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Suggestions for Low Budget Witchcraft

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Suggestions for Low Budget Witchcraft

Postby MysticDreamFaerie » Tue Jul 08, 2014 8:31 am

I've been running low of money, I'm on disability and I can't buy all these tools at once but I'm wondering what you're basic tools would be. The goal I'm going for is making healing spells; oils, spells, etc. I know my depression won't completely go away but I want to help other people around me as well and I've been interested in Witchcraft ever since I was nineteen years old. Right now I feel behind because I haven't bought any books as of lately but I'm working my way around to it.

Does this make me any less a witch cause I'm behind on things? Right now I'm trying to heal from certain things, I've been traumatized and each time I come on here I feel bad cause I feel so behind on my life in general and can't reply to a few of the topics cause I haven't gotten anywhere with my spells as of yet. The one thing I do is I meditate, use my tarot cards and listen to a lot of new age music and try to put myself in a calm place. Should I be feeling this way? Is this in any effort putting my energy out there? I need your help. Thanks! :flyingwitch:
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Re: Low Budget Witchcraft...Any Suggestions?

Postby Holdasown » Tue Jul 08, 2014 8:46 am

An easy way with no tools to do healing spells is to just imagine yourself or someone else in white light. You can use a candle and when you blow the candle out imagine the energy going out to the person. I don't think there is such a thing as behind. I started witchcraft at 37. Just do what you can when you can. It's not a contest and most here don't post count. The things you list like meditation and cards are great daily things to do. If you are looking for oil basic olive oil can be used to dress your candle and for healing.
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Re: Low Budget Witchcraft...Any Suggestions?

Postby hecate8 » Tue Jul 08, 2014 12:34 pm

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram works well for some people for depression. Have you tried that?
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Re: Low Budget Witchcraft...Any Suggestions?

Postby loona wynd » Tue Jul 08, 2014 4:15 pm

As for tools why not use something you already have? A besom could be your house broom. Athames can be letter openers. Wands can come from trees in your yard or in the area. Your chalice could be a regular cup that gets consecrated with use. I wouldn't focus on the tools so much as I would what you have available. You can always use your hand as an athame or wand for directing energy.

You might have some stuff in your spice cabinet you could use for ritual and spell work. Witchcraft is using what is available to you and working with it in a way that works for you and achieves the results you wish. Look at what you have around you and you will be able to find something that you can use.

I use a lot of paper and wrapping paper ribbon, but it works.
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Re: Low Budget Witchcraft...Any Suggestions?

Postby Zili » Tue Jul 08, 2014 9:07 pm

Not having tools or books doesn't make you less of a witch. Its not the appearance that matters but what's in the heart.

I know when giving dorm living witches advice on safe altars they're allowed to have in the dorm room is to use pictures of candles and if they don't have money for statues to use either stones they've found when walking around or printed out pictures too (or hand drawn remember it doesn't have to be perfect).

For working with the healing aspect have you experimented with energy healing?
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Re: Low Budget Witchcraft...Any Suggestions?

Postby Spirit Caller » Wed Jul 09, 2014 5:03 am

(In full moon) A low budget healing spell is voodoo! Make a doll from green colour, you can use green thick paper for that, then get a niddle and put it where the one need to heal, then concetrate upon it,say some words like "Oh Goddess please heal <name> so he/she will fell no pain"! You shold have 2 black candles lighted during the spell!! Good luck and tell me if it worked!! :)
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Re: Low Budget Witchcraft...Any Suggestions?

Postby AnaisStar » Sun Jul 13, 2014 8:57 am

The tools dont make a witch, the intention of the witch does.

You dont need all those tools to practice your craft. But if you feel you need them to aid you, then look around your house as Loona mentioned, and create your own from everyday common things. Or look in places like thrift stores (just cleanse and consecrate the items before use to remove others energies).

Creating your own tools will actually make them stronger for you then if you just bought them off of some website. Be creative!
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Re: Suggestions for Low Budget Witchcraft

Postby MsMollimizz » Tue Sep 16, 2014 11:12 pm

I do surveys online and average at least $20/mo from one site
and $20 from another site about every 6weeks or so...I belong
to four different survey sites; they keep me in books since I get
the used ones on amazon. I've recently purchased different stones
for crystal grids...etc.
If you'd like I can give you links or...?
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Re: Suggestions for Low Budget Witchcraft

Postby random417 » Tue Sep 16, 2014 11:32 pm

@dream have you tried the LBRP? If that's helping, I'd suggest adding the Middle Pillar to it.
@MsMollimizz I could use that if you don't mind, you could pm me so we don't sideline the thread
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Re: Suggestions for Low Budget Witchcraft

Postby Vesca » Wed Sep 17, 2014 10:04 pm

The definition of "witch" tends to vary from one person to the next, it's probably worth mentioning that it may be worth looking at what the term "witch" means to you.

Personally, while I have several tools to hand (both handmade and not), I rarely use... any of them beyond my oil diffuser. If I could go back, I probably wouldn't have even bothered purchasing the majority of them. Most of what I do doesn't require any tools beyond what I can make at home on a whim, or what I can improvise with out in the natural world (aside from the aforementioned diffuser). The actual oils I put into the diffuser are becoming more and more my own handmade product.

Being a witch doesn't have anything to do with what kind of props, altar, tools, or fancy home-decor temple room you can afford. It has to do with your inner self, your connection to the world around you (depending on your own particular path), and your beliefs.
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Re: Suggestions for Low Budget Witchcraft

Postby Katiara » Wed Oct 15, 2014 1:49 am

One is never behind, as life is never a race but a journey... and you should enjoy each day discovering new things. Our ancestors did not have a Wal-Mart or whatever store to just run to, to buy everything. I prefer to use what is at hand, or easily gotten (ie free or low cost via thrift stores). If you feel you need candle holders, hit up the Dollar Tree, they are $1 each, can't go wrong with that. or check out yard sales and thrift stores. Also an awesome resource is Freecycle. As far as books before buying anything check your local library. it is amazing what you can find there. Also there are plenty of free resources online. If there are other like minded people/friends near where you live you can always try a book swap program? As for tools, I do have an athame but only because it was gifted to me (and over the last 18 or so years I think I may have actually honestly used it a dozen or so times), my chalice came from a thrift store.. it is a pretty green wine glass (and I have seen similar at the dollar store).

Talking about oils and herbs for healing.. as someone else mentioned olive oil has been used for centuries in various religions for healing and anointing oil. I like to use a light oil (either veg or cheapest olive oil not extra virgin) for infusions (take some oil put in a seal-able usually glass container, add herbs and let sit for a few days-week turning once a day or so until the herbs have perfumed/infused the oil), by light I mean barely to no scent. For salves I find myself turning more to coconut oil for a base.

I hope you find some of these useful.
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Re: Suggestions for Low Budget Witchcraft

Postby AnaisStar » Sat Nov 08, 2014 8:57 am

Another idea...take a walk and just pick up things that draw your attention. Great way to get close to nature and bring it into your work.

A stick can become a wand. A shell can become your cauldron or censer.
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Re: Suggestions for Low Budget Witchcraft

Postby SpiritTalker » Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:20 pm

Altar tools are easy to get by repurposing from the kitchen. When id started I'd used a kitchen utility knife, a $2 box of Xms candles & a candle holder i found on clearance, & a cereal bowl from the kitchen for small burnings. I made a stick-wand (free) & pentacle from a flat stone (free); lighted a bay leaf (ignites fast!) for incense. Moonlight infused Lustral water is free to make. Variety stores (or today's dollar stores) carry low cost candles & herbs. My altar's & supplies are not too different today after 30 years... I get candles in bulk off Amazon now & still use kitchen herbs. I eventually replaced the cereal bowl with a brass one. Yard sales & thrift stores are great resources.

Most spells require little in materials & consulting magical properties helps to substitute easily; for rituals we can use table salt in water to purify space & olive oil is traditional for anointing (olive represents fruitfulness & victory). Use yarn or twine for knot/cord spells. Recycle small jars (baby-food jars are perfect) for witch bottle or honey jar spells, use envelopes as spell packets (or use coffee filters) & draw on sigils. Witchcraft doesn't depend on fancy packaging so don't let yourself be distracted by salesmanship.

This web site is loaded with ideas. Use it's free correspondence table & other guides. Active Meditation is 1 way to raise vitality & increase interest in life. Rather than the sit & be still type of meditation you go out in the sunlight (get free vitamin D), move around & observe things around you. Reflect on them. Appreciate them. Thank them. Salute the sky. Greet the earth. Then return home & have a cuppa tea or hot chocolate. No one's watching & grading you. Just be yourself.
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