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How do I know what my Totem/Power Animal is?

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How do I know what my Totem/Power Animal is?

Postby dynet » Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:28 am

How do I know what my Totem/Power Animal is?

Your Totem/Power Animal may make itself known to you in many ways. Some of these ways are as follows:

You can use cards (such as Power Animal, Medicine Cards or Druid Animal Oracle cards) to ask what your Totem/Power Animal is. The qualities these power animals have, and how you can use these in your daily life, can be found on the instructions that accompany the cards.

During meditations, or in your dreams, you may find you keep seeing a particular animal or bird.

A particular animal, bird or reptile may turn up again and again in books, on TV, signs, advertisements or when you're out and about.

For centuries, people have used their bible (or other spiritual book) to find answers to questions and to give them guidance. Why not try to find your totem animal using a book that has images of animals, birds and reptiles in it. Just close your eyes, ask your totem animal to reveal itself to you, open the book and see what animal you find on the page the book has opened up at. You could even try dowsing with a pendulum to find and identify your Power Animal. Sometimes you may find fur or hair belonging to a certain animal, or a feather from a particular bird, which could also be signs from your Totem/Power animal.

You'll probably find different Totem/Power Animals come to you at different times in your life. Just like you may call upon your Spirit Guide for assistance, you can also call upon a particular animal/bird to help you too. Some Native American Indians believe Totem Animals are Spirit Guides in animal form. Each Totem/Power Animal has several different qualities, so you'd choose one with the qualities you need, or that you could use to deal with particular areas of your life.

Let me tell you how I once came to discover my Totem Animal was a Wolf. In the late 1990's I found I was constantly given items with wolves on them (I'd never mentioned I liked wolves to anyone, so it seemed strange to suddenly start receiving these items). In 1998, two friends gave me a Christmas present and said 'I hope you'll like this - it's got your name written all over it!' When I unwrapped my gift it was a large picture of a wolf. The following Mother's Day I got a picture of a Dream Catcher, with a white wolf inside it from my daughter. Several months later, I received an oil painting that showed a wolf's head. Rising up out of the top of the wolf's head is an Indian maiden. In 1999, my daughter gave me a pebble with a wolf symbol painted on it for my birthday.

About 12 months later, I found out that wolves are said to represent pathfinders and teachers (this was interesting, as I was a teacher at that time), they also symbolise loyalty, success, perseverance, stability and thought. The wolf also represents the mother who protects her family. I found that out after watching a late night film on TV. In this film a woman was having recurring dreams about a wolf and a raven. Her friend, who was a Native American Indian, explained the symbolic meaning of the dreams. In 1999, I became a single parent and I was also caring for my invalid mother, so I became a mother protecting her family. Ever since I was a child I have always loved wolves, I think they are intelligent, beautiful animals. It's said when wolves hunt in packs they communicate with one another telepathically.

Recently, I used a Totem Animal meditation exercise with my psychic awareness group. This exercise proved very successful. During my meditation a BEAR and a HORSE appeared to me. After the meeting had ended, I looked up the meanings associated with these animals.
The BEAR teaches us to allow ourselves time to be nurtured, to ask and receive information in order that we might accomplish our goals, advises that we be brave enough to acknowledge a time in our life where we need to retreat to enable great things to be born, and asks us to imagine what can be born within us if we allow ourself the time for hibernation. Bear tells us to spend time connecting to nature and to own our own dreams and teaches us ways we can protect those we love, as well as ways we can go within ourselves and find ways to use our resources to survive.

The HORSE represents freedom (and the power that goes with being free), also movement or a new spiritual or physical adventure. Those who walk with the horse as their totem are often leaders who forge new paths of awareness. The power of the Horse can take its rider into new spiritual territory. It reminds us of our inner power and gives us courage to move forward.

Why these animals have significance at this time in my life:

These Totem Animals appeared to me before I knew I was about to be made redundant. Losing regular income from my full-time job has made me look carefully at ways I can use my resources to survive. I did apply for another job that I would really have liked, but I didn't get it. Though I was initially very disappointed when I didn't get the job I applied for, I've now come to accept it wasn't meant to be. Working full-time (with very few holidays) was very tiring. As I'm not working at the moment, I've now been able to rest (Bear mentions hibernating so new ideas can be within us). I've also been able to find time to do the things (spiritually) I've been wanting to do for quite a while. Spiritual Quest forum is one of the things I want to do (I find it interesting that the Totem Animal Horse mentions horse taking its rider into new spiritual territory, forging new paths of awareness).

Now I've finished sharing my Totem/Power Animal experiences with you, perhaps you'd like to share yours too?

If you're not sure what to write, then just try and answer the following questions: What is your Totem/Power Animal? Have you had more than one? What do you feel your Totem/Power Animal is trying to show you?

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Postby reikihealer83 » Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:38 pm

Finding out your spirit guide and animal can be done with meditation as well. I liked to go for walk a LOT in college. One night I went for a walk and all of a sudden I just saw a wolf walking beside me. I was not scared but a bit shocked. I was tired that night so I thought nothing of it until I went for another walk a couple days later and it appeared again. That is how I knew it was my animal. The cards are also a great way. Do what works well for you and eventually you will find your animal.
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Postby Y0m » Thu Apr 01, 2010 7:50 am

FirewolfIronriver wrote:Hmmm when I tries communicating with mine he said he wouldn't show himself I never asked but thts wht it asked maybe I'm nt spiritually ready to see him

Yep, exactly. I have a very very powerful spirit guide who won't even talk to me... but he's been training me.

So sometimes they know best for us. Just keep working on yourself and maybe you'll earn the chance to see him/her/it lol. Basicly I think that some guides are beings that are so powerful and wise that they beleive that you should come to their level... rather then them lowering themselves to yours. It is another motivation to improve and do good.

All I know is I love you.
That's about all I can do.
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