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Lucid dream about a white buffalo???? interpretation help?

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Lucid dream about a white buffalo???? interpretation help?

Postby dreamcatcher » Thu Jun 21, 2012 5:55 pm

in my dream i was in thiis room with my grandma and grandpa (both of whom are dead and i've never even seen before in my life) and then this lady comes in through the window (and she has some cruel vibes) with a couple men clothed in black. they start ransacking the room and my grandma and grandpa getted pulled out and in the middle of it, the lady ruins this really big white bird feather that was sitting on a dresser and then i got really mad and took it back from her and somehow fixed it and made it all smooth a whole again. Then, the lady and her henchmen start argueing about something and i end up with a stake through my head. i fall to the floor and stay there for a minute before just pulling the stake out of my head and standing back up. the lady is all excited and suddenly the dream switches to this underground pool thing with an island in the center. theres this like machine gun on the island being manned by this kid(a girl) and theres lots of other kids around me and we're all swimming in the pool getting shot at and whenever we get shot at, we're supposed to duck under water and avoid it and all of us kids are wearing jumpsuits and are seperated into groups by the color of our jumpsuits. Then, in walks my best friend's little sister (whose name is Julia but for some reason i called her Jules in the dream) and she's wearing a purple jumpsuit and she's the only one in purple so i call her over and tell her that she can't say my name out loud near there and then suddenly, the pool dissappears and the lady's face pops up really big for a second with a sly grin before its replaced by my grandparent's faces looking all worried. Then, Julia and i were suddenly each riding on a huge white buffalo and for some reason we were herding white cattle across Africa but then my brother woke me up but i had a feeling that the dream had more to go, you know?

is my subconscous just really messed up or is there an actual meaning to this???
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