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Psychics and the supernatural

For conversations and questions about hauntings and spirit visitations. This is not the place to talk about demons. In fact, this whole board isn't the place for it. A Christian site is a better place for that.

Psychics and the supernatural

Postby Sakurachii » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:21 am

Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums and I'm hoping that I'll become enlightened using it. Anyway here's the story, I would talk to this psychic and I have faith in him because he told multiple things that were accurate. He told me about how I'm very intuitive and sensitive and asked if I ever heard this *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock*. Which I've had, multiple times but thought it was the neighbors. He told me that this is the spirits telling me that I'm loved and watched. I told my mom about this experience, the knocking and how my shoes were moved. She's a christian and this terrified her, she told me to stop contacting the psychics and calling on my spirit guides. She even got her fiancé to pray in my room. She told me that psychics open the spirit world and can accidentally or sometimes on purpose open it for demons and evil spirits. Is this true? If you open the spirit world then all types of spirits will come out? She also told me that evil spirits will pretend to be good spirits. Another thing to mention is that something knocked 666 on my wall, this scared my ferret, I picked her up and she started to bite on my shirt nervously. The other times I've been contacted, the knocks were a different amount of numbers not 6's. It went away now, everything.

Please help me, and thank you for your responses
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Re: Psychics and the supernatural

Postby TwilightDancer » Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:06 pm

Personally I would never give money to someone I'm not sure is the "real deal", or even at all for that matter. I can't imagine someone charging for services like that, but maybe that's just me. It's very easy to make blanket statements that appear to be specific to just you. I doubt you were the first person they told were "intuitive/sensitive" and you wont be the last. I think you should take everything they told you with a grain of salt. As for your ferret chewing on your shirt, animals are very attuned to our emotions. He/she could have been picking up on your emotions which could be the reason they were acting that way.

My advice would be to take a few deep breaths. Chances are if someone is charging you for spiritual guidance, they cant even communicate with spirit. Let alone open a door to anything.
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Re: Psychics and the supernatural

Postby Tutmosis » Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:51 pm

Can people open the doorways to psychic or evil things?

Well it depends on your view. Becoming aware of something may seem like a door opening, and in some ways it is, but what it actually your awareness raising to those certain vibrations. Spiritual things happen all the time, but depending on your awareness will dictate on what you see or what you don't.
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