland
We Stand Between The Light And Dark Singing For The Newborn Spark ( 3 X)

Lady's Bransle

Oh She Will Bring The Buds In The Spring
And Laugh Among The Flowers
In Summer's Heat Her Kisses Are Sweet
She Sings In Leafy Bowers
She Cuts The Cane And Gathers The Grain
When Fruits Of Fall Surround Her
Her Bones Grow Old In Wintry Cold
She Wraps Her Cloak Around Her

Samhain's Revels

Come! Come! Samhain Revels, Summer's End
Sing! Dance! Celebration For The Dead
Pour! Pour! The Libation For The Dead
Life! Death! Part The Veil, Summer's End

Sun Return

Long Night
Dark Of The Sun
Cold Wind The Year Is Done -- Long Night
We Face The Dark
Cold Wind You Fan The Spark -- Sun Light
The Rising Sun
Dark Wind Your Work Is Done -- Oh Sun Return Turning Wheel
Hope Reborn!
Oh Sun Return
Turning Wheel Hope Reborn!

Thank You Mother Earth

Thank You , Mother Earth.Thank You, Sister Waters
Thank You, For My Birth. From Your Daughter (or son, if your a boy)
Thank You, Brother Sun. Thank You, Air-In-Motion
Thank You, Everyone- Earth, Sun, Air, And Ocean!

Triple Goddess Chant

Holy Maiden Huntress Artemis, Artemis. Maiden, Come To Us
Silver Shining Wheel Of Radiance, Radiance. Mother, Come To Us
Ancient Queen Of Wisdom, Hecate, Hecate. Old One, Come To Us
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Powers of the trees

Almond: divination, clairvoyance, money, business, love
Apple: Healing, prosperity, love, youth, psychism
Ash: protection, sea magick (when away from the ocean), power
Apricot: love
Aspen: protection
Birch: protection, purification, fertility, new beginnings
Cedar: prosperity, longevity
Coconut: purity, chastity, healing
Cypress: past-life workings, protection
Elder: healing, protection, prosperity, psychism
Elm: protection
Eucalyptus: healing
Fig: fertility, strength, energy, health
Hawthorn: cleansing, marriage, love, protection
Hazel: divination, marriage, protection, reconciliation
Hemlock: psychism
Juniper: protection
Lemon: divination, healing, chastity, neutrality
Lime: divination, healing, chastity, neutrality
Linden: protection
Maple: divination, love
Mulberry: knowledge, divination, wisdom, the will
Oak: healing, strength, money, longevity
Olive: peace, fruitfulness, security, money, marriage, fidelity
Orange: love, marriage
Palm: strength, wisdom
Peach: love, divination
Pine: purification, health, fortune, prosperity, fertility
Rowan: protection, strength
Walnut: healing, protection
Willow: healing, protection, enchantments, easy delivery of children, wishing, The Goddess
Yew: winter magick, protection, the God
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The Green Witch's Myth of Creation

Raven created the world and it was he who created the gods. He scooped them from the earth, filled their veins with ocean blood and their lungs with mountain winds. Raven gave them the spirits of the stars, so that, like him, they would never die.

Then Raven went on creating. He made our world as the gods whispered their counsel to him. Raven made rivers, mountains, trees, and all manner of beings. As Raven created, his brother, the Destroyer, mangled his creations. "Create speed," counseled the gods. Raven made a perfect animal with long running legs, keen vision, and absolute agility and named it Deer. Destroyer could not bear the thought of perfection and so gave Deer the quality of Fear. Raven cursed as his perfect animal bolted into the woods at the sound of leaves rustling. So, he tried again.

"Creative strength," counseled the gods and Raven created an animal with burly shoulders, strong jaws and claws that push aside the earth, and he named it Badger. But Destroyer gave Badger the quality of Anger. Raven cursed as his creation swung around to bite him.

"Vision," counseled the gods. Raven again created the perfect animal with wide, knowing eyes, night vision, and the ability to see in all directions and named it Owl. Destroyer gave the creation Day Blindness. Raven cursed as the animal flew into a tree to sleep until sundown. Finally, Raven was ready to create humans.

