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Need transgender spell or ritual

Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender discussion and questions.

Need transgender spell or ritual

Postby mellierae2002 » Fri Mar 18, 2011 6:51 pm


My wife is a transgender woman. She has been taking hormones for two years this July. It has not been as effective as she would like it to be. Does anyone know of any spells or ritual that could help speed up the process of transition? Possibly something to help her feel more feminine (even though I think she's already beautiful )? Any assistance would great! Thanks so much!


PS I postetd this on another branch by accident. Don't know if you get in trouble for posting the same question twice. Thank you!
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Re: Need transgender spell or ritual

Postby Symandinome » Wed Apr 13, 2011 5:26 am

unfortunately sweetie there is nothing you could do about that thats all in her head i am a transsexual also and I understand where she is coming from. Its best not to work magick for her as chances are it wont work or not work the way you want. If she is pagan ask her to pray to Hermaphrodite the patron god/dess of hermaphrodites and transsexuals and to ask for acceptance of herself and a means to improve on who she is as a person inside and out.
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Re: Need transgender spell or ritual

Postby Ember Nightwolf » Mon Jul 15, 2013 10:39 am

Generic Transformation Spell from the Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells:
Hold an apple in your hand.
Consider what you want to be - or who you truly are
Take as long as you need but don't put that apple down
When your ready, line up a mirror, a yellow candle and the apple
Gaze into the mirror while the candle burns
After the candle has burnt out, consider whether you still desire this transformation
If so, eat the apple.

Associates with transformation are frankincense incense (associated with phoenix), essential oil of helichrysum (powerful for assisting the process of emotional transformation), and the Tower tarot card. Also think of sympathetic magick - images of eg caterpillars/butterfly's and phoenix's and see if you can work something around them, such as a guided meditation.

Hope this helps!
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