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Postby saianalyd » Sun Feb 19, 2006 8:36 am

I would like to know 2 things

1) how to start doing spells and practicing magic,. what spells should i try first? How do I use them? Ya know, stuff like that

2) My mother would not want me doing magick (though my dad would not mind at all) and my sister would make fun of me. I don't really want them to know.....which spells are discreet
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Postby moonlit » Mon Feb 20, 2006 1:50 pm

I would sujest protection spells to be your first spells of practice.

The most discrete spells I know of would be natural or elemental magic spells because most of them dont even have to have words at all. you can just use will and visualization if you want and most of the needed items can be found right in your home and yard.

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Re: HELP-------where2start

Postby SpiritTalker » Thu May 16, 2019 3:40 am

I think it helps to take time to learn how to ground yourself & how to raise & project energy before leaping into spells to help build confidence. To do these basic steps - think it, feel it, say it in your mind.
. To ground, sit straight & imagine your spine connects you the earth below & sky above.
. To center, pull energy on the breath from earth & sky into the belly.
. To project, push from the belly & out your hand as you exhale.

Starter kit
. Test kitchen herbs; feel, smell, taste each. Does it attract or repel? Subdue or energize? Responses suggest uses for blessing or protection.
. Collect stones from different locations. Look for markings & that they’re easy to hold. Water smoothed stones help healing, single-banded stones aid wishes, intersecting lines like a map aid path finding, hag stones with holes clear through are protective. White quartz is all purpose. Stoke a stone while swaying & chanting (to get in the zone) to effect a desired change.
. Make a pendulum with any weight on a 9” string. Ask only yes/no questions.
. Gear: battery candles & holders, aerosol mist, potion cup, offering dish, oil, salt, notebook & pen.
. Build sacred space. Place your gear where you will be working. Use any broom to sweep a circle <~widdershins to cleanse & then walk deosil~> while pointing a finger to project power from the gut to form a circle. See it in your mind. Start & end both revolutions at north. A simple circle dissipates when walked through.

Candle spells would be noticeable & create drama so use spells like 9-knot Rhyme & drawing sigils. All that's used is a piece of twine & rhyme or pen & paper. They are both adaptable to any intention.
. The 9-Knot rhyme is: by knot 1 the spell's begun, by knot 2 it comes true, by knot 3 so shall it be, by knot 4 the power is stored, by knot 5 the spell's alive, by knot 6 the spell is fixed, by knot 7 it is given, by knot 8 it is fate, by knot 9 it is mine.
. Tie one knot in the twine for each verse. "Set intent" by pushing focused power from the gut & into the twine. The knots are then untied at a later , favorable time to activate the spell, ie., Dawn for summoning & Increasing; noon for fullest power; & dusk for decreasing & banishing.
. For sigils - write your goal in a positive, present tense phrase (I have, it is). Don't write what you don't want. Cross out the vowels (a,e,i,o,u,y). Cross out any duplicate consonants. Scramble & attach the remaining consonants to each other to make an artsy hieroglyph; draw a circle around the final version & cut it out. Store or carry the encircled glyph an hour or a day or a month, then shred it or burn it outdoors. Destroying the item is an ancient practice to move the spell into the a etheric realm where it can attain sufficient elemental mass to manifest. Paper sigils can be put inside shoes or books, backpacks...
. Put protective spells on clothing, guidance spells on shoes & rememberance spells on books, consecrating & charging pocket-talismans. It's all energy work & no special materials to hide. No fancy set up or ritual extravaganza. Virtually anything can be used to hold spells.
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Re: HELP-------where2start

Postby barker » Thu May 16, 2019 9:45 am

Write down on a piece of paper, with a good pen "I want (whatever your desire is)", then sign the piece of paper, and then burn it. And voila, you are doing magic! :flyingwitch:
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Re: HELP-------where2start

Postby Silas Nightfall » Thu May 16, 2019 4:15 pm

I would say a good start would be the following

Creating a sacred space
Casting a circle
Centering, grounding and shielding

After that, it doesn’t matter. Just start. If it’s too complex, try something simpler.

One thing you can do is learn what various sigils do and use them. They can be placed discreetly too.
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