"Imagination," counseled the gods. "These animals," spoke Raven, "are special to me because of their ability to create in a way that can be both beautiful and dangerous. You must be willing to help me if Destroyer interferes." The gods nodded in understanding. So Raven created the humans with long, flexible fingers, quick minds, and a need to communicate. Destroyer gave the creation Weakness. Raven called upon the gods. "My creature will sicken and go mad destroying everything in their path. We must help them or all creatures will be in danger." The gods conferred and did a very wise thing. They broke off pieces of their wise star spirits and scattered these pieces across the earth. From these pieces rose plants of every variety. Trees, shrubs, flowers, mosses, grew in profusion. "All that will challenge Raven's children, the humans, whether disease, madness, or wounds can be healed by these plants," said the gods. "How will they know which plants will heal which sickness?" asked Raven. "When they call upon us, we shall teach them the language of their plant cousins," they replied.
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Re: Ravencry's Book of Shadows

Postby Ravencry » Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:22 am

Acacia – exorcism, banishing, money, love
Adam and Eve Roots – attract love, happiness
Adder’s Tongue – healing
African Violet – protection, promote spirituality
Agaric – (TOXIC) encourage fertility
Agrimony – protection, banish negative energy/entities, reverse spells, break hexes
Ague Root – protection, break hexes
Alfalfa – abundance, prosperity, money
Alkanet – repel negativity, attract prosperity
Allspice – money, luck, healing
Almond – prosperity, success in business ventures
Aloe – protection, luck, money, repel evil
Althea – protection, psychic power, attract good spirits
Alyssum – protection, calm anger
Amaranth – healing, protection
Anemone – health, protection, healing
Angelica – protection, exorcism, remove curses and hexes, healing, visions
Anise – sleep, protection, repel evil, purification, call in good spirits
Apple – love, healing, garden blessing
Apricot – love
Arabic Gum – purification, spirituality
Arbutus – exorcism, protection
Asafoetida – purification, protection, exorcism
Ash – prosperity, protection, healing, love
Aspen – protection
Aster – love
Avens – exorcism, love, purification
Avocado – beauty, love, lust

Bachelor’s Buttons – love
Balm of Gilead – protection, healing, love
Bamboo – protection, luck, break hexes, wishes
Banana – prosperity, fertility, potency
Banyan – luck, happiness
Barley – healing, protection, love
Basil – exorcism, love, protection, prosperity, wealth
Bay – psychic powers, protection, healing, purification, strength
Bean – love, protection, exorcism
Beech – creativity, wishes
Beet – love
Belladonna – (TOXIC) visions, astral protection
Benzoin – purification, prosperity
Be-Still - (TOXIC) luck
Birch – purification, protection, exorcism
Bistort – fertility, psychic powers
Bittersweet - (TOXIC) protection, healing
Black Cohosh – courage, love, protection, potency
Black Hellebore - (TOXIC) invisibility, exorcism, astral projection
Black Snakeroot – love, lust, money
Blackberry – healing, protection, prosperity, money
Bladderwrack – psychic powers, protection, money
Bleeding Heart – love
Blessed Thistle – protection, animal healing
Bloodroot – (TOXIC) love, purification, protection
Bluebell – luck, truth
Blueberry – protection
Blue Flag – (TOXIC) money, wealth, success in business
Bodhi – wisdom, fertility, protection, meditation
Boneset – protection, exorcism
Borage – courage, psychic powers
Bracken – protection, healing, fertility, prophetic dreams
Brazil Nut – love
Briony – protection, money
Bromeliad – protection, money
Broom – (TOXIC) protection, purification, divination
Buchu – prophetic dreams, psychic powers
Buckeye – luck, divination, money, wealth, prosperity
Buckthorn – protection, exorcism, wishes, legal matters
Buckwheat – protection, money
Burdock – protection, healing

