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A Rainbow in the Dark

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A Rainbow in the Dark

Postby Mr Crowley » Mon May 15, 2017 11:13 pm

Man on the silver mountain

Ronnie James Dio

https://www.pirancafe.com/wp-content/up ... 834359.jpg

http://thenortheasttoday.com/wp-content ... 4221_n.jpg


https://earofnewtdotcom.files.wordpress ... ising1.jpg

http://bulk-share.slickpic.com/album/sh ... nieDio.jpg

Gather around children

© The Outlaws

As a rainbow grew around the sun
all the stars above who died came from

Time and time again I've thanked them
for a piece of mind
That helped me find myself
amongst the music and the rhyme

Lost faces say we adore you
as kings and queens bow and play for you

Yeah, they play just for you

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Mr Crowley
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Re: A Rainbow in the Dark

Postby YanaKhan » Wed May 17, 2017 12:30 am

Thank you for posting this!
When everybody is thinking the same, nobody is thinking enough!
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"Imagination creates reality". Richard Wagner
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Re: A Rainbow in the Dark

Postby Mr Crowley » Wed May 17, 2017 6:39 pm

You're more than welcome. The pleasure was all mine, and it's the least that I can do for Ronnie.

(While fishing in the dead, I plugged a particular cemetery. Uh, they were conducting paranormal studies. Why that particular cemetery? If I close a door, it don't mean I lock it, and throw away the key. Maybe I'll revisit, gather some thoughts, and if I have questions, I'll post. Again, why the hell that cemetery?)


I don't think EUTM younger-than-35 members understand that Ronnie was, and still, is the most mainstream magical influence in history. And the way things are going, there will never be another person to cast such mainstream awareness to the hidden doors. Ronnie would be a good study platform.

I just wanted to give something back to him because he opened doors for me. Listen between 3:15 and 3:56.

The 11 year-old girl was a no-brainier selection, ran across in her early days. Some clown, probably a guy, barks away in the comments about her younger years, Heaven & Hell, not being up to par. She's a little kid for Pete's Sake! I'd like to see him take a stab at it!

As for the BOW to him, I wanted something unique. The Outlaws, are: American redneck-hillbilly as it gets, unique comparison to say the least. Critics list magic as one of the meanings. The song reeks of magic, and it's as loud of magic as hardcore American redneck-hillbilly can publicly disclose, but you might have to understand an American redneck-hillbilly to see the light.

Once I nailed down The Outlaws, I spent some time looking at vids, many excellent versions, but I wanted something unique. As I fished, the The-Peanuts-Does kept showing up on the hit list. Yeah, right! I was fishing for what I thought what Ronnie would like.


I clicked the Peanuts-Does: the curtain opens, Charlie strums Pig-Pen dusts, snoopy cheeses as he holds the note, and I thought 'I'm on to something!' When it reached the first chorus, the circle joined its ends. I went through it twice to make sure because I wanted to get it right. If Ronnie would tolerate King and Queens bowing & playing for him, I found the Kings and Queens. (Ozzy said he wouldn't be dubbed a Sir—even if asked they asked him to be a Sir—because the 'effen Queen would chop his head off with the dubbing-sword if she had the chance!)

If Ronnie is looking down, I'm sure he agrees that I nailed it. My click-a-grave vid might be a his message to the stubborn 'ol mule, who focus on stuff, saying there's a lot more to it than 'stuff.'
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