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Love Vial

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Love Vial

Postby dualhands » Sat Jul 11, 2015 6:35 pm

This is for creating a vial that will attract love.

Items needed:
Rose quartz
amethyst chips or stone
lemon verbena
vial and cork
silver wire
parchment and ink

1. take your vial and put the rose quartz in first, then the amethyst chips or stone.

2. put your jasmine flowers on top and compact it down slightly.

3.take the damiana and pack on top of the jasmine.

4.take the lemon verbena leaf and compact that on top of the damiana

5.take your chamomile and compact that on top of the lemon verbena leafs.

6. Place the cork in and make sure its nice and tight.

7. Get your parchment and ink. Draw a love sigil, or write love in whatever form you wish. Place this on the glass vial and wrap the silver wire around parchment.

When your done it should look something like this.



Sorry for the poor lighting :oops:
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Re: Love Vial

Postby Binglian » Fri Aug 28, 2015 10:58 pm

Hi Dualhands, I love your idea of a love vial! loveface

Could you change the vial into a friendship vial? What would you recommend to put into a friendship vial if that's the case?

After you made the love vial, do you carry it with you, or store it somewhere? Could I also charge it in the moonlight as well?
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