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Protection from the weather

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Protection from the weather

Postby tourennatrix » Mon Jan 28, 2019 10:22 pm

I couldn't really think of a better place to put this...

The Midwestern United States is about to be hit with the brunt of an arctic cold front which will drop daytime temperatures far below "safe." In my area, Wednesday will have a high of -10*F, with wind chill to 30 (or more) below. Other regions will have it way worse.

I am lucky and privileged enough to have a warm home and plenty of space heaters and blankets should the need arise, but there are so many less fortunate. My heart goes out in particular to the homeless- a shocking number of which have already died in last week's cold snap. (I've read that shelters don't even expect more people to come looking for lodging, probably due to an unhealthy sense of pride)

I will be lighting candles this week to encourage warmth where it is needed. I wish these unfortunate folks the opportunity to find shelter and the clarity of mind to do so.
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