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Horiffically Real Dream...Lucid?

Discussion about out-of-body experiences (astral travel), lucid dreaming, and other sleep related phenomenon such as night terrors and sleep paralysis.

Horiffically Real Dream...Lucid?

Postby SunshineDust » Wed Apr 20, 2011 3:55 pm

A few nights ago, or was it a week? I had the most vivid, and disturbing dream I've had in my life. Usually when I dream they are either 'boring' or just funny weird, and hardly memorable. What disturbs me the most is that this was more of a nightmare. I thought i was actually happening, and in my dream was confronted with the most cruel woman I've ever seen. Everything about her screamed evil. I can still picture her perfectly, and her cruel, cold, rutheless eyes that seem to say "I don't even fear the master of death" are in my head all day every day, since. When I woke, it took me a minute to even realize it was a dream and just felt entirely helpless, numb, yet full of despair. My nonpagan (mostly atheist) friends say it's just a lucid dream and nothing to worry about. But me and my friends who believe there are more to dreams (mostly pagans) believe several different things. One that perhaps someone is 'getting in my head' and trying to cause harm, while others think it's just a state of my health mentally and physically. Any thoughts? If needed or curious, I can post the dream.
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Re: Horiffically Real Dream...Lucid?

Postby Adder » Wed Apr 20, 2011 5:31 pm

I guess it depends on the nature of your belief. I believe the soul is tied to the subconscious and that dreaming can put our minds in a state where spirits can communicate. I don't think it is a particularily easy avenue as the body seems to dream for health reasons and I usually find spiritual experiences that occur within sleep really shatter the construct of any dream and as such they tend not to occur as part of a dream, but this might be different for different people. Lucid dreams then for me tend to be some sort of reinforcement of your awareness of the spiritual world albeit as intepreted by your mind. Perhaps your dream might be a sign your about to meet someone with great power/potential etc.
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Re: Horiffically Real Dream...Lucid?

Postby AutumnMaidens » Wed Apr 20, 2011 5:32 pm

If someone were trying to do you harm your would notice more things then just in your dreams. You would notice in your state of mind and he energies around you, the way you contact the spiritual. There would be more indicators.
I've had night terrors like these, night terrors that were so vivid I would not believe it hadn't happened unless I had checked several times. They are usually caused by stress or negativity, can be your own or people around you. For me it was the negative emotions of people I worked with, I started 'seeing' their fears as my own.
What you can try is shielding yourself by wearing a labradorite which protects the aura or visualising a protective circle around you.

Hope this helped
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Re: Horiffically Real Dream...Lucid?

Postby SunshineDust » Sun May 01, 2011 1:07 am

thank you :] alternative insights are always helpful as i continue to come to terms with such a dream.
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