Cabbage – luck
Cactus – protection
Calamus – (TOXIC) luck, protection, healing, money
Camellia – prosperity, wealth, luxury
Camphor – healing, divination
Caper – lust, love, potency
Caraway – protection, lust, healing, mental powers, repel negativity
Cardamon – lust, love
Carnation – protection, strength, healing
Carob – protection, health
Carrot – fertility, lust
Cascara Sagrada – protection, money, legal matters
Cashew – prosperity, money
Castor – (TOXIC) protection, repel negativity
Catnip – love, beauty, happiness, power, courage
Cat Tail – lust
Cedar – healing, purification, money, protection
Celandine – joy, protection, happiness, escape, legal matters
Celery – lust, psychic powers, mental clarity, concentration
Chamomile – purification, tranquility, money, sleep, love, luck, meditation
Cherry – love, divination
Chestnut – love
Chickweed – love, fidelity
Chicory – favors, frugality, remove obstacles
Chili Pepper – fidelity, love, break hexes
China Berry – (TOXIC) luck
Chrysanthemum – protection
Cinchona – protection, luck
Cinnamon – prosperity, success, spirituality, healing, lust, protection, love, psychic powers, passion
Cinquefoil – money, protection, sleep, prophetic dreams
Citron – healing, psychic powers
Cloth-of-Gold – animal communication
Clove – protection, exorcism, purification, love, money, mental clarity
Clover – success, protection, money, exorcism, love, fidelity, consecration
Club Moss – protection, power
Coconut – purification, protection
Coltsfoot – love, psychic visions, healing, wealth, prosperity
Columbine – courage, love
Comfrey – healing, safe travel, money
Copal – love, purification
Coriander – love, health, healing
Corn – divination, protection, luck
Cotton – luck, healing, protection
Cowslip – youth, healing
Crocus – love, visions
Cubeb – love
Cuckoo-Flower – love, fertility
Cucumber – healing, fertility
Cumin – exorcism, protection
Curry – protection, exorcism
Cyclamen – fertility, protection, happiness, lust
Cypress – healing, protection, comfort, longevity

Daffodil – love, luck, fertility
Daisy – love, lust
Damiana – divination, love, lust, sex magick, dreams, visions, psychic powers
Dandelion – purification, divination, wishes, calling spirits
Date Palm – potency, fertility
Datura – (TOXIC) protection, sleep, break hexes
Deerstongue – lust, psychic powers
Devil’s Bit – love, protection, luck, exorcism
Devil’s Shoestring – protection, luck, gambling, power, employment
Dill – protection, money, love, lust
Dittany of Crete – manifestations, astral projection
Dock – money, healing, fertility
Dodder – love divination, knot magic
Dogbane – love
Dogwood – protection, wishes
Dragon’s Blood – power, protection, exorcism, potency, love
Dulse – harmony, lust
Dutchman’s Breeches – love

Ebony – protection, power
Echinacea – strengthening spells, health
Elder – protection, exorcism, healing, prosperity, sleep
Elecampane – love, protection, psychic powers
Elm – protection, love
Endive – love, lust
Eryngo – peace, love, lust, traveler’s luck
Eucalyptus – healing, protection
Euphorbia – (TOXIC) protection, purification
Eyebright – joy, psychic powers, mental clarity

Fennel – protection, exorcism, healing, purification, virility
Fenugreek – prosperity, wealth, money
Fern – protection, luck, riches, health, exorcism
Feverfew – protection
Fig – divination, fertility, love
Figwort – protection, health
Flax – luck, money, protection, purification, beauty, psychic powers, healing, health
Fleabane – exorcism, protection
Foxglove – (TOXIC) protection
Fragrant Bedstraw - love
Frankincense – exorcism, purification, protection, spirituality
Fumitory – money, exorcism
Fuzzy Weed – love

Galangal – protection, legal matters, lust, health, money, psychic powers, break hexes
Gardenia – love, peace, healing, spirituality
Garlic – protection, healing, health, exorcism, lust
Gentian – power, love, break hexes
Geranium – health, love, protection, fertility
Giant Vetch - fidelity
Ginger – love, money, success, power
Ginseng – longevity, sexual potency, protection, healing, love, lust, wishes, beauty
Goat's Rue – healing, health
Goldenrod – prosperity, money, divination
Goldenseal – money, healing
Gorse – protection, money
Gotu Kola – meditation
Gourd – protection
Grain – protection
Grains of Paradise – love, lust, luck, money, wishes
Grape – mental clarity, money, fertility
Grass – psychic powers, protection
Ground Ivy – divination
Groundsel – health, healing

