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Magical lego

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Magical lego

Postby blue_moon » Fri Nov 27, 2015 12:21 pm

Two weeks ago our neighbours were really mean to my kids. They felt bothered by them and wanted to call the police. My two big ones (10/5) felt miserable....
So I set up a circle with a plate a candle some black salt a glass and thistles.

I explained to them that everything was ok and they didn't do anything wrong (they really didn't! !!)
We lit the candle. Crushed the black salt and made a witches bottle with a letter to the neighbour to be kind and friendly.
After we placed it below our trashcan to suck up all evil they were so relaxed, laughing joking. They felt so much better!

A few days later my five year old built a catapult like machine with his lego. He used it to send protection to those we love - his best friend, his gradparents, our landlords and their dad who had to work late that night.

I'm a bit amazed how our magical act was adapted and understood as something natural and full of love. No idea why I felt so unsure about it.

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