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Hi all,
I am very new to the world of forums. I am very shy and struggle to talk to people even online.
I love cats. I had to put my baby boy down last year. I had him for almost 12 years and I still feel lost without him.
I have an interest in Wicca but have not progressed past the basics of tarot and oracle.
I dislike people who feel the need to interrupt others mid sentence. I don't like crowds and I wish I could live in a world where people don't feel the need for labels and stereotypes.
At the moment I am a uni student that does not have much time for hobbies. When I can I try to read and cook. I also feel the need to watch Lord of the Rings every few months.

I currently reside in Australia.
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Re: Michala

Post by hecate8 »

Hi Michala. Welcome. Please feel free to talk with or pm me anytime.
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Re: Michala

Post by Vesca »

welcome :)

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Re: Michala

Post by Echo_of_shadows »

Hello. :flyingwitch:
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Re: Michala

Post by BabyBear »

Hiaya hope you have fun one the forum

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Re: Michala

Post by MysticDreamFaerie »

Hello & Welcome to the Forum! :flyingwitch:
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