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Practicing Inconspicuously

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Practicing Inconspicuously

Postby Vervain » Fri Apr 05, 2013 12:14 pm

The following was my reply to a post in the Introductions forum, but I felt it would be more appropriate to copy over here. Perhaps this can become a useful resource.


Varod wrote:is there a way to practice the Craft without too many rituals? it would freak my family out...

Yes, absolutely--or at least a way to practice without an altar and without roaming skyclad around your parents' house chanting and smudging. The physical part of the craft (tools, herbs, altar, etc) is mostly just symbolism to help you more easily connect with the spiritual plane. You can get in touch with Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit simply by grounding, meditating, and talking to Spirit.

Grounding can be done anywhere anytime;
Meditating doesn't necessarily look like this:
(Okay, so maybe I just wanted an excuse to use the picture.)
Any activity you find meditative can get you in contact with the spiritual plane. It can be just sitting outside in the breeze, or practicing a musical instrument, or flow arts, or walking, or cooking, or... anything;
You can talk to Spirit anywhere, about anything.

One of my favorite no-tools ways to connect to spirit is chanting, which I like because you can do it anywhere. I happen to be happily out of the broom closet, and sometimes my atheist boyfriend will even chant along with me, which is really nice, but I chant alone on the way to class, in my house alone, in the shower, et cetera.

Some of my favorite chants are:
this one
and this one
and this one too
and also this one
That playlist is actually full of all my favorite chants.

I hope this was of some help to you! I'm probably going to go repost the majority of this reply in a more appropriate subforum.
Blessed be!
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Re: Practicing Inconspicuously

Postby raynelae » Fri Apr 05, 2013 12:45 pm

Very helpful and inspiring for people with little privacy. Just remember, it will get better the longer you practice!
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Re: Practicing Inconspicuously

Postby Xiao Rong » Fri Apr 05, 2013 1:22 pm

Not to mention cooking! It's very easy to practice magic inconspicuously while cooking, and no one ever objects to the end results if they're tasty!
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Re: Practicing Inconspicuously

Postby SpiritTalker » Mon Oct 31, 2016 12:14 pm

If you want tools then use inconspicuous household items & supplies. Ritual tools are fancy dishes & cutlery that are reserved for ritual use. Repurposing is nothing new - the broom & cauldron were repurposed kitchen items from a bygone era that have become icons. Nothing outs a witch like a cauldron so substitute a heat-safe bowl. You can't disguise smoke from incense so substitute the aroma of spicy potpourri in a jar or dream pillow. Use battery-powered candles in place of live-flame one's if fire isn't allowed. Use a smooth stone for a pentacle & trace a star on it with a wet finger. Traditionally salt has been used for purifying & olive oil for anointing.

A walk outdoors can be a silent act of honoring the Divine in Nature. Grounding, centering, shielding are invisible actions. Meditation is a personal spiritual practice & different forms can be done sitting still or while walking or doing routine chores.

The circle ritual below uses no tools or supplies.

When your practice is confined to a small working space & you have nothing at all to use for your ritual, or you just like simplicity, use gestures to express your intent. No tools or candles, no water or incense is used, but all the steps will be carried out by intention through gestures, like a mime enacts a story.

Stand where the center of the circle would be, facing north. Ground by passing the flat of your hand from crown-to-crotch, as you imagine the vertical axis along your spine descending into the Earth. Center by tracing an X on your middle as you imagine the cross roads intersection of the 4 compass directions. Cleanse yourself and your aura with the see-hear-speak no evil hand gestures placing the hands over the eyes, ears and mouth saying: "I see no evil. I hear no evil. I speak no evil. All about and within me is harmony." Breathe deeply & let that sink in.

Raise power by swinging your arms forward and back for a full minute to pump up some juice. To charge the sacred space, turn a slow, deosil -> circle as you point your index & middle fingers and your mighty witch's gaze to direct your energy to the circle's boundary. Draw forth the power & push it through your hand. This energy passes right through furniture. You might say, "Round and round and round about. All good in & all bad out! As I turn the circle's cast, a place between and holding fast."

