In need of guidance

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In need of guidance

Post by Zalindara »

All I can say is I'm lost, not sure where to start. I do know I want to start properly. :? :? :? :? :? :? :?

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Re: In need of guidance

Post by SpiritTalker »

This Old post wasn't responded to when it was asked. Folks are still browsing it so here's a better late than never reply:

Think about your current ideas on what you want from a spiritual practice. A spiritual path attracts us through what we want to learn & not by what we already know. Browse & read, then think on it & re-read.
. Research the Wiccan Goddess and Horned God. Wiccans study lore & mythology so there's no one-&-only doctrine you have to believe. Inform yourself on the popular texts like Wiccan Rede, Charge of the Goddess, Legend of the Descent of the Goddess.
. Keep a journal of your thoughts, ideas, questions, observations. Ask specific questions.
. Magic is it's own study. See the spell section for how-to's.

Build a starter kit
. Test a few kitchen herbs. Rub them & smell & taste each. Use the pleasant herbs to bless & the disagreeable ones to banish. Trust your senses. Use in potions & spells. Salt & oil are must-haves to purify & anoint.
. Collect 3 ordinary stones. Notice markings. Water smooth stones aid health, banded stones aid wishes, stones criss-crossed by lines help path finding. Hold & stroke a stone while chanting a goal related phrase to effect desired conditions.
. Practice projecting energy by holding both hands with open palms facing but not touching. Focus between your hands & push power from the belly. Notice subtle sensations. Shake your hands to clear them.
. Basic gear: Incense & holder, candles & holders, potion cup, offering dish; your kit & matches.

Ritual IS Practice
. An altar is your workspace for devotions, meditation & spell crafting. It's a tool that shapes thought energy. Altars often hold elemental (land, sea, sky, fire) and deity symbols.
. It’s OK to use household dishes for ritual tools (cup, blade, plate). We can choose not to use a tool & substitute another symbol like an aerosol mist for incense smoke & use battery-candles.
. Print out the current year's Full Moon dates & draw on the Moon's influence with light meditation in a simple circle & sip moon light charged water.
. Make sacred space by sweeping a round area & then project a circular sanctuary. Summoning & offerings are optional.
. We don't have to do long rituals to honor Nature on full moons & holidays. Just make sacred space, greet the Spiritus Loci & place food offerings outside for wildlife.
. Teach yourself to focus by candle gazing until it’s all you see. If you wool-gather bring your attention back to the flame. Add deep breathing to meditate & ask for guidance. Keep your attention on the flame. Practice.

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Re: In need of guidance

Post by Panthera »

Good evening, Zalindara. Personally before answering to someone I appreciate to have at least one presentation of the person, it allows to advise him/her according to his/her background, ideas, desires.

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