Hawthorn – happiness, fertility
Hazel – luck, fertility, protection, wishes
H.eather – luck, protection
Heliotrope – (TOXIC) exorcism, prophetic dreams, healing, wealth
Hemlock – (TOXIC) astral projection, diminish libido, power, purification
Hemp – healing, love, visions, meditation
Henbane – (TOXIC) love
Henna – healing, health, love
Hibiscus – love, lust, divination
Hickory – legal matters
High John the Conqueror – (TOXIC) strength, confidence, health, love, money, success, happiness, break hexes
Holy Thistle – purification, break hexes
Holly – protection, luck, dream magic
Honesty – money, protection
Honeysuckle – protection, money, psychic powers
Hops – healing, sleep
Horehound – exorcism, healing, purification, protection, mental clarity, balance
Horse Chestnut – (TOXIC) healing, money
Horseradish – exorcism, purification
Horsetail – fertility
Houseleek – love, luck, protection
Huckleberry – protection, luck, dream magic, break hexes
Hyacinth – love, protection, happiness
Hydrangea – break hexes
Hyssop – healing, protection, purification

Indian Paint Brush – love
Iris – purification, wisdom
Irish Moss – luck, money, protection
Ivy – protection, healing

Jasmine – divination, love, money, prophetic dreams
Job's Tears – luck, wishes, healing
Joe-Pye Weed – love, respect
Juniper – protection, love, exorcism, health

Kava Kava – lust, protection while traveling, astral projection, visions, luck
Knotweed – health, binding spells, protection

Lady's Mantle – love
Lady's Slipper – protection
Larch – protection
Larkspur – protection, health
Lavendar – protection, call in good spirits, love, sleep, longevity, purification, happiness, peace, healing
Leek – exorcism, love, protection
Lemon – purification, love, friendship, longevity
Lemon Balm – love, success, healing
Lemon Verbena – protection, purification, love, power
Lemongrass – psychic powers, mental clarity, lust
Lettuce – love divination, sleep, protection
Licorice – love, lust, fidelity
Life-Everlasting – health, healing, longevity
Lilac – exorcism, protection, purification
Lily – protection, exorcism, repel negativity, truth, break love spells
Lily of the Valley – (TOXIC) mental clarity, happiness
Lime – healing, love, protection
Linden – healing, protection, luck, love, sleep
Liquidamber – protection
Liverwort – love
Lobelia – (TOXIC) healing, love
Loosestrife – peace, protection
Lotus – protection, spirituality
Lovage – love, attraction
Love Seed – love, friendship
Lucky Hand – protection, luck, money, travel, employment

Mace – psychic powers, mental clarity
Maguey – lust
Magnolia – fidelity
Maidenhair – beauty, love
Male Fern – luck, love
Mallow – love, protection, exorcism
Mandrake – (TOXIC) potency, exorcism, protection, fertility, money, love, health
Maple – money, longevity, love
Marigold – prophetic dreams, protection, legal matters, psychic powers
Marjoram – protection, love, happiness, health, money
Masterwort – protection, strength, courage
Mastic – psychic powers, lust
May Apple – (TOXIC) money
Meadow Rue – love, divination
Meadowsweet – love, divination, peace, happiness
Mesquite – healing
Mimosa – love, protection, prophetic dreams, purification
Mint – exorcism, protection, money, lust, healing, travel
Mistletoe – (TOXIC) healing, protection, love, fertility, health, exorcism
Molukka – protection
Moonwort – love, money
Morning Glory – (TOXIC) peace, happiness
Moss – luck, money
Mugwort – astral projection, strength, psychic powers, protection, prophetic dreams, healing
Mulberry – protection, strength
Mullein – exorcism, health, protection, courage, love divination, calling spirits
Mustard – fertility, protection, mental clarity
Myrrh – spirituality, purification, protection, healing, exorcism
Myrtle – peace, money, love, youth, fertility

Nettle – exorcism, protection, healing, lust
Nutmeg – protection, money, health, luck, fidelity, break hexes
Nuts – fertility, prosperity, love, luck

Oak – protection, health, money, healing, potency, fertility, luck
Oats – money
Oleander – (TOXIC) love
Olive – healing, peace, fertility, potency, protection, lust
Onion – exorcism, healing, protection, purification, money, prophetic dreams, lust
Orange – love, divination, luck, money
Orange Bergamot – prosperity, success
Orchid – love, psychic powers
Oregon Grape – money
Orris – divination, protection, love, prosperity, money