To call the quarters remain in the center & turn to each quarter in sequence. Use a gesture of hand-to-heart and a respectful nod to each quarter. (See the elemental hand signs listed below.) Starting facing East. (East) I call Air for power to know, (South) I call Fire for power to Go, (West) I call Water for power to flow, (North) "I call Earth for power to grow, (Center) I call Spirit to make it so. As above, so below."

You now stand at the cross-roads, cleansed, centered, balanced and at peace with the three realms: celestial, mundane & under-world. You are ready to address your Deity and state your purpose.

welcoming your deities is quite personal and the words should come from the heart. Greet and welcome them by name or title. Hand-to-heart gestures can express the feeling with a bow from the waist to show respect. If you aren't working with a deity then bow to Nature.

You can slip right into meditation here, divination or the spell work you want to do. No spell materials are needed. You can raise, program & charge the Circle itself to carry your intention. Do this by imagining the Circle as a blue mist rising from the Earth below your feet & spiraling around you. Imagine & feed your intent into the spiraling mist. Feel it in your gut & feed that into the mist. Speak your intent into the mist as a completed, present-tense event. When you know it IS thus/so, give thanks & then release the spiraling Cone of Power (shaped like a witch's hat) to fulfill the task: "Aid friends and vanquish foes. I command you now to GO." Push! Trust the system. Rest.

In place of the thanksgiving food offering, pledge a simple service within your means (clean up after the dog, shovel snow, empty all the waste baskets and take out the trash, pull weeds, feed the birds, meditate, etc.). "I have no food or drink to hand, instead I offer what I can. I will X." You are honor-bound to keep a pledge made within Circle, so make it something you know you can complete within a week.

Finally you announce the rite is completed, thank and farewell the Deities "Our rite is at an end; and may we always part as friends. Go if you must, stay if you will, with ever peace between us still."; and dismiss the Powers in reverse order, "Powers of North-West-South-East, with my thanks depart in peace."

Standing in the center spot, ground the circle's residual energy as a gift back into the Earth. Do this by raising your arms straight above your head, then slowly lower your arms out to the sides & straight down as you visualize the circle sinking into the earth. And you're done.

Hand Gestures

Horned God - closed fist with pinkie & index fingers extended like horns, the thumb holding down the middle & ring fingers.

Goddess - a closed fist with the thumb inserted between index & middle finger.

Hand-to-heart - showing reverence & respect.

Bowing - respectful acknowledgment of great power, whereas kneeling is submission to the awesome greatness.

Earth Element - A closed fist.
Air Element - Open palm with spread fingers.
Water Element - Cupped palm turned upwards.
Fire Element - A triangle made with touching index to index fingers & thumb to thumb makes an upward triangle sign of Fire.
Ether - touch your 3rd eye.

Athame - Extended parallel index & middle fingers together; reps dual polarity, double-edge.
Wand - Extended index finger alone.
Chalice - Cupped palm, same as Water.
Pentacle - Traced one-point-up in the air with finger(s).

Hault- flat open, extended palm signals pause/stop.
Summon - open palm drawn toward us as invitation.

Purify - Hands over eyes-ears-mouth shows that you see/hear/speak no evil and purifies the aura.

To aid meditation: Touch tips of thumb & index finger to aid concentration; Touch tips of thumb & middle finger to aid centering; touch tips of thumb & ring finger to aid grounding.
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Re: Practicing Inconspicuously

Postby MsMollimizz » Sun Nov 27, 2016 12:06 am

Its called "wish magick"....
I've had to re-do my whole magick thing due to an accident I had.

Sometimes, I just holler, "Help me Mr Wizard I don't wanna.....anymore"
Just talking to your Goddess and let her know the trouble you are having,
"Goddess of my heart, She who knows all, I could really use some help
right now with......."
There's no right way or wrong way to talk to your God/dess and ask
for assistance with whatever is necessary.
Only remember to ask yourself first if it is something you need or just
want. What is necessary for growth will come in time, what is wanted
may not come until you've received what is needed for your growth.
That does NOT mean you won't get what you want-within reason-you
won't receive the winning lottery numbers...but you could receive an
unknown amount of money necessary for survival-I've seen it happen
just last Samhain !
Just be reasonable in your requests.
Magick doesn't fix everything, just some !
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