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Help please to begin spells

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Help please to begin spells

Postby Dreamlander » Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:47 am

Hi, i just started witchcraft (haven't even preformed a spell yet). I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice or general help with casting spells. Are there any spells thta are good for beginners?

Also, I'm really confused about ingrediants needed for spells. What is a virgin candle or virgin paper? Are they just objects that havn't been used yet?

Thank you so much!

Re: Help Please to begin spells

Postby AutumnMaidens » Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:23 am

Hiya :)

I've never heard of virgin candles before, but I would guess that would either mean they have never been used or maybe just plain white candles? Other spell ingrediants can be found around the house or anywhere really sometimes you might want to change a few things if they're not possible, if their asking for sea water you can get tap water with salt in it for instance.
If you want to start with spells I would suggest very positive ones. When I just started out I did a bravery spell where I brought a yellow drink out into the sunlight on a sunday and asked the sungod for bravery etc, was very positive and I noticed the effects right away.

I would also experiement with circle casting because you can sometimes see it and feel it so you notice the difference in energies.

Hope that helped
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Re: Help Please to begin spells

Postby SpiritTalker » Sat Nov 23, 2019 8:45 am

The OP has it right - A virgin candle means an unused one, virgin paper means a clean unused sheet of regular paper.

Just suggestions:

Basic starter kit
. Test a few kitchen herbs; rub each between your fingers, then smell & taste each. Notice your reactions. Those that appeal to you suggest blessing uses & those that you pull away from suggest protection uses. Rosemary is multi-purpose.
. Collect a few palm sized stones from different locations. Look for markings & that each is easy to hold. Use water smoothed stones for healing, single banded stones for wishes, stones criss-crossed with lines for path finding. Quartz is all purpose. Hold & stroke a stone while swaying & chanting to effect a desired change. (Ref. C.Williamsen, Museum of WC)
. Gear: heat safe bowl, potion cup, offering dish, candles & holders, oil, salt

Basic skills
. Teach yourself to focus: Gaze at a candle flame until it's all you're aware of. Pay attention to the layers of color. If you wool gather just return your attention to the flame. To meditate - do the same & add Breathing. Ask silently for guidance but stay focused on the flame. Do daily 10-min.
. Practice feeling energy - Hold your palms open & facing but not touching each other. Breathe. Push energy from the belly & through your hands. Notice feelings like a spongy resistance or tingly heat, etc. Shake your hands to clear them.
. Extend your subtle senses to your surroundings, greet the spirit of the place where you are & leave an offering.

Work Space
. Any flat area away from curtains is OK to use & storage space is nice.
. Many witches make their own tools or repurpose household & natural items for discreet altars.
. Battery candles & aerosols can be used if fire & smoke are issues.
. Add devotional images or decor as you like.

Simple Circle - (ref. S.Cunningham & D.Valiente)
. A circle holds energy until you release it & keeps conflicting energy out. It dissipates when walked through.
. Place your gear inside your planned circle area.
. Broom-sweep to cleanse a circular space walking {<~}widdershins; then walk deosil{~>}, point & push to cast the circle.
. Say: "Round, around & round about, all good in & all bad out. / As I walk the circle is cast, guarding all & holding fast."

About Spells:
. Select spell materials related to the goal by element, property, color, scent, appearance, symbolism.
. Passive energy (water & earth) pacify conditions. Active energy (air & fire) activate conditions.
. Use positive, present-tense phrasing (I have, it is), & don't say what you don't want.
. Or chant, "Earth, air, water fire, work you now to my desire, for the good of everyone, so now be it done"
. Know your goal - to attract, to repel or to “charm” something; feel it in the belly & push through the hands.
. Keep the altar elementally balanced for good results.
. see “Simple Spells” post in spell section.

. Potions - put selected herbs in a small pot & add water to cover; simmer 20 minutes. Cool, strain & decant. Dispose of spent herbs. If the water has been moonlight charged, or do it later that's to the good. Potions can be used the same as oils to dress candles & sigil or petition papers & as aerosol sprays & washes. A brew against the evil eye: Combine cinnamon, ground coffee & cocoa powder, cover with water, simmer, etc. but strain through a coffee filter. The powder can also be used dry as incense.
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