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I have a few favors to ask you guys...

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I have a few favors to ask you guys...

Postby starshinehale » Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:05 pm

Hey :) Before I ask my questions... I would just like to thank you for helping me grow more in my knowledge with Wicca. I've been studying the basics of all the elements, the 12 zodiacs, and the phases of the moon. If you have any more advice for me, that will be greatly appreciated :)
My questions are:
Does anybody have the fertility spell? I am in need of this.
Does anybody have a protection spell?
What common candles do you use? And (or) ingredients?
Is it true that, with each spell, it matters what day of the week it is and the phase of the moon?
What easy spells can a newbie do on their own?
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Re: I have a few favors to ask you guys...

Postby SnowCat » Tue Mar 17, 2015 9:56 pm

The best fertility spell is patience. For protection spells, I visualize a protective bubble. If it's for me, I'm very fond of snapping my fingers and saying "Shields up!" I've loved Star Trek from the get go. For newbie spells, I would go with something simple that will have a verifiable result. Use your imagination and your interests.

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Re: I have a few favors to ask you guys...

Postby Sakura Blossom » Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:20 pm

There are actually fertility spells on here, starshinehale. On the actual EUTM website. (:

http://www.everythingunderthemoon.net/s ... spells.htm

I would recommend, however, getting a few spells under your belt with practice before jumping right into more in-depth spells.

Phases of the moon depend on personal belief. I do not follow them, but some do. (: It's up to what you feel is best.

I say the same for ingredients because I'm very much in the belief of "use what feels right at the time". I've never really followed anything set in stone because I enjoy doing my own thing. Haha.

I would highly recommend trying out candle spells for just starting out. They're very easy to do!

Something I'd suggest doing is a protection spell, for example.

You could annoint the candle with an oil that speaks to you or with an oil that does correspond with protection if that's what you choose to do. I know we have a thread on here about oils but I can't for the life of me find it...

You can also carve into the side of the candle your will, which in this example would be "protection".

You could say a simple phrase such as, "As this candle burns out, it's energy is transferred to myself in order to protect me from negativity" and use what Snow suggested with shielding.

Let the candle burn out and when done, dispose of the candle in any way you feel fits your belief system.

That's just my opinion/thoughts, though! We can see what everyone else has to share. ^_^
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