Pansy – love, divination
Papaya – protection, love, wishes
Papyrus – protection
Parsley – purification, protection, lust
Passion Flower – peace, sleep, friendships prosperity, increase libido
Patchouly – money, fertility, lust, break hexes
Pea – money, love
Peach – exorcism, love, fertility, wishes, longevity
Pear – love, lust
Pecan – money, employment
Pennyroyal – exorcism, consecration, strength, protection, peace
Peony – exorcism, protection, purification
Pepper – exorcism, protection
Peppermint – purification, sleep, love, healing, psychic powers
Pepper Tree – protection, purification, healing
Periwinkle – (TOXIC) protection, money, love, lust, mental clarity
Persimmon – healing, luck
Pilot Weed – protection
Pimento – love
Pimpernel – protection, health
Pine – protection, exorcism, money, healing, fertility
Pineapple – luck, money
Pipsissewa – money, calling in good spirits
Pistachio – breaking love spells
Plaintain – protection, healing, strength
Plum – protection, love
Plumeria – (TOXIC) love
Poke – (TOXIC) courage, break hexes
Pomegranate – divination, luck, wealth, wishes, fertility
Poplar – money, astral projection
Poppy – fertility, love, sleep, money, luck
Potato – healing
Prickly Ash – love
Primrose – protection, love
Purslane – protection, love, happiness, luck, sleep

Quassia – love
Quince – protection, love, happiness

Radish – protection, lust
Ragweed – courage
Ragwort – protection
Raspberry – healing, visions, protection, love
Rattlesnake Root – protection, money
Rhubarb – health, protection, fidelity
Rice – protection, money, fertility
Roots – protection, divination, power
Rose – beauty, protection, purification, love, psychic powers, healing, divination, peace
Rose Hips – healing, luck, call in good spirits
Rosemary – exorcism, protection, purification, healing, love, lust, mental clarity, sleep, youth
Rowan – protection, success, psychic powers, healing, power
Rue – exorcism, protection, purification, break hexes, health, mental clarity, healing
Rye – love, fidelity

Saffron – love, lust, healing, strength, happiness, psychic powers
Sage – purification, protection, wisdom, longevity, wishes
Sagebrush – exorcism, protection, purification
St. John’s Wort – (TOXIC) exorcism, protection, courage, strength, happiness, health, love divination
Sandalwood – protection, exorcism, purification, wishes, healing, spirituality
Sarsaparilla – love, money
Sassafras – money, health, healing
Scullcap – peace, love, fidelity
Senna – love
Sesame – money, success in business, lust
Shallot – purification
Skunk Cabbage – good fortune, legal matters
Sloe – exorcism, protection, banish negative energy/entities
Snakeroot – money, luck, break hexes
Snapdragon – protection, break hexes
Solomon's Seal – love, exorcism, protection
Southernwood – love, lust, protection
Spanish Moss – protection
Spearmint – healing, love, mental clarity
Spiderwort – love
Spikenard – health, fidelity
Squill – protection, money, break hexes
Star Anise – psychic powers, luck
Stillengia – psychic powers
Straw – luck
Strawberry – love, luck
Sugar Cane – love, lust
Sumbul – psychic powers, love, luck, health
Summer Savory – mental clarity and strength
Sunflower – wisdom, health, wishes, fertility, happiness
Sweetgrass – calling in good spirits
Sweetpea – strength, courage, friendship

Tamarind – love
Tamarisk – exorcism, protection
Tansy – healing, health, longevity
Tea – strength, courage, prosperity, riches
Thistle – exorcism, protection, healing, strength, break hexes
Thyme – purification, courage, healing, health, psychic powers, sleep
Ti – protection, healing
Toadflax – protection, break hexes
Tobacco – (TOXIC) healing, purification, offerings
Tomato – protection, prosperity, love
Tonka – (TOXIC) courage, love, money, wishes
Tormentil – protection, love
Trillium – love, luck, money
Tulip – protection, prosperity, love
Turmeric – purification
Turnip – protection, endings, banish negativity

