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Postby planewalker » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:56 pm


It's not my fault that most who decide to follow Wicca and/or the Craft are female. I taught history, not made it {in any way that deeply effects Wicca anyway}. Further, it's not my fault that the web page for the forum attracts a lot of young females. Personally and professionally, I don't give a rat's patootie how old you are. I'm sworn to give aid and to teach at any chance that life provides. I think it's not out of bounds for me to ask about someones Spirit Guide. Have you been taught about spirit guides? Are you part AmerInd. and taken Ordeal, Vision Quest and conformation of your Spirit Guide by another Medicine Person. In other words, become a bl00d brother of the tribe. I've got a scar that says I have so it doesn't matter that I'm not full bl00d by nature but am a part of the Onandagwa Nation. I've also done services for the dead for two forum members. I'm an Adept of the Light. I treat no one any different, other than, how I use the language. Someone who's a junior in high school is not going to have the same command of the language as will a 40 year old college grad. I'm wondering also, when is it not "creepy", in your opinion, for me to reach out to people joining the forum. Is a woman at 18 "creepy" but you think that 25 is right. What about 30. I've a child who's 31 and the person who's 30 is literally 1/2 my age. Please check back over the intros. I don't believe I've missed the chance to greet new people very often. I'd like to know how many people have complained about me bothering them with unwanted PM's. I don't want any names, just a number. I never send a PM past either the first {if I never get a response I just say a prayer that there life goes well} or a return in a series {If I send a PM and the person never PM's back I say a prayer of well wishing and life goes on}. I may send a PM when the person first comes on the forum, if I believe it's necessary. The person who wanted to know how to summon an entity to change time comes to mind. After conversing by PM the person finally opened up and told me they had been on a drug combo that was rather strong and wanted to go back in time so taking the drugs wouldn't be needed. They were given by a psychiatrist. It took a couple of months, but between some spell work from my end and a bunch of counseling by PM, the person is with a new psychiatrist and is back on meds. Another person, who I conversed with in the topics and PM's, I got to go see a therapist for their PTSD. The person is in their late 20's and living in Slovakia. The PTSD had gone unnoticed by everyone but the person who didn't know why they felt as they did. They're whole family refugeed out of Bosnia during the ethnic cleansings. I did a psycological work-up about an individual for another Mod. I've counseled people from the forum whose names you'd be amazed by. Some people active on the forum have suggested to people that they should talk to me. There is some info from my experience with the Craft or Medicine that I tailor to the individual. I sometimes have to do work from my end and I don't like to advertise that I'm a Department Store for spells and other workings because I'm not. I also sometimes council on subjects mundane, not esoteric. If a person needs help with something I will provide it. Things in the mundane aren't in the topics because it's not their place. As to my leaving info in the topics, you all will have your own opinions as to how helpful it is. I do average more than three posts per day. I do have a section on AmerInd Medicine that I have up by request. I undertook a few topics in mental health by request. I've got a dozen or more poems in the poetry section. A bunch in Rants and Ramblings and other topics too.
Really Kassandra, how much more active would you like me to be in the topics? As to your blackening my honor by implying I have some perverse reason for me, as an old man {with those years of experience}, to converse with young ladies {who might benefit from those years of experience}, let me say you are lucky I'm sworn to lift curses.

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