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How do I become a witch?

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Re: How do I become a witch?

Postby SnowCat » Wed Aug 19, 2015 6:06 am

I'm definitely one of those "at odds with my personal nature" folks when it comes to the constraints of covens and initiations. That being said, there are many people who do thrive in those circumstances. We all have our idiosincracies. I also refuse to affiliate with a political party, even though it means not being able to vote in the primaries.

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Re: How do I become a witch?

Postby Imperious » Wed Aug 19, 2015 6:14 am

To be totally honest, I always recommend initiation to new witches and warlocks even if they intend to go solo. I honestly feel they're universally positive and nigh on everyone would get a great deal from it.

That belief, however, doesn't extend to saying they're mandatory. It's just flat-out contradictory to say "be a Pagan and be free", and then suffix it with "by the way, you HAVE to be initiated".

Logical contradictions just ain't my bag.
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