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How do you communicate with your Gods/Goddesses?

For discussion and questions about Gods and Goddesses.

Re: How do you communicate with your Gods/Goddesses?

Postby Oddball » Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:10 pm

Just want to say that this thread has been uber helpful! I've been struggling with this for a while & all the different responses are fascinating! :D
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Re: How do you communicate with your Gods/Goddesses?

Postby Shekinah » Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:14 pm

I have a dedicated sacred space with altar in a room from which I always go to communicate with my Goddess. I will light a sprig of white sage and trace an invocation pentagram over the pentagram engraved on my altar and with the smoldering leaf spiral up to a picture representative of my Goddess on the wall over my altar. I trace a circle of smoke around Her image to represent a portal between worlds. If my Goddess appears (sometimes She may not) I have a method of "seeing" Her presence and if in attendance I will create and hold a mental image to convey my message. Most often I see in her expression if and how She has reacted to my message and will have a mental concept of Her answer. If I do not see her I will try again at a later time knowing I am not Her only student and certainly She is not subject to my bidding.
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Re: How do you communicate with your Gods/Goddesses?

Postby StarryWater » Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:51 am

You can use mantra also. Make one in praise of the deity, and chant it with voice or in your mind. Use words meaningful to you. Do not do it mechanically (even if it may begin like that), but let emotions naturally come and color how you say chant it, and it becomes like singing. Vary the way you sing as comes natural. Experiment with modifying and extending the mantra, as you chant it, if you are compelled to. Keep the deity in mind at the same time, and the mantra becomes a way of connecting and interacting. When this happens, I can chant it all day long, as it is really activating the connection. There is no big deal if nothing happens, you just continue to chant it till your mind relax and things start to happen. Sooner or later it will. Do it as you go trough your daily activities. (I borrow this a little from Bhakti Yoga, it is a way of devotion)
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Re: How do you communicate with your Gods/Goddesses?

Postby Shadee » Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:15 am

I think I'm not that good at listening to them yet. My meditations are short and easily disturbed. I need training. But still, my Goddess and God are trying their best to soothe my anxiety... they use signs, so I can see.

Today, I thought I had wronged them. I got depressed. But when I went in the kitchen, I found these on the table...


It made me feel better about myself. For whatever the wrong I did, they're still by my side.
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