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Novena Candle with Psalms

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Novena Candle with Psalms

Postby SpiritTalker » Thu Mar 01, 2018 9:04 am

This example uses a jar candle, olive oil, & a permanent marker pen & Book of Psalms. You can adapt it to suit your self. A white candle is all-purpose and can be purchased inexpensively at "dollar" stores and ethnic food isles of major grocery stores. You can use a colored candle associated with the intent/weekday, or a jar printed with a favorite Saint or a guardian angel.

A novena is a long term prayer that essentially is a candle spell that is repeated over 7 days (one week) or on 7 consecutive associated days of the week (every Monday for 7 weeks or 7 New Moons for 7 months) without skipping, and a specific Psalm is repeated three times at each sitting. Any type of candle can be used: 7 birthday candles, 7 tea lights or 7 tapers, 1 seven-knobbed candle, 1 stick-candle sectioned into seven parts, or 1 jar candle burned for all 7 sittings.

One way to prep a jar candle is to remove shelf dust from the top with a vinegar-dampened paper towel, and remove finger prints from the glass as well. The salt in vinegar cleanses. Use the marker pen to write your petition or a sigil you've made on the glass. (Petitions can also be written on plain paper, folded and placed under the candle, & re-used with each successive candle). A petition would use no more than 7 words, is phrased in a positive, present tense and then can be reduced to a word-sigil if you want, but isnt necessary.

A word sigil is a design you make from the letters of the petition words, using present-tense: not I want good friends, but I have good friends. Cross out duplicate letters so one of each letter remains, then rearrange, reverse, exaggerate to combine these letters into a glyph.

To charge the candle, repeat the petition as you put three small drops of olive oil in a triangle around the wick, then spread the oil by running a finger in an energizing clockwise spiral, starting at the wick and expanding outward, around the top. The oil is to hold the electromagnetic charge of your thought/intent.

Then at the same time each day, for the 7 dates, light the candle and softly read aloud the appropriate Psalm for your intent 3 times for each sitting, then snuff the candle out until next time. At the 7th sitting the candle is allowed to burn itself out. (After the final reading you can do other activities while the candle burns). If it burns out before 7 days, thats OK. The spell is done when the jar candle is gone or on the 7th day. For other types of candles use one for each sitting & let it burn completely, or burn one segment per setting for sectioned candles.

To remove effects of the evil eye, Ps 91
For protection from known or unknown enemy, Ps. 43, 44 and 45
To hold faith, prevent errors in judgement, Ps. 81
For greater spiritual power, Ps. 99
To change a bad situation to good, Ps. 16
Against disturbing ghosts, Ps. 144 & 145
To receive guidance in dreams, Ps. 23 & 42

Sunday (Sun) yellow leadership, health, advice
Monday (Moon) white, marriage, family, psychic endeavors
Tuesday (Mars) red, conflict, legal matters
Wednesday (Mercury) light blue-aqua, communication, education, divination
Thursday (Jupiter) blue, finances, job, prosperity, protection
Friday (Venus) green, love, allure, fertility
Saturday (Saturn) black, endings, banishing

Interpreting the actions of the candle can tell the status of the spell. During the successive burns, if wax is accumulating on the glass it suggests residual issues may be effecting the manifesting of the spell. Just keep going. These can work out as time goes on. A melting pool of wax that accumulates suggests slow progress is being made through resistance.

Burn time. If the candle is slow to burn and the flame just doesn't want to take hold, it suggests results will be slow to manifest. You may want to review the intent and re-start. A fast burn shows the results are good to go without resistance, and a clean burn with no waxy residue shows all is well.

Flame status. A weak flame shows slow results amidst resistance. A strong flame shows fast results. Flickering indicates the intention wasn't decisive, so re-start if it doesn't settle down. A divided wick with 2 flames indicates you have powerful assistance on your side. And if the flame has been doing Ok and suddenly peters out and dies, the outcome was not going to be favorable. Rethink the intention.

Smoke. When the candle is snuffed after a sitting, black smoke indicates obstacles were overcome so just keep going. White smoke is saying the intent is OK but there is some resistance, and keep on going. Lots of smoke indicates there are hidden issues being encountered. You may not have had the whole story. Keep going.

Soot. Black soot accumulating on the glass over time indicates opposition and negative energy is in the way. If it does not clear with further burns, take an aura cleansing vinegar bath or sage smudge. White soot is a good sign that baggage is being cleared, whereas clumps on the wick show that baggage being carried and creating drag & resistance.
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Re: Novena Candle with Psalms

Postby corvidus » Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:23 pm

Very interesting, thanks :)
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