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how do I get started in practicing witchcraft or rituals?

Firebird started out on her path in 1987 after finding her biological family where she learned of her Native American roots. She continued on a solitary journey, absorbing as much as she could about spirituality, when she joined a coven in 1994 where the focus was in Celtic shamanism, fertility, and healing. Ordained in 1999 in this Celtic tradition as well as in the ULC, she would be happy to answer questions on solitary practice as well as group dynamic. She specializes in herb lore, wildcrafting, as well as stones, ritual design, shapeshifting, dreamwork, spells, incense blends, and more. Feel free to stop in the Den of the Firebird and see if she can help.

how do I get started in practicing witchcraft or rituals?

Postby ice99 » Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:05 pm

what do I need to do to practice witchcraft as a solitary wizard? I dont know exactly what to do? I live in a country where there are not alot of shops selling magick products, so I dont know what to do exactly? :fairy:
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Re: how do I get started in practicing witchcraft or rituals

Postby SpiritTalker » Mon Oct 15, 2018 5:38 pm

Regarding supplies: witch's gear doesn't have to come from a magical shop. We make our tools magical when we magnetize them with energy. Those glamourized products are just ordinary things with fancy packaging & the tools are fancy dishes. You can use ordinary dishes, cooking herbs, oils & household candles for witchcraft. The iconic cauldron & broom were repurposed from old time kitchens so we can do the same.

If you're just interested in spell casting browse the spells section for inspiration. Look in the book reviews for suggested books to read.

The most used ritual is casting a circle. It teaches you how to ground, center, direct energy, create protected space (shield) & balance the Elements; all the basics in one package, so it's a good place to start. The basic idea is to raise power then load, aim & shoot to project a circle of energy around yourself. Browse discussions for how-to's.

Start-up tools: incense bowl, cup, plate, knife, candle holder.
You probably already have some of these. Use cup & plate for food offerings. Project energy with either pointing fingers or any table knife. The cup/blade represent Goddess/God. Any flat surface with some elbow room is a good work-space.

Expendable supplies: incense, candles, water, salt, olive oil
Supplies symbolize the 5 elements of air, fire, water, earth & aether respectively. Mix salt & water to purify circles, the altar & tools. Use incense to bless. Olive oil holds a psychic charge so is used for anointing. You're good to go.

Other Things you might use:
.Lighter or matches
.Mortar & pestle - use a shallow bowl & the back of a spoon for herb grinding
.Notebook & pen - use for your notes, spell-formulas or drawing spell sigils.
.Stones - any stone found laying on the ground will hold intent; white quartz is all-purpose.
.String/twine/yarn - for cord & knot magic.
.Wand - find a fallen branch on the ground; peel, sand & decorate. You must have a friendship with the spirit-of-the-place, ask permission & cleanly cut to use a live branch. Do not break a branch off a tree. Trees are living Beings witches honor & respect.

Home-made Incense: grind & mix bay leaf & rosemary (purifies); or cinnamon powder, ground coffee & cocoa powder (rids evil eye). Roll a 3-inch strip of ordinary paper into a tube like a cigarette. Stand it upright in a bowl with an inch's depth of sand or salt to hold the tube upright. Fill the tube with your choice of mix. Light the top so the paper burns the contents. (source: YouTube Mirth & Reverence)

And please take a minute to introduce yourself & let us hear back from you some time.
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