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once upon a time

Start your own thread named "[Name's] Book of Shadows" and add spells, rituals, correspondences, music, videos, etc. that you would like to keep for future use or share with others. Use as many posts as you'd like. It's not private, but at least your family won't see it. You can also get ideas from other people's Books of Shadows.

once upon a time

Postby Llynnesea » Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:36 pm

In a land far far away.
There was a girl born and scorned.
This was the journey, this was the quest. Ones greatest fear is ones greatest challange. Seems simple enough. Cross that line. Does one die? Self or others? What is the death, real or imagined, spiritual or physical? Does that death last or is it just a temporary state, incredibly and completely unknown in the moment or is it so transfomative that it in itself is a state of bliss. Maybe it doesn't hurt at all? Fear has strangled and paralyzed any forward movement...then love and acceptance comes flowing through. What the heck is going on here?
02222018 Just something that popped in, time will tell.
Panic not. I need a place to think.
The Earth does not belong to us,
we belong to the Earth...Chief Seattle
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