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Lucid dreaming: The Zeloreon Process

Discussion about out-of-body experiences (astral travel), lucid dreaming, and other sleep related phenomenon such as night terrors and sleep paralysis.

Lucid dreaming: The Zeloreon Process

Postby Zeloreon » Fri Jul 28, 2017 2:42 am

Hello! Welcome, one and all to today's lesson:
Lucid dreaming, as a process

My name is Zeloreon but you can call me Zel! This lesson will be brought to you in multiple posts, because my tablet is glitchy and I don't have a computer, so one very long post simply won't do. Anyway. Let's begin.

Our first step it to:
Identify your Totem
A totem can be anything; A key. A figurine. It can be absolutely anything. But there must be some portion of that totem that links it to you. Perhaps your me, and you have a smartphone with you most everywhere you go... A smartphone highly personalized by and for you. Hm. How convenient.

Anyway. What you must do is vandalize it in some obscure way, on a portion of it not normally visible upon first glance. Maybe something inside the case...

Anyway. Vandalize doesn't mean damage, it could be a tiny sticker, or something you'd otherwise never notice if you weren't already aware of it. Now that you've modified your item just a tiny bit more... You go to sleep.

If you're like me, the things you use and see every single day tend to show up in your dreams. For me... Well, there's a few I use, actually, but the phone is most common. Anyway, when you see your Totem in your dream, as you likely will, check it. Examine it to make sure that little bit you added is still there. Considering you don't look at it normally, it won't be there. It will be missing. This will trick your consciousness into a waking dream.
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Re: Lucid dreaming: The Zeloreon Process

Postby Zeloreon » Fri Jul 28, 2017 2:48 am

Now, we have more than one step. Step two is to:

Create a mantra

This mantra is personalized for you. This mantra is what you repeat to yourself as you fall asleep, to remind you to check your totem. For example.

I tell myself to check my phone. As I'm falling asleep, I relax and let myself drift off, and repeat to myself, 'check the charge... Check the charge...' not out loud, but in my mind, as I relax and drift. This thus gives me a jumping point for which my dreams can occur. All good things need a starting point, and if I keep my totem in mind, it will always go from there. I will check my totem, see the abnormality, and thus wake my consciousness into the dream.
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Re: Lucid dreaming: The Zeloreon Process

Postby Zeloreon » Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:00 am


Yes, there's only two steps, but both steps take a considerable amount of time to actually achieve. You must first identify your totem, the thing you know you will see in your dreams, then mark it in less see-able place. Once you've identified your totem, you create your personal mantra and practice each night with both your totem and mantra in mind.

Example: me:

Totem = phone
Mantra = 'Check the charge'

Almost without fail, any time I've entered a dream and checked my phone, I've been primarily in my room, and when I check charge level, it tends to be around 135% or -67% or some of that weirdness. That reminds me that it is abnormal, and I wake myself into my dream thusly.

Example 2:

Totem: figurine
Mantra: where is my (figurine)

It is likely you will enter your dream holding the totem. Examine where it 'should' be marked. It will not be marked, if it is not in your awareness regularly. The irregularity should wake you into the dream thusly.

This one is odd but it's worked for me as well. Some of us may own pets. I personally have a black cat. Her name is Suki. I see her literally every day and she's popped into my dreams on more than one occasion. Anyway...

Totem = Pet
Mantra = Pets name, slowly

I suppose it would be helpful to mention that this may only work while your pet is in physical contact with you during the falling asleep process, as my cat often is.

One would, after relaxing, focus their perception on their pet, where they are, how they're laying, how they're in contact with them. This would lead to the pet becoming the dominant thought in the mind, going into a dream state. One may find themselves speaking with their pet in their native tongue, or vice versa.

These are just a few examples. Some of the things I like to do when I -am- lucid dreaming gets a little crazy. I've made a few planets, a couple suns, I like to stretch platinum bars out and strum them like guitars, I've watched as my spirit animal (snake, btw) multiplied and changed into her infinite forms and shapes. Her name is Xenna and she's amazing. There's no limit to your own inner universe. The space between your skull is technically infinite.

Aaaaanyway, this is The Zeloreon Process: A (quick) guide to lucid dreaming.

Thank you for viewing. :D
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Re: Lucid dreaming: The Zeloreon Process

Postby autumn swan » Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:26 am

An object and a Mantra, got it. i Never dream of my phone Or anything from my presence. My purpose for learning lucid dreaming is to escape nightmares who put me back into the past. Yesterday i Tried it for the first Time... the object i called was mjölnir, we know each other from different context. He Came easily, it was Brillant! I was lucid pretty much the whole Night. Its a very good tool to work on my mind and healing ptsd. I am excited to see where it will bring me. :D
May the Lord and the Lady bless you.
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