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Has anyone worked with Electra?

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Has anyone worked with Electra?

Postby greyviolet » Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:13 pm

I did a meditation last night to see if any god/goddess would appear to me. I'd been gravitating towards Nyx, but to my surprise, Electra showed up. I didn't even realize it was her, at first I saw a reddish brown candle and a small white feather. But then I heard a female voice in my head say "Electra." Apparently Electra is associated with amber and doves, which would explain the color of the candle and the white feather.

The trouble is there seem to be multiple Electras in the Greek pantheon: the daughter of Agamemnon who murdered her mother; the daughter of Atlas who was one of the Pleiades; and the daughter of Oceanus--she was a goddess of storm clouds and gave birth to Iris, the goddess of rainbows. None of them seems to be associated with any particular archetype.

So I don't know which Electra visited me. I've had to sever all ties with my mother so it's quite possible it was the first one. I plan to meditate again in hopes of getting to know her further.

Has anyone here worked with any of the Electras?
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