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my own parents told me to go die

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my own parents told me to go die

Postby frozenstorm » Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:53 pm

a few weeks ago i was playing my viola when my mom came over and said to me " you have no talent for anything. you need to die. you couldn't have any impact at all in this world. so quit wasting space and die." i really thought over what she said and realized she was right. i don't want her to be right but she is. i am a waste of space.. but i don't have the power to do anything about it. i am too afraid, but i am worried that that fear will soon come to pass.
my friends have also started saying these things to me and i am breaking. i don't think i can stand it much longer all alone.

i cant take it anymore.

Re: my own parents told me to go die

Postby Luna Lisa » Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:41 pm

First of all those people are wrong. You have a place in life we all do. And when people tell you these horrible things don't give in. You give in to what they say then you are giving them the satisfaction. I know that when people say the meanest and most hurtful things to you in life. It hurts. Every life is a precious jewel. You are a precious jewel. And don't let anyone else in this world tell you other wise. It's like I have told a few people "Let them be blinded by their own blindness." And if you think your "not special" or "never going to amount to anything in life", "what is the point of hanging on anymore?", "why don't i just end all?", "the world would be a better place without me", those are all lies. You are special. And suicide is never the answer to any solution. If you need talk I'm here. But please don't take your life for these people. It's not worth it. Trust me on that. Life isn't worth wasting. You are a precious piece of life. And no matter how dark and dim things get always "Hang on to that little light that burns bright called hope and never let it go." PM me here if you ever need to talk.
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Luna Lisa
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Re: my own parents told me to go die

Postby ebenb84 » Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:15 pm

luna lisa is right. i'm so sorry that those people would have the nerve to say something that horrible to you. you are here for a reason and nobody has the right to tell you otherwise. there is no telling what kind of impact you will have on this world. you may not realize it now but i'm sure that there is someone who's life you've touched in ways that you don't even know... you are not a waste of space by any means. never let anyone tell you otherwise and whether you believe it or not you do have the power to change things. all it takes is the desire to do so and you can do anything.
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Re: my own parents told me to go die

Postby AutumnMaidens » Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:52 am

Why does there opinion matter so much that they make your faith in yourself falter? They obviously don't have your best intent in mind yet their opinion matters more to you than it should.
They don't matter, nobody matters, in this world you are the center of your own universe, realise this and realise that the only person whose opinion matters is your own. And if you don't think very highly of yourself, look at everything you have achieved or have the potential to achieve, these people and their negativity are repressing your potential and are wasteful. You are a wonderful unique person with the power to do whatever you set your mind to.

Blessed be and may the goddess light your path
"If you take a copy of the Christian Bible and put it out in the wind and the rain,
soon the paper on which the words are printed will disintegrate and the words will be gone.
Our bible IS the wind and the rain."
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Re: my own parents told me to go die

Postby Symandinome » Fri Apr 22, 2011 6:51 am

I'm very sorry that you had to hear such cruel words especially from your parents. Even parents are human and sometimes we say things that arent the right thing to say. Never let another persons opinion of you change how you view your self and your own self worth. Even what humanity would call the worst person alive is here for a reason. EVERY LIFE has value and purpose.
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Re: my own parents told me to go die

Postby GardeniaBloom03 » Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:08 pm

i agree with AutumnMaidens. no one else's opinions really matter but your own. but yet sometimes i still get caught up in the world and thier ideas anyway. sometimes it can just be so consuming and overwhelming, i ve had thoughts like those myself. but if you take time, meditate, and think about all the little things that make life worth while, you realize you are or have the potential to be soo much more and can over come the greastest obstacles and hard ships. these hard times that are put in our lives are meant so that we can learn from them, another step in our great journey to where we will someday end up.
Goddess be with you,
love and light for all who accept it, and those who dont but need it
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Re: my own parents told me to go die

Postby Autumnal Rose » Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:33 pm

You know what Frozenstorm, I don't think you are a waste of space at all. In fact I think you're pretty remarkable. The reason I say that, even though I don't know you is how you reacted to that statement from your mother. Most people would have dismissed it completely, got mad or said cruel things back. But you didn't. You listened to that hurtful comment and you went away and thought about it. The fact that you were able to stay calm and rational enough to go and think things over shows that you have a great deal of inner strength. The fact that you considered what she said shows that you have an open mind, able to question things rather than just accept or deny them. These abilities show that you have a mature and intelligent personality and that makes you a worthwhile person to know.

And because you are capable of deep thought and contemplation, I offer you this. Nobody is ever worthless if they can find worth within themselves. It doesn't matter if the whole world can find no value in you, only you can truly know yourself and know and value your own worth. Stand alone, be strong, love yourself as who you are. Judge yourself, don't be judged by others.

May the Goddess bless you.
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Re: my own parents told me to go die

Postby valerian moon » Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:09 am

I know exactly how that feels. Angry. Upset. Pain.
but you know what? f*ck THEM (excuse my language)
its something that I should have realized the first time it happened to me.
if somebody would sink that low to try to hurt you, then they're not worth your time!
You may call me Valerian Moon, or simply Val.
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Re: my own parents told me to go die

Postby ravensilverbear » Thu May 29, 2014 5:37 pm

You are not alone and you are worth more than you can imagine the lord and lady do not make mistakes you were chosen to follow this path as much as we want to say I chose it the path chooses us because we have a power inside that shines even tho we may not see it they do I know the hurt you feel but know you are loved by so many brother and sisters a piece of my heart I give to you that you may know peace and joy to you I freely give take and use it as you will so mote it be
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