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Help with Love Spell I Want to Cast

Questions and posts about love spells.

Help with Love Spell I Want to Cast

Postby Bellia_Arian » Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:41 pm

Hello again,

Here is the other spell I had questions about, I've also copied this one into my B.O.S...I know you shouldn't do spells back to back, I've just got a few questions lol so its a little more clear to me. I also copied this from Just Wicca (thanks goes to Raven Moon :)

Spell to Bring Someone To You

This spell should be done during the waxing moon on a Wednesday night

What You’ll Need:

3 brown candles
A dish
1 white altar candle
a picture of the person

Place your white candle in the center of your altar on the dish and light it. Place the 3 brown candles in front of the white ones. The center brown candle and the white candle should be aligned.

Place the picture of the person on or near the center brown candle. Light the candles and chant “Come to me” while meditating on the flames. Do this for 3 minutes.

Snuff the candles and repeat the ritual everyday at the same time for three days. You should try to do this ritual on the hours of 3, 7 or 9 (meaning am or pm) and On the third night let all the candles burn down on there own.

Within a week you should run into the person, hear from the person, or someone will mention the person to you.

Ok here goes...first do you HAVE to have an Altar for this spell(because I do not at this time). Now when it says place the three brown candles in front of the white one does it mean to place them in a row (horizontal) or in a row (vertical)?? I'm going to guess horizontal as the center brown candle has to be aligned with the white candle. Next when it says place the picture of the person on or near the center brown candle, can the picture be placed under the candle?? Or can we place it in front of the candle?

Thanks for helping, sorry for all the questions...
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Re: Another Love Spell question

Postby AMwitch05 » Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:58 am

I hate to have to burst your bubble about justwicca site but ive heard from a lot of sources shes not wiccan and shes only doing this to make money at home, now starwitch is a true wiccan all the justwicca ravenmoon persons spells on her site are not wrote by her, plus she stole 3 of my spells after I unfriended her. Plus If you kinda look closely and possibly copy some of them spells down you would probably see some of those spells are stolen off other websites. :( I just hate to have to put it that way but she in no way is a trustworthy wiccan site to visit. Even starwitch would kinda tell you that for sure. Blessed be

Also wiccans don't go near necromancy in any bit, and she for has topics on her site about. Not a true wiccan indeed.
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