Uva Ursa – (TOXIC) psychic powers

Valerian – protection, purification, love, sleep
Vanilla – love, lust, mental clarity
Venus Flytrap – protection, love
Vervain – sleep, protection, purification, love, money, peace, healing
Vetivert – love, luck, money, break hexes
Violet – protection, healing, love, lust, luck, wishes, peace

Wahoo – (TOXIC) courage, success, break hexes
Walnut – health, mental clarity, wishes
Wax Plant – protection, power
Wheat – money, fertility
White Willow Bark – healing, blessings, binding
Wild Plum - healing
Willow – protection, healing, love, divination
Wintergreen – protection, healing, break hexes
Winter's Bark – success
Witch Grass – exorcism, happiness, love, lust
Witch Hazel – protection
Wolf's Bane – (TOXIC) protection
Wood Betony – love, purification, protection
Wood Rose – luck
Wood Sorrel – healing, health
Woodruff – protection, money, victory
Wormwood – (TOXIC) exorcism, protection, love, psychic powers, calling spirits, protection while traveling

Yarrow – healing, divination, exorcism, protection, courage, love, psychic powers
Yerba Mate – love, lust, fidelity
Yerba Santa – protection, healing, psychic powers, beauty
Yew – (TOXIC) raising the dead
Yohimbe – (TOXIC) love, lust
Yucca – protection, purification, transmutation
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Re: Ravencry's Book of Shadows

Postby Ravencry » Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:24 am

Incense Correspondences

Blue Berry - Burn to keep unwanted influences away from your home and property
Blue Roses- Specially crafted to honor the Goddess in all her aspects
Carnations - A sweet floral scent traditionally used for healing
Cherry - Sacred to Venus, this blend will attract and stimulate love
Cinnamon - Use to gain wealth and success
Coconut - Burn for protection and purification
Copal - Sacred to the Mayan and Aztecs, this blend is suitable for honoring the Gods
Frangipani- Burn to brighten your home with friendship and love
Frankincense - Draw upon the energy of the sun to create sacred space, consecrate objects, and stimulate positive vibrations
Honeysuckle - Burn for good health, luck, and psychic power
Jasmine - For luck in general, especially in matters relating to love
Lotus - For inner peace and outer harmony, to aid in meditation and open the mind's eye
Musk - Burn for courage and vitality, or to heighten sensual passion
Myrrh - An ancient incense for protection, healing, purification and spirituality
Passionflower - For peace of mind, this sweet scent will soothe troubles and aid in sleep
Patchouli - An earthy scent used in money and attraction spells
Pine - Burn for strength, and to reverse negative energies
Rose - For love magick, and to return calm energies to the home
Sandalwood - A delicious all purpose scent used to heal and protect, also for purification
Spice - A fiery scent to be charged for any magick
Spirit - Raise your personal vibration, attract spirit guides and honor your personal deity
Strawberry - For love, luck and friendship
Tangerine - A solar aroma used to attract prosperity
Temple - A devotional incense for the altar during ritual
Vanilla - Stimulate amorous appetites and enhance memory

African Violet: Burned for protection and to promote spirituality within the home.
Allspice: Burned to attract both good luck and money.
Aloes: Burned to attract good fortune, love, spiritual vibrations and strength.
Althea: Burned for protection and to stimulate the psychic powers.
Anise seeds: Burned as a meditation incense.
Basil: Burned to exorcise and protect against evil entities and to attract fidelity, love, good luck, sympathy, and
Bay: Burned to facilitate the psychic powers, and to induce prophetic dream visions.
Bayberry: Burned mainly to attract money.
Benzoin: Burned for purification and to attract prosperity.
Bistort: Burned with Frankincense to aid divination.
Bracken: Burned in outdoor fires to magickally produce rain.
Cedar: Burned for purification, to stimulate or strengthen the psychic powers, attract love, prevent nightmares.
Cinnamon: Burned for protection and to attract money, stimulate and strengthen the psychic powers and to aid in healing.
Citron: Burned in rituals to aid healing and also to strengthen psychic powers.
Clove: Burned to dispel negativity, purify sacred and magickal spaces, attract money, and stop or prevent the spread
of gossip.
Coconut: Burned for protection.
Copal: Burned for purification and to attract love.
Damiana: Burned to facilitate psychic visions.
Dittany of Crete: Burned to conjure spirits and to aid in astral projection
Dragon's Blood: Burned to dispel negativity, exorcise evil supernatural entities, attract love, enhance psychic
awareness, and restore male potency. Makes all other incenses stronger when added at the same time.
Elecampane: Burned to strengthen the clairvoyant powers and scrying abilities.
Fern: Burned in outdoor fires to magickally produce rain. Also used to exorcise evil supernatural entities
Frankincense: Burned to dispel negativity, purify magickal spaces, protect against evil, aid meditation, induce psychic visions, attract good luck, and honor Pagan deities.
Fumitory: Burned to exorcise demons, poltergeists and other evil entities.
Galangal: Burned to break the curses cast by sorcerers.
Ginseng Root: Burned to keep wicked spirits at bay, and for protection against all forms of evil.
Gotu Kola: Burned to aid meditation.
H.eather: Burned to conjure beneficial spirits, and to produce rain.
Hibiscus Flowers: Burned to attract love.
Horehound: Burned as an offertory incense to the ancient Egyptian god Horus
Jasmine: burned to attract love and money, and also to induce dreams of a prophetic nature.
Juniper: Burned to stimulate or increase the psychic powers. and also to break the curses and hexes cast by evil
Lavender: Burned to induce rest and sleep, and to attract love
Lilac: Burned to stimulate or increase the psychic powers and to attract harmony into one's life.
Mace: Burned to stimulate or increase the psychic powers.
Mastic: Burned to conjure beneficial spirits, stimulate or increase the psychic powers, and intensify sexual desires. The magickal powers of other incenses are greatly increased when a bit of mastic is added. Mesquite: The magickal powers of all healing incenses are greatly enhanced by mesquite.
Mint: Burned to increase sexual desire, exorcise evil supernatural entities, conjure beneficial spirits, and attract
Myrrh: Burned (most commonly with Frankincense) for purification, consecration, healing, exorcism, and banishing evil.
Nutmeg: Burned to aid meditation, stimulate or increase the psychic powers and attract prosperity.
Patchouli: Burned to attract money and love, and also to promote fertility.
Pine: Burned for purification and to banish negative energies, exorcise evil supernatural entities and attract money.
Poppy Seeds: Burned to promote female fertility, and to attract love, good luck, and money.
Rose: Burned to increase courage, induce prophetic dreams, and attract love. Rose incense is used in all forms of
love enchantment and possesses the strongest love vibration of any magickal incense.
Rosemary: Burned to purify, aid in healing, prevent nightmares, preserve youthfulness, dispel depression, attract
fairyfolk, and promote restful sleep and pleasant dreams.
Rue: Burned to help restore health.
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Re: Ravencry's Book of Shadows

Postby Ravencry » Thu Nov 04, 2010 8:22 pm

Sorry that everything's been so jumbled and not in any particular order. I've been just posting any useful information in my Books that I can find. Here's some more spells:

Needle and Candle spell
To uncover a liar

You will need:
One white candle, 6-8"
matches or lighter
One sheet of office paper
One pen with green ink
One beeswax candle, 6-8"
Seven sewing needles

Timing: This spell is best cast during the full moon

1. Cast your circle
2. Light the white candle, saying:
Shadows take flight
In the moon's light

3. Turn the paper so that its longest side is horizontal, and draw a vertical line straight through the middle of it. On one half of the paper, draw the outline of seven swords, pointing inward toward the line. On the other half, draw a circle with a dot in the center. Place the beeswax candle in a secure holder on the center of the paper.
4. Heat the points of the needles and place them at equal distances and at the same level into the beeswax, about 1" from the wick, so that they stick out from it horizontally.
5. Light the candle, saying:
The Seven Swords
shall judge thy words.

While you are waiting for the candle to burn down to the needles, chant the following words:
Will know you
When you fall

6. If the first needle to fall comes down on the side of the swords, you are being deceived; if it comes down on the side of the circle and dot, you are deceiving yourself.

And if you are being deceived, you may cast this spell:

Cord and Candle Spell
to diminish the power of a deceitful person

You will need:
one tea-light in a holder
Matches or lighter
One sharp iron nail
One white candle, 6-8"
One slim piece of paper bearing the signature (if you can get it) or the name of the deceiver
One 6" length of black embroidery thread (cotton is best)

Timing: This spell can be cast at any time if the need is urgent, but best results come when you wait until the day prior to the new moon

1. Cast your circle.
2. Light the tea-light, and heat the point of the nail in its flame.
3. Use the hot tip of the nail to inscribe into the side of the candle, about 1" from the wick, the outline of an eye.
4. Roll the paper bearing the signature into a tight scroll, and tie it to the center of the black cotton thread. Tie the scroll and thread around the candle, passing the thread over the center of the eye. Fasten it tightly.
5. Light the candle, saying:
(Name of suspect), if thou a liar be
Thou shalt find discovery
and they deeds be marked to thee
as I will, so mote it be!

Witness the candle burning down to consume the inscribed eye, the cotton thread, and the paper scroll.
6. Extinguish the candle, then bury it in the earth where it will not be disturbed.
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Re: Ravencry's Book of Shadows

Postby Ravencry » Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:48 pm

Heart Chalice Spell
to increase self esteem

You will need:
1 stick Frankincense incense in a secure holder
one green candle, 6-8"
one pale blue candle, 6-8"
matches or a lighter
one sharp tack
one clean copper disk
one wineglass or goblet
one red rosebud
one sprig rosemary
apple juice, 3 oz
natural spring water, 3 oz

Timing: best cast on a waxing moon on Friday

1. Cast your circle
2. Light the incense and the candles.
3. Using the tack, inscribe the initial of your first name and a heart symbol on the copper disk.
4. Place it into the chalice, saying:
By that which I hold dear
Add the rosebud, saying:
By that which I love best
Add the rosemary, saying:
By that which I value
Pour the apple juice and water, saying:
By what is sweet,
By what is pure

Hold the chalice in both hands before the candles, and say:
May I hold myself dear
May I love myself well
May I be that which I value.

5. Leave the chalice undisturbed in the open in moonlight for an hour; then drink the potion.
6. Bury the disk, rosebud, and rosemary beneath a beloved plant in your garden or in a nearby green space.

There is quite a few things that I forgot to add to my Book. Like how I cast a circle. This is how I cast a circle. I only cast a circle rarely, mainly for ritual.

Starting in the East, point you athame outward, and draw a circle with it, walking clockwise while saying:
I cast the circle round and round-
Shadow of the Moon upon the ground.
I cast the circle round about-
A world within; a world without.
Between the worlds a sacred field-
what lies within, now stands revealed.
by magick deep and mystery-
The circle is cast, so mote it be!

You should be facing the East once again. Point your athame to the east and say:
O Guardians of the Airy East,
attend and sanctify my feast!
At dawn of day, your winds blow free,
Hail and Welcome, blessed be!

Now face South, point your athame and say:
O Guardians of the Fiery South,
Plant your hot kisses upon my mouth!
By flames and lightning, burning free,
Hail and Welcome, blessed be!

Now point to the west, saying:
O Guardians of the Watery West,
Your sacrament defines my nest!
By rain and river, lake and sea,
Hail and Welcome, blessed be!

Now point to the north and say:
O Guardians of the Earthen North,
We summon, stir and call ye forth!
By buds and branch, by root and tree,
Hail and Welcome, blessed be!

Now stand in the center of the circle and call out:
O Guardians of the Quarters all,
Hearken ye unto my call!
Protect my circle through the night,
and lend your pow'r unto my rite!
So mote it be!

Call the Goddess and God as thus, also in the center of the circle:
The Lady's Bransle
For she will bring the buds in spring
And laugh among the flowers
In the Summer's heat, her kisses are sweet,
She sings in leafy bowers,
She cuts the cane and gathers the grain
When the fruits if fall surround Her
Her bones grow old in wint'ry cold,
She wraps her cloak around her!

The Lords Bransle
O, He will call the leaves in fall,
To fly their colors brightly
When warmth is lost, He paints with frost
His silver touches lightly
He greets the day in the dance of the May
With ribbons wound about Him
We eat His corn and drink from His horn
We would not be without Him!

A bit fancy, but thats usually just for rituals.
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