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Postby EmberWolf » Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:35 pm

Hey all! It's been far too long! I basically just have a question on the interpretation of a reading I just did, to see what you guys think. I've been getting really into Tarot, having finally gotten my first deck, and so has my boyfriend. He did a "How will your week be" reading for me, just because, and it basically forecast a pretty dim week with the end of our relationship at the end. So, I decided to do my own, and I chose a relationship spread and simply asked the cards if we really are going to split. The answer, however, to me, is kind of unclear- the answer card I got was The Hermit. The booklet I have tells me it means to spend time with someone I love, take care of unfinished business, don't stray from my norm, etc., which I don't really see pertaining to my question, unless it's just telling me to do all that and I either will or won't lose him after. So I took to interpreting the card itself rather than using the booklet, and, I mean, Hermit=loneliness in my mind, which could mean the cards really do think we're about to split. So, do any of you have any other versions of what this might mean? Does the Hermit actually stand for something else? Thank you in advance!

Blessings be!
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Re: Interpretation

Postby smogie_michele » Fri Sep 23, 2016 11:57 pm

I am no tarot expert by any means, in fact I am not very skilled at it at all... But my gut tells me that unless things are going terrible for you and your significant other right now or one of you actually WANTS to split, you probably won't be breaking up. From my (limited) understanding of tarot, everyone will interpret the cards a little differently. The little books with the card meanings often offer the very basics. I would suggest continue reading up on tarot, but more than anything keep practice your readings; chances are, when you begin to build more of a relationship with your deck, you will fin that maybe a card like "The Hermit" may have a slightly different meaning to you than what your booklet says.

This is just my view on your situation, so I am interested to see what others who have more experience in this area has to say.
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Re: Interpretation

Postby RosieMoonflower » Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:16 pm

A few things. Tarot interpretations are not set in stone, especially as the illustrations may be drastically different. That said, cards that follow the raider-waite do sort of have set meanings, but that doesn't mean that it can't also mean something else, so duel meanings. I think the number 1 way to interpret the cards correctly is to go with your intuition, so whatever it means to you, whatever the illustration inspires you to think of, that's the correct meaning. Again, that said, the traditional meaning for the Hermit is to be alone. I personally interpret it as taking time away from others for purposes of self growth and development, which is to your benefit. So I don't interpret it as a "lonely" card.

No future or reading is set in stone. If you and your partner want to stay together, you will. I think discussing with him where you both see the relationship and where you both see it going or hope it going is a good idea, to make sure both are on the same page. Good luck!

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