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Interesting Spread

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Interesting Spread

Postby Danek » Mon May 30, 2016 9:24 pm

Hello hello! So I've been really focused on learning about my tarot deck and tarot in general. I've been asking my cards lots of different questions tonight and one of my questions was about what I need to focus on and the general outcome was 7 - Chariot. So finding balance. Then I asked what my strengths were and then my weakness. for the strength and then weakness I did a general past present future spread but I've been doing the Celtic cross as well but it seems so lengthy in the questions I've been asking.. Anyway! So I asked about my weaknesses. As I was shuffling, the Chariot fell out. I assume most people leave the card out as an extra, I take the card into account and put it back (I can leave it out it honestly doesn't matter to me) and it turns out in the future placement it ended up being the chariot. So it's obvious I'm having trouble finding balance. Which I find interesting, just not sure how to find that balance? Sounds like I need to dig deeper inside myself to find out what it's talking about. (However it is that I do that lol)


Much love!!

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