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Self Initiation for Solitary Witches

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Self Initiation for Solitary Witches

Postby Sun_and_Moon » Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:24 pm

Hey all!

This Samhain I'm planning on doing an Initiation Ritual. When I first decided to practice and study Wicca I did a Self-Dedication Ritual and now I feel that it is time for me to move forward spiritually. I've done a lot of research, meditations, and communicating with my personal deities and I feel like doing this ritual would be the best course for me. However, I do have a few concerns. I read that only other Initiates can perform this Ritual, and the wiccans that I do know personally are all on the same level that I am. The three of us collectively decided that we want to be Initiated, but feel stuck as there is no one but ourselves to perform the Ritual. Is it considered appropriate for all three of us to Initiate each other? We've studied the Craft for anywhere between 3-5 years collectively and all of us feel spiritually ready for this step. If anyone has any thoughts, comments, insight that they could share with me, or if anyone has been Initiated on this site and would like to share their experiences, it would be much appreciated!

Blessed Be and thank you!

Postby AariadaWillow » Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:13 am

I personally believe that the term "initiation" without "self" behind it is only relevant in a coven context. What I mean by that is that you can be "initiated" into a coven, or into a specific tradition of wicca by a high priest/priestess if the tradition so requires. But, if you are solitary or otherwise not connected to a group or sect, then the self-dedication ritual IS your "initiation".
In other words, I would give a Wiccan initiation this definition.
1. To be formally accepted into a specific coven, or into a Wiccan tradition which requires high priest/priestess initiation to formally study. (which I think is silly but that's another story)
And self-dedication this one
2. Synonymous with self-initiation.
There is either an initiation (1.) Or a self-initiation (2.) The latter being the same thing as a self-dedication.

This is all just my personal opinion.
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