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For conversations and questions about hauntings and spirit visitations. This is not the place to talk about demons. In fact, this whole board isn't the place for it. A Christian site is a better place for that.


Postby planewalker » Thu May 18, 2017 2:06 pm

18 May 2017
My wife and I were looking for one of my daughter's tassels for her second Masters graduation and we had zero luck finding one. My mom-in-law came to help. Yup! She passed less then a year ago. We always got along. She left a tassel on the table for us. Mom and I never had anything but the best of times. She was just being a Mom and a Granma. I think there was a little extra "Hi" for me. She picked out my daughter's black tassel. Her maiden name was Sable. As Carpathian as you can be. We took care of a curse that had followed the family from Hungry. She wanted to end it with herself to save her kids and grandkids. She was worried about getting back from the void. I was doing it for my kids. We had been working it for about ten years, to keep everything as it needed to be. I was probably more scared of the void then she was. I had been there before. The story of it is in the poem "Avocation" in the poetry section. As to double checking to see if this was real - We hadn't found a tassel + We use the dinning room table - Things on it because we use it = Thanks Mom.
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