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looking for some simple spells please ! (:

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looking for some simple spells please ! (:

Postby larkspur » Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:40 am

do you guys have any easy/simple spells you like ? specifically positive stuff, maybe for luck or protection or getting rid of negativity ? i'm not looking for anything in particular, just stuff a beginner could do and something that would promote positivity in my life (: anything would be appreciated, thank you so much !
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Re: looking for some simple spells please ! (:

Postby SpiritTalker » Mon Apr 02, 2018 10:18 am

Writing is a very magical act. We set our intent in the act of writing it. An easy peasy spell is to write on the wind using the "blessing fingers" power-charged (parallel index & middle fingers). Write the fewest words that best state your desire, 3 or 9 times. Push the fire in the belly into it as you write. Seal it with an air drawn pentagram. Fancy it up and use a stick of smoking incense to write with.

Write on a cup of water with your empowered blessing fingers. If the water has captured the reflection of the full moon, so much better. Push the fire in the belly into it. Then drink the water to take the spell energy into yourself. For changing a habit you'd want to write the desired behavior you want to have & not the bad habit to be overcome. What is written will be ingested. Water is known as a very magical substance. It comes in 3 amazing varieties - liquid, solid & vapor. Dr. Imoto's research shows that it retains memory & responds to emotional input.

Use a written petition to overcome an obstacle. Write the name, thing or issue to be overcome smack in the middle of a 3" square of paper. Rotate the paper 1/4 turn and over-write the obstacle with your own name 3 times. Push the fire in the belly into it as you over-write the obstacle. Make your name like a list with one name below the next, over writing and obliterating the obstacle. Rotate the paper 1/4 turn again and write your name 3 more times like a list over-top of the others. And once more, rotate the paper 1/4 turn and repeat. You'll have written your name 9 times total on top of the obstacle. Fold the paper in 1/2, rotate and fold in 1/2 again, rotate & fold again. Put it in a spell box and on the next full moon unfold it and burn it. Scatter the ash outdoors. Fire (burning) & Air (scattering ash) are active elements so they activate spell working.

If fire/burning isn't possible, then use Air alone & shred/cut the paper into tiny, small fragments & scatter them into the Air. A windy day is a plus.

Adapt a written petition spell for additional uses by writing a 2-3 word goal to be attained in the middle of the paper, but instead of listing your name as the conqueror, you fill up the paper completely with a positive, claiming, owning phrase that states the goal. Push the fire in the belly into it. Repeat the 1/4 turn rotations twice more for a total of 3 times. Fold and store until the full moon and then unfold and burn. Scatter the ash.

Are you hearing that push the fire-in-the-belly into it part? :evilwitch:

Basic Know-How

You absolutely must use your own form of the fire-in-the-belly, gut-felt intention to bring your witch-powers into play. Then set that intent by pushing it into something to hold the spell. That's it. How you dress it up is 'optional.

Use steps 1-3 below to set your intent into any spell.

1. Raise up some energy by swinging your arms foreword & back to get your body warmed up.
2. Know your goal - to attract what's desired, to repel what's unwanted, to hold-in-place.
3. Rub your hands together so they tingle and then to set your intent: push the thought energy of that desire from the fire in your belly out thru your hands & gaze, & into the item used to hold the spell.

Don't over-complicate it. Keep it simple.

Candle spells. There is an extensive post detailing candle spells if you want fancier doings, so no need to repeat that here. Candle spells are easy to adapt to any need. You can use any candle and white is all purpose, easy to find. Olive oil is all purpose: the olive is a fruit of success & rubbing a bit of oil on a candle seals your psychic energy to it when you set the intent. So those are the supplies: a candle, olive oil, & matches.

Simple Way To prep the candle: Rub 3 dabs of plain olive oil in your hands, then roll the candle between oiled hands as you state the intent 3 times; or dab the top of a tea light candle. Use positive, present-tense words, otherwise thoughts remain "wannabe". Then stand the candle in it's holder (or in its own wax on a saucer) so you can cup both hands around it to set your intent. Deep breathe. Know your goal in your gut; exhale & push the goal into the candle thru your hands and almighty fierce Witchy gaze. The candle is ready.

The spell: Now light the wick and sit quietly &'gaze into the flame. Observe the flame's many layers of color. Breathe and watch the flame's motion for a few minutes until you are only aware of the flame, then give THANKS to the Powers because the deed is already done and the spell is already fulfilled upon the ethers and KNOW this with a certainty. Prepping set the intent. You dont have to visualize it. It's done.

It's best to let the candle burn completely & keep an eye on it for safety.
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