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Message from the moon

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Message from the moon

Postby SilverBird » Sat Jul 06, 2019 11:13 pm

Hey all

So long story short, because I'm really not trying to get into it now..... about six years ago... I had a really really really really really really really really really.... realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy reay reay reay reay reay reay reay reay realy reay reay reay reay reay reay reay reayrealy reay reay reay reay reay reay reay reay rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey rey ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ..... oh wait I'm just shortening words now aren't I? The point is I had a bad heart break that put a block on me for years to come

So tonight the moon was out, and I could feel Diana calling to me.. so I ran towards her and spoke to the moon. So anyway I was a stupid 20 yr old when I was 20....like most 20 year olds, and I tore down my altar before, and ever since then I felt disconnected from most of the gods and goddesses. Yet I remember before my ex and after my ex there were two different things. Before my ex I ignored the advice of others and went with what I felt. I had all my Goddesses on my altar, Diana, Brighid, Aphrodite, Isis, Hecate, Morrigan, these goddesses all represented something to me.

And it was like I would do rituals many times, where I would invoke them all, and so many would tell me you shouldn't do that. After my ex, I started to invoke one at a time, and for the first time Brighid became my offical Patron Goddesses, before my ex Brighid was the Goddess I called too, but in a sense they were all my patron goddesses because they were all equally as important to me.

Diana reminded me of this, and then she said one thing to me. You got to get back to where you were before your ex, pick up where you left off, and that is how you finally rebuild. She then said to me, the gods are not mad at you for destroying your altar, they are waiting for you to rebuild that altar. My current altar only houses a statue of Brighid.

But I realized, before they were all equal, now there were times where I would invoke them only one per season, for example Imbolc is always Brighid's day, and the moon always belonged to Diana for me. But sometimes before it felt having the whole team, especially for acts of magick.

Diana challenged me, asking me how I could dedicate my altar to all of them again, and I thought of ways I could put all their pictures up until I get statues, like in the old altar. (sometimes I would just invoke The Lady and that would be the sum of all of them, but they were all patron deity). And Diana made me realize after my ex, in my efforts to rebuild I got stuck into others teachings, and started trying to put on the shoes of others.

Also, I often say the Goddess chant, Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Khali, Innana, and then; Diana told me to say the goddess chant I know as the traditional Goddess chant, and then say the Goddesses I have followed, she told me to say Diana, Brighid, Isis, Aphrodite, Hecate, Morrigan, and then asked me how much differently it felt. She told me I had connection to the deities I said in the second version, the repetition of the deities I actually work with. But then also told me I could also say the traditional Goddess chant at times as well if it helps, as she knows I love tradition

Anyway this was just something really helpful for me. just figured I'd share this with people

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Re: Message from the moon

Postby SpiritTalker » Sun Jul 07, 2019 6:32 am

Glad you got it off your chest :D & good for you as you move beyond the past disappointments. It sounds like you are progressing in accord with your inner guidance & that's the point after all's said. The Goddess chant is quite uplifting. And by focusing on one god-force on an altar at a time your energies aren't scattered. Thanks for sharing that.

By the way, I see from your reading request post that you're concerned spirits will bother you if you are out-of-body. Had you thought of working with a guardian-spirit to navigate past the hurdles? In my experiences OOB i find that spirits of the deceased stick to their own realm by natural laws & we can choose not to hang out in that level. The astral realm includes a much, much greater area.
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Re: Message from the moon

Postby firebirdflys » Sat Jul 13, 2019 10:26 am

Hey there Silverbird, I see that you have changed your e mail which will deactivate your account. Contact Xiao to get it fixed.
see you